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"They're going to have these visions and Freya's kind of tapping into the fact that The Hollow is going to want to [pit] these two against each other," she said. "And even though Freya, I think, doesn't really care for Marcel, she's trying to look at what the best thing is moving forward because it's affecting her brother now and her niece. Something is finding its way into multiple people in her family."

"We're going to start to see the power of The Hollow start in this next episode and how it can get in people's heads and she could possibly try to cleanse them of it," Riley said. "She knows what it's doing, but she doesn't know what the outcome is and how powerful this thing is, so she just wants to protect Klaus going into this and just go from there."

“Freya’s normally so focused on getting things done and putting her family first that you never get to see this emotional side of her,” Voelkel says. “We’re starting to see her form a relationship with someone outside of the family, and we’re learning that there’s so much more to her than we knew. She has feelings and desires!”

Freya has seemed to soften a bit, when it comes to Keelin. She seems to be asking for her help now, and not just threatening her. What was the turning point for Freya, and how does Freya feel about Keelin now?

VOELKEL: At the beginning, she was like, “Listen, I’m going to use you for all you’re worth. That’s just the bottom line, and I don’t care how you feel about that. I need you to make this antidote and to protect my family.” But when she makes the deal with Keelin, there’s a turning point. Even though she’s forcing her to help, Keelin is sticking to her word. When they go off together, she realizes that she doesn’t have to say, “If you leave, I’ll kill you.” She’s realizing that Keelin is actually a person of her word who’s willing to help and who almost wants to help. There is a connection there. We see a slight disappointment when the deal is done and Keelin did what she asked and Freya is like, “You’re free to go now.” It was almost fun or easier to have this partner in all of this stuff that Freya is normally alone is. There is a weird connection there, and we don’t normally see that. She got uncomfortable when Keelin was like, “Is this an apology?,” and she was like, “I don’t know. I’m not good at those.” There’s something there, and there’s some kind of connection that’s growing.

Inside The Episode
Thanks to Emily for the heads up.

Sneak Peek 2

Sneak Peek
Thanks to Emily for the heads up.

“I Hear You Knocking” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (TV-14, V) (HDTV)

DARK MAGIC – After being marked by The Hollow’s dark magic, both Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) experience the symptoms of a malevolent haunting, forcing the two adversaries on a violent collision course. Meanwhile, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) head out to speak with Mary (guest star Debra Mooney) after Hayley uncovers a mysterious link between the dark magic and her former wolf pack. Finally, as an exhausted Freya (Riley Voelkel) risks her own life to cure Klaus’ infection, a guilt-ridden Keelin (guest star Christina Moses) must decide whether to honor her Hippocratic oath and help Freya – or flee the Mikaelson’s forever. Chris Grismer directed the episode written by Kyle Arrington (#405). Original airdate 4/14/2017.

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