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Pitch - Don't Say It - Review

In the season finale of Pitch, Oscar wants to end Ginny’s season because he’s worried she might injure herself. Mike and Blip are at odds with each other because of Mike’s almost-trade. Blip then takes out those frustrations on Evelyn. Meanwhile, she has figured out that Will has stolen money from the restaurant to pay off people from his past. Amelia informs Ginny of this who confronts her brother. Ginny later fires Amelia. At the end of the episode, Ginny doesn’t quit when Oscar tells her to end injures herself. 

Favorite moment: I loved how superstitious everyone was when it came to Ginny pitching a no-hitter. I expected as much from the players but I loved that even the family and friends got in on it. And Al was just laughing his ass off in the background. There haven’t been many scenes like this during the season but I’m glad we still got one before the (hopefully not permanent) end. 

Biggest idiot: I’ve said it in a previous review. They better not mess up the best relationship on this show for the sake of drama. Blip was frustrated with Mike because he felt like Mike didn’t care enough about the team or their friendship. But taking those frustrations out on his wife was about the dumbest thing he could’ve done. What the hell was he talking about that he wanted things to be about him for a change? The last 9 years of Evelyn’s life have been about nothing but him and the kids. Now she finally wants to do something for herself and this is the moment he chooses to throw a fit! Unbelievable. If there’s a season two, the first words out of his mouth better be “I’m sorry”. 

It was almost great: When Amelia informed Ginny about what was going on with the restaurant, I expected this storyline to go in the cliché direction. On another show, Ginny would’ve confronted her brother. He would’ve denied it and she would’ve believed him. Except, in this case, Ginny knows her brother well enough to know when he’s lying to her. I’m glad she didn’t believe his lies. And I think she handled the situation well. She pulled back from the restaurant and told him to get his act together. When he does, she’ll support him. I just wish she hadn’t done that next part. 

Second biggest idiot: What was with everyone making stupid decisions this week? When Ginny was firing Amelia, I just kept thinking “You’re going to regret this.”. Playing sports at that level, you need an agent. She doesn’t want to be worrying about all kinds of deals when she’s playing. It’ll take away from her training. She needs to be able to focus solely on the sport, and for that, she needs an agent who handles all of the other stuff. I get that Amelia was pissed. She’s done a lot for Ginny, most recently the sponsor-debacle. She tried to look out for her where her brother was concerned. This is the thanks she gets. It’s going to be interesting to see what Ginny will do with her injury now that she’s on her own. 
The elephant in the room: So, I can’t avoid talking about it. It’s very likely that this will be the last review of Pitch I ever write. The ratings haven’t been great and the show is definitely in the cancellation zone. The fact that it only has 10 episodes doesn’t worry me that much. This season was never meant to be longer, in fact, it was supposed to air midseason rather than in the fall. However, the ratings might prove fatal. Personally, I hope that this is not the case. And not just because this episode would make a terrible series finale with all of these unfinished storylines. This show has pushed forward so many issues that other shows usually shy away from, and all of this in just 10 episodes. We need a show like this on the air right now. Though, it could do with better promotion (I’m looking at you, Fox). 

Best quotes: Eliot: “Amelia, where are you? Ginny’s pitching a …” Evelyn: “Don’t say it!” Eliot: “… A very nice game.” 
Rachel: “Just because you’re not moving, doesn’t mean we can’t see you.” 
Ginny: “I don’t need a man to rescue me.” 

So that’s it for this season of Pitch. Let me know in the comments what you thought of the season finale.


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