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Colony - 2.12 Seppuku - Advanced Preview

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After the previous episode's dramatic character focus on Bram, Colony's second season's penultimate episode seems to side-step over itself and gets back to business as usual. In fact this is an episode that has very little to do with Bram at all, at least on the surface, with the exception that he gives his parents information they need to contact the Red Hands. From promotional material, it's no secret that this episode fixates on Will, Katie, Broussard, and Morgan making contact with the Red Hands, after Noa, the resistance pilot from another block, returns empty handed.

The episode also continues to look at how Snyder is still maneuvering to try and help Helena change the LA Block's political landscape, which ties into the ongoing romantic saga of Nolan and Maddie now on the brink of deterioration. There are few great scenes between Snyder and other characters that make the episode rather delightful to watch, but it's also not an episode without some good action.

Overall the episode acts a bit more transitional than it does climatic, as it changes some characters positions or dynamics and surprising ties up loose-ends for others, but it does include some advances on the drone mythology, mythology that may exist outside this block, and something gets initiated into action that makes everything seem more immanently uncertain again before viewers head into the season finale!

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