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The Inhumans - Premiere Date Revealed *Updated March 26th*

Thanks to The Inhumans Brasil for the heads up.
Imax on Tuesday renewed its pitch to get into more TV deals after ABC sends Marvel's live-action series The Inhumans to bow in its theaters in early September 2017.

"This is at the high end of the range of what we'll be doing, but we're already looking for a second [series]," Greg Foster, CEO of Imax Entertainment, told the Credit Suisse Technology, Media & Telecom Conference during a Tuesday session that was webcast. "This is a really exciting opportunity that could blossom into more."

Foster said the first two episodes of The Inhumans, around 80 minutes of content, will debut exclusively in Imax theaters across all territories on or around Sept. 1, ahead of a two-week theatrical run. ABC will then premiere the first episode of the TV drama on Sept. 26. All eight episodes are expected to run on the network over consecutive Tuesdays, barring unforeseen interruptions.