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American Crime - Season Three Episode Five - Review: Unexpected

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Sadly, episode 5 of season 3 was unexpectedly underwhelming. I was a big fan of what the show has done in its 4 episodes prior to this one but it felt they've pulled a break when they should've shifted into a higher gear. Episode Four ended on such a high note that I was surprised the writers decided for such a swift change of pace. The episode was written by Keith Huff and directed by Tanya Hamilton.

The story that didn't disappoint was the one about Jeanette. Felicity Huffman's character made a step forward towards freedom, not knowing she would break her back in the process. I was wondering what they were trying to do with the Jeanette cooking scene and was quite shocked to see her run away from her husband. The difficulties she had in establishing herself in the world without her husband were terrifying and encountering no support from the system was another gut punch. Yet as everything was falling apart around Jeanette she was still trying to maintain some strength and dignity in this whole situation. Jeanette is trying to rip off Carson, she was a loyal and supporting wife who just wants to survive in this cruel world, she deserves her share. Jeanette made a desperate move, but she couldn't handle the life she was living anymore and she had to fight her way out of the box. Would've been smarter to have a real exit plan? Of course, but her making this rash decision gives her desperation even more dimension. It is a remarkable story that ABC's American Crime is trying to tell and I'm excited to see in which direction they intend to take Jeanette until the end of the season.

Shae meanwhile got the feels. Feels for her unborn child and she wanted to start fighting for their future. I was honestly stunned when I saw those women protesting in front of the clinic. I don't understand how anyone dares to give themselves the right to tell someone what to do with their body/life true head twister. Don't get me wrong I'm not pro or against abortion, I am pro-choice and Shae has the right to choose what to do with her body but she isn't someone fit to be a mother. Many underage moms turn out to be fit mothers on their own or with a supporting system. But Shae is neither.

Still, more meaningful was Shae's attempt to make herself independent, by joining an online sex show. It was sad and bizarre at the same time. It is really sad seeing her dropping to those lows again, just when she rescued herself from her pimp. Kimara tried to be supportive of Shae but even she has her own limits. She can't force her into an abortion and she certainly can't put everything on hold for Shae. Not so shockingly Shae escaped from the shelter Kimara put her in, which put Kimara in panic mode.

Before Shae's escape, Kimara attended a party where she promoted her organization, their goals and how they are trying to rescue exploited people.At the party, Kimara met Clair Coates. Clair carefully listened to Kimara's speech and approached her later. The two women bonded on a basic human level and somehow Clair found it appropriate to talk about her 9 IVF treatments. Very convenient considering Kimara has those same problems. Claire even made a donation to Kimara's organization.

The Coates are still a mystery to me. Their story seems so randomly place into the world of these characters and at this point, they really feel like a weird and spooky filler story in this season. Nicholas is drowning as their business is falling apart, while Clair is so infatuated with their kid and Gabrielle that she doesn't see further than her nose tip. I still think Clair suffered some sort of abuse in her past and the scene where her son punches Gabrielle and she stands to his side is a clear indicator that something more is behind that story. I just hope it will be intriguing enough.

The biggest letdown of this episode was that the writers just dropped Coy's and Luis' stories and just moved on. Besides Diego's opening monolog the stories were completely dropped and according to the press releases the two of them won't appear anymore and that freaking irritates me.

The episode concluded with Kimara saving Vanessa, the girl she gave her card a couple of eps ago, from her abusive boyfriend. It was an intense scene but it was nice to see Kimara get a win here, she desperately needed one this week.

With only 3 episodes in this season I really hope the writers shift into a higher gear and peak their stories with a satisfying conclusion. What are your thoughts on this episode? Did you enjoy it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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