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The @SpoilerTV Top 20 Shows of the Year - 2016

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Hey All,

Most mainstream entertainment sites who produce their yearly "Best Shows" lists do so normally based on the opinions of just 1 person at that outlet. Here at SpoilerTV we like to do things a little differently.

Seeing as we have over 70+ Team Members we decided to ask them all to go through the 350+ shows that we cover and for them to Rank their Top 10 in order (Note: It's a LOT harder than it seems!)

Out of the 350+ Shows, over 150 unique shows were selected by at least 1 member of the team in their Top 10. This gives you some idea of how diverse the team is.

We then collated all their results to produce our table that you can see below in our SpoilerTV Top 20 (including ties) Shows of the Year.

As you can see, for the first time, we had a tie for 1st place between Game of Thrones and Westworld.

NOTE: The show that had the most Top Spots in peoples list were Westworld and Supergirl, both getting 5 of the teams top spot. 2nd Place was The Americans and Game of Thrones, which were each selected by 4 of the team as their best show.

For those interested here is the full table and you can see the 2015 results here.

Now it's over to you.....

What are your Top 10 Shows of the year?

Try to list them in order in the comments.. trust me it's a LOT harder than you might think.

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