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Devious Maids - Much Ado About Buffing - Review: "Hang On to Your Feather Duster, It's About to Get Crazier!"

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4.09 - "Much Ado About Buffing"
Directed by Victor Nelli, Jr.
Written by Curtis Kheel
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

Marisol learns a secret from Genevieve’s past that may provide a clue to finding Peri’s killer. Zoila struggles to balance her love life and her demanding new boss, while also helping Rosie investigate The Circle. Danni appears to be warming up to Carmen, but her motives aren’t so pure. Spence helps Rosie when Miguel begins to act out at school.


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I'm trying hard to hold onto my feather duster, but this was definitely one of the best episodes of the season! I can feel that the finale is just around the corner, and fortunately this instalment was full of great storylines and revelations and all of them felt relevant. I have to give a major shout-out to Zoila for having the best storyline this season, and the return of Fiona made it better than it was, which I thought was impossible. Even Carmen's storyline, with her unknowingly competing with her daughter for a part in Marisol's movie was relevant. I guess, the only Maid who was most removed from the action was Rosie! That surprises me considering how she has been the one actively looking for Peri's killer all season, but I guess we got a more stripped down part of her this episode to compensate for the others getting in on the action a little.

"Sweet, beautiful, oblivious ... aw that's so nice."

Rosie hasn't realised what toll her search for Peri's killer has had on her son, Miguel. It's actually a good, realistic thing for the show to delve into this part of the story, because the whole mystery has kept Rosie extremely busy between visiting Spence and going on wild goose chases looking for clues. What has this done to Miguel? Well, he's now acting out, fighting for her attention too. At first, I did think it was because of Spence, especially after what he said to his teacher ("He killed someone... he might do it again too ... Do you really wanna risk it?"). That was such a naughty thing for him to say, and my mouth did drop, but it was also wickedly funny. It was like he was channelling Evelyn or someone with his level of sass. Her advice to her son was a very sweet moment, especially when Genevieve tries asking for her help, and it's clear Rosie is like a mom to the pair of them. It was a shame Rosie didn't get much more than this, but it's a good thing she didn't, because the advice that Genevieve overhears leads to one big revelation.

Just when you think the fight between Marisol and Genevieve was over, she goes and blabs to a seemingly psychotic Peter that Marisol has cheated - bad, bitchy move. Marisol confronting her at the Book club was very intense, yet the whole scene itself was very funny. "Book club is really just an excuse for us to drink in the middle of the day". Harsh words were said on both sides, prompting Genevieve to feel insecure and eventually confronts Marisol with an apology. I love the low-key moment the revelation happens of how she cheated on Peter. My heart broke in two during it, too, mainly because it seemed Genevieve hasn't really processed what has actually happened to her. "Nobody called it that back then." Just when we thought it could have been Peter as the one who raped Peri, now it's looking very likely that it was Hugh Metzger. Sleezeball. I never liked him, but it was a nice touch to have his return be this episode. Now I forgive Genevieve for maliciously telling Peter about Marisol in the last episode, and I like how Marisol was the one to find out - she's always the one finding out answers when she doesn't intentionally look for them during these seasonal mysteries.

"I get it. Who doesn't want to be Carmen Luna."

So while I thought maybe Carmen's storyline wasn't necessary, by the end, the entire parts of her episode suddenly had more meaning. Her audition for the part of basically playing herself was delightfully strange and funny, it allowed us to see more of the tension between her and Danni. I knew Danni didn't forgive her that easily, and that she had a different plan up her sleeve than just having dinner with her. A change of plan of helping her run lines revealed she was just using her, and then I felt very, very bad for Carmen. The audition was rather painful (as always, they never go right, something always messes them up), but the scene where Carmen gives her opinion on which dress to wear to the callback was a very emotional scene. A bit less intense than Genevieve's reveal, but they tie together, now that Danni is alone with Hugh at the callback. I don't think I can say this enough, but he's the biggest creep ever!

