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The Walking Dead - Hearts Still Beating - Advance Preview

   After a mixed received season, it’s finally time for The Walking Dead mid season finale next Sunday on AMC and next Monday on FOX UK. The episode, titled "Hearts Still Beating" will definitely break the bottle format episodes, following the different communities (at last !)

   I must say I’m not a big fan of this season so far. Since the season premiere, it felt like nothing much has happened : Rick is still broken and scared ; Negan is still a terrifying psychopath ; Daryl is still prisoner of the Saviors and no one has yet a realistic plan to get rid of Negan and his Saviors. I’ve been missing a sense of progression during this season., Rick and Co are living under the shock of Negan’s arrival and it feels like they’re stuck. But, as the mid season finale comes, everything is going to change

   "Hearts Still Beating" will be a captivating episode, the slow set up of the last episodes will finally pay off next Sunday. We’ll get to follow all the different communities : the Alexandria Safe Zone, Michonne’s car adventure to find Negan, Daryl at the Sanctuary, Maggie and Sasha at the Hilltop and Carol and Morgan at the Kingdom : everyone will be there ! It will feel so good to have the entire cast in one episode, it really does bring a different, way more entertaining, pace.

    "Hearts Still Beating" will pick up right where we left each characters, but of course, it will mainly focus on Negan and his stay at the Safe Zone. As teased, things are really going to spin out of control when two characters make a bold move.

   But, a lot of thrilling things will be happening outside of Alexandria, here are some teasers about "Hearts Still Beating" :
- Rick will open up about his deal with Negan, its consequences and the fact that not everyone agrees with his choice.
- Two characters will kind of flirt.
- Father Gabriel has become a wise figure, he has surprisingly turned up to be quite important for the community and he will demonstrate that in one scene during the winter finale. He reminds me of Hershel in a way.
- Spencer will be asked to dinner and he will also invite someone else to dinner. And yeah, he’s still pissed at Rick.
- Two characters will play billiards.
- There will be a new allusion to Maggie becoming the next leader of the Hilltop.
- Someone will mention Sasha to Rosita...
- Someone will eat peanut butter right off the jar.
- Rick and Aaron’s idea to cross a lake full of walkers might not be the brightest one but at least we'll get some walkers action. I've been missing the zombies this season...
- Michonne’s plan will take an unexpected turn.
-  Carol will ask Morgan something quite unsettling. I can’t wait to see the consequences of her request.
- Rosita will open up about her plan to kill Negan, and the reasons why she wants to do it by herself.
- Deanna will be mentioned again.
- Someone will get a pie as a gift and someone else will enjoy some cooking.
- Rick will receive an unexpected gift.
- There will be more than one death !

   This season has not been the best probably, but The Walking Dead always delivers its best in its premieres and finales, and this mid season finale won’t break the rule ! Don’t miss "Hearts Still Beating" this Sunday on AMC and next Monday on FOX in the UK.
   How excited are you about "Hearts Still Beating" ? What do you think of this season so far ? Which part are you the most looking forward in the winter finale ? Hit the comments !

   And finally the quotes game ! Guess which characters will say those quotes (each character can have only one quote) :

1- "Don’t need to lie to me if this is our last conversation."
2- "You’re such a badass !"
3- "You don’t know me."
4- "It’s for him."
5- "We had an agreement."
6- "We have to keep her safe."
7- "He’ll find a way to screw things up."
8- "It isn’t just you."
9- "I could smell it from outside the door."
10- "This is something I’m not a part of."

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