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Modern Family - "Weathering Heights" - Review

In this week’s episode of “Modern Family,” we were treated to the wonderful comic timing of Ty Burrell and Nathan Fillion, a tender moment between Manny and Jay, and a life lesson for Lily.

“Weathering Heights” begins with Phil going a little overboard with his makeup because he’s going to be on the news for a real estate segment. With Haley’s help at the studio, he looks like an actual human and ready to go. That’s when he meets Rainer Shine (Fillion), his hero, the weatherman. Whether or not that’s his actual name or his real teeth, we’ll never know. Also, Shine speaks in real life using delightful weatherman-y phrases!

Phil decides to ask him out, so to speak, and they have a great time hanging out. However, when he doesn’t respond to his texts after that, Phil becomes worried, which makes sense when he opens the door to find Shine making out with Haley on his porch. Of course, for Phil this means their friendship is over. Haley finally does convince him that Shine is a nice guy. Phil runs to the windy mountain he is reporting from, and as breeze hits their hair, the two men become pally again.

Meanwhile, Alex thinks that her mono is affecting her intelligence. Luke and Claire decide to take advantage of this and cheat in a game of Scrabble against her because Alex is a sore winner, she loves bragging about it.

As for Mitch and Cam, Dwight is still living with them. Lily hasn't warmed up to him at all while Mitch has. This makes her feel left out so she lies to them about Dwight being an alcoholic. The duo try to get her to confess but she doesn’t. They tell her that no matter what, she’ll always be their priority and that they will do anything she wants to that evening, which leads to a princess party with all three men.

At the Pritchett-Delgado household, Gloria is worried about Joe’s lisping problem and decided to take him to speech therapy who also helps Gloria out with her own accent. This leads to some hilarious Gloria moments as she practices the exercises she’s been given.

Manny, who is applying for Juilliard, wants to send a great video application. What he has so far, a parody of “Hamilton,” isn’t doing any wonders for him. Jay decides to help out because he cannot wait to get the kid out of the house and, therefore, guides Manny into making that is pretty much terrible and cliched and the total opposite of what the kid really is like.

But thank God for it because it leads to one of the more memorable, extremely sweet moments the show has had in recent times. Jay and Gloria sneak up to him only to hear him make a video in which he understands just how much being the son of an immigrant woman and an affluent American businessman has affected him. This was a very unexpectedly sweet moment, and I am glad “Modern Family” can still pull those off.

Fillion was a delight to watch, especially because he has a great on-screen presence. Add Burrell to that mix, and it was a treat. I am excited to see where this friendship goes, especially since Haley is now dating Rainer. Lily is a charming, sassy character and her getting that attention was great fun! “Weathering Heights” was a quintessential “Modern Family” episode with the funny and emotional quota being fulfilled.

Favorite episode quotes:

Phil: (when his lipstick leaves a stain) Oops looks like I need to reapply?
Claire: To clown college?

Claire: This morning has gotten off to a rocky…horror show! What did you do to your face?

Jay: Art school, huh? Well, you can always sell oranges by the side of the road.

Jay: I rhymed rice pudding with Cuba Gooding, both delicious.

Rainer Shine: (when Haley asks for directions to the bathroom) Of course, you’re going to want to go straight down that hallway, push through the big double doors, you’re going to see some air vents on the way there. It’s just past that cold air system. Bring a sweater. It tends to get a little chilly in that neck of the woods.

Claire: He’s a weatherman in Southern California, he has to be ready in case the temperatures plunge below 70 degrees.

Lily: Three years ago, they gave me an “absolutely anything” and I wasted it on a Popsicle. That was not going to happen again.

Manny: My name is Manny Delgado and I am two people. I’m a child of an immigrant single mother who taught me to believe in myself and dream big. I am also the step-son of a businessman who opened his home and his heart to me and showed me, by example, how to make those dreams come true. Whatever I am, whatever I have to give, is a product of these two very different worlds.

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