And everybody raise your hands to the sky for Fiona - she is literally the best new character already. I love her, right from her first scene in this episode with her funny exchange about her clothes, and then this: "I expect you to come running when I call for you." "Like a dog?" "No, not at all. But yes exactly." She's perfect, she is life - her dry delivery, her totally obliviousness to Zoila's situation, all of it. She's amazing. I am so glad she came into this show now and not in the last minute in the finale - we need her. All the rich women who come into this show always turn out to be the funniest, and she definitely joins Evelyn and Genevieve as some of the best. Peri was a bitch, and had her funny moments too. I am literally now excited for the finale even more just to see what this woman does next - she's fantastic!

"I'm not rich but I'm still me."

And this made Zoila the character to watch. Now that she's on Team Rosie to take down the Circle and find out who killed Peri, she had a lot of substance to work with in this episode. On top of dealing with Fiona and trying to hide that from Kyle and Frances, Zoila breaks into their house to try and find the tape. My heart was racing when they came home and I had no idea what Zoila was going to do - so she did the best thing she could. She pretended to try and seduce Kyle in a sexy maid outfit she "found", but this only got her in more trouble with Frances when she confronts her, leading to her secret being blown. Oh man, so many secrets revealed here and I'm loving it. I also didn't expect Zoila to tell Kyle she knew about the Circle and ask for his help. I hope he does, because he does seem like a genuinely nice guy away from the Circle, and I think some part of him will want to get to the bottom of it. I was shocked that they moved house so quickly, was that what Frances was referring to when she said "you know what we have to do", or does she have more sinister plans for Zoila?

"But the low road is so much more fun."

Evelyn's and Adrian's storyline, then, became my least favourite part of the episode. I still love them both, don't get me wrong, and like Evelyn I'm a little bored with James now too, so I was hoping for some kind of rekindling between she and Adrian. Unfortunately, Gail has put a spanner in the works, and Adrian's need to make Evelyn jealous will make any reconciliation impossible - for the time being. I will be very interested to see how Adrian keeps up the charade with Gail and how much he loves her, and I do like Gail as a character as she can be rather funny herself. But she is a bit off-the-wall crazy, so who knows what to expect with her. There are hints that Evelyn isn't quite as over Adrian as she'd like to believe, so something is bound to happen there, but the Powells were a little unneeded in this episode, which is something I never ever wanted to say.


Next week's finale is going to be epic - so much to look forward to: the killer revealed, Fiona, will Spence escape the prison with Killface, what is Hugh going to do to Danni? So much to ask, and all thanks to this very intriguing, entertaining episode. This one was definitely one of the best of the season, and was improved over the last few episodes that we got (even though they were still very good indeed). Zoila really stood out for me here as she had so much going on, and things really are starting to heat up again with this mystery after getting a little cold lately. I just pray to God next week's finale is not the last ever episode we ever get.


Best Maid: Zoila.

Best Rich Bitch: Fiona! Oh my God I love her.

Best Line: "Hang on to your feather duster, it's about to get crazier." - Adrian, so true on so many levels.

Funniest Line: "My clothes all seem to be stretched out, as though they've been worn by a great big fat person." - Fiona.

Best Moment: Genevieve apologises to Marisol, in turn revealing the true nature of Hugh Metzger just as
Runner-up: Zoila's secret is revealed in front of Frances.

Funniest Moment: Every scene with Fiona.

Shadiest Moment: Frances and Kyle move in the middle of the night.
Runner-up: Miguel's threat to his teacher - migod.

Best Storyline: Zoila tries to get the tape from Frances' house.
Runner-up: Zoila deals with the return of Fiona.

Biggest Reveal: Genevieve was raped by Hugh Metzger - who could be Peri's killer!
Runner-up: Peter has gone away and Marisol finds out in a harsh way.

What did you guys think about 'Much Ado About Buffing'? Let me know your thoughts of the episode in the comments and be sure to watch the season finale next week when it airs on Lifetime, 9pm on Monday August 8th!

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