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Show of the Year 2016 - Readers MEGA Poll *Winners Announced*

Update: 31st December 2016 After over 50,000+ votes we now have our Winners.

1st - Eyewitness
2nd - Supergirl
3rd - Stranger Things
4th - Shadowhunters
5th - Game of Thrones

Thanks to everyone who took part in this years Mega Poll. Already looking forward to next years one.

It's that time of the year to ask our readers what have been their shows of the year.

Below are over 270+ Shows to pick from and you can select a Max of 20 Shows. There is an "Other - Leave Comment" option for any show not on the list.

So vote below and let us know who you voted for in the comments along with any notable mentions of shows that didn't quite get in your Top 20?

NOTE: Poll will be closed on 31st Dec to give us the Winner for 2016

Also later this month, the SpoilerTV team will present their Top 20 shows of the year.