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The Expanse - The Weeping Somnambulist - Review + Favourite Scene POLL

The beauty of The Expanse is how the writers are able to take set-up episodes like 'The Weeping Somnambulist' this past week and turn it into a thoroughly engaging hour of television. The episode was not one of the more suspenseful or action packed hours, but because the world of The Expanse and the characters who inhabit it are so richly developed, we feel like we are part of the story with them.

In 'The Weeping Somnambulist' Holden and crew find out the hard way that sometimes doing what's right, as necessary as it may seem, may not always translate as the right thing to do in other people's minds. That is the weight one who has the power to make a difference hold on their shoulders.

In the case of the Somnambulist, Holden and Amos could not simply turn a blind eye to the belters hijacking the ship and so they get involved. Sure, the hijackers may have killed the Suputayaporn's if Holden and Amos did not get involved, we would never know. What we do know is that Holden and Amos' efforts in saving the day, ends up in the death of an innocent. The episode concludes on this very somber note, one that resonates emotionally and further molds Holden and crew as they begin to realize the weight their actions has on others.

Going even deeper, the scene also continues Holden and Amos' arc over these past few episodes. Amos has begun to realize that he is not as human as his crew mates, he considers himself a monster who has done much wrong in life and he fears what he has become. Holden, on the other hand, feels his humanity slipping away and sees Naomi as the only hope he has in remembering who he used to be. Witnessing Melissa Suputayaporn mourn the death of her husband, dead from the crossfire that Holden and Amos started, puts into question to both crewmates of just how much humanity they have left within them.

Elsewhere, we see Bobbie arriving on Earth for the delegation. In the wrong hands, all this political maneuvering can come off as dry and dull. But for The Expanse these scenes end up being some of the highlights of the episode. This is in large part to Avasarala, who has been stealing the spotlight week in, week out. Watching the assistant undersecretary putting the Martians in their place during her questioning of Bobbie was a joy to watch. It is quite clear by now that nothing gets by her.

As for Bobbie, we feel her pain. She is a disciplined soldier who is adherent to the orders she is given, regardless of whether she agrees with them or not. However, sticking true to her character, we see glimpses of defiance, such as her refusal to wear sunglasses, and sooner or later the truth will come out - it our sympathy with her, mixed with this anticipation of when she'll reach her breaking point, that keeps us glued to every scene she is in.

'The Weeping Somnambulist' is an example of how strong the storytelling has been in The Expanse. The episode was a definite slow burn, but there is no minute wasted. Each scene builds to the larger story at play and it is a joy to watch it all unfold.


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