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American Crime - Season Three: Episode Two - Review: Under the Surface

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This is how I like it. The second episode of American Crime's third season was right up my alley. A really powerful outing filled with so many raw interactions and emotions. Episode Two was written by John Ridley and directed by Julie Hebert.

The episode opens right away with a really powerful scene between Kimara, the social worker played by Regina King, and Shae, an underaged prostitute played by Ana Mulvoy Ten. Both actresses brought their A game as their performance were extraordinary and convincing. Shae is young but very observant and smart. Life didn't cuddle her and she is real towards everyone, she realized that this is probably her last chance to get out of the business and took it even though everything inside her screamed no. Kimara, on the other hand, was tired. You could see it on her face on, feel it in her voice and energy she was giving from her.
The scene between Kimara and Abby Tanaka (Sandra Oh) was so simple and real. I loved their interaction so much, it felt so casual and sincere. This is the core value of American Crime, making the show feel so real and relatable. The script and acting just elevate this show beyond any other broadcast or cable show.

Later we witness Kimara asking her ex, Reggie (Sean Blakemore) for his sperm. Kimara had to go low, very low when she graveled to her ex to ask him. It was a powerful scene again, pushing the level of realness beyond anything you could see on TV. The major thing I loved about this scene is that they were able to create this intimacy with the whole set up and the energy both actors brought to the scene.

Also revealed this episode is that besides being a drug addict Shae is 4 weeks pregnant and that this is her second pregnancy. The first one she terminated and she intends to do the same now.

Meanwhile, far away from this story, we've got to know the Hesby family. Felicity Huffman is displaying another tremendous performance while trying to dig into the mess her in-laws are creating. A fire erupted on one of the work side's with casualties and while her husband, Carson and mother-in-law Laurie Ann were trying to overplay it and simplify her brother-in-law JD (Tim De Kay) was drowning his sorrow in some alcohol. I'm in love with Felicity's performance here, the suburban housewife who is so intimidated and afraid to a degree is really trying to fight out of the cage she put herself it to. Also was I the only one feeling some more than in-law chemistry between Jeanette and JD? Could there be something more or will there be something more between them?

Meanwhile, Luis' (Benito Martinez) real agenda was revealed. His son Teo left home to work in North Caroline and that a couple of weeks he stopped sending money to them. Benito neatly fleshed out this character and the small flashbacks really created a full circle story. I loved Luis standoff with the person running the farm her currently worked on. He is so determined and so brave with just one goal.

On a different farm, we see that Coy (Connor Jessup) is still struggling with his addiction and couldn't put in the work he was asked too. This stirred up trouble for Isaac and was pushed by Diego (Clayton Carendas) to fix it. So he literally fixed him with drugs. Connor put up on a convincing portrayal with feeling weak, in need for drugs with his whole body being in stress. Kudos.

Another amazing episode concluded with a shocked Jeanette facing the destruction her in-laws caused. What were your thought of Episode Two? As always feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section.

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