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Devious Maids - The Maid Who Knew Too Much - Review: "The Circle of Life (and Death)"

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4.06 - "The Maid Who Knew Too Much"
Directed by David Grossman
Written by Jessica Kivnik and David Grubstick
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

Rosie seeks Genevieve's help to investigate Peri's murder; Marisol clashes with the new director of her movie; Carmen pretends to be Danni at an audition; Kyle is forced to choose between Zoila and his mother; Evelyn begins dating a new man.


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Hey my fellow devious maids, I'm finally back from my volunteer trip in South Africa. A huge thank you to Lindsey Salazar for covering the show the past 2 episodes - she did an excellent job! So glad to be back though and back to business. I loved the last 2 episodes of Devious Maids that I missed while I was away, and last night's 'The Maid Who Knew Too Much' was very entertaining and progressive in its storyline. I love when an episode that may be a little filler for some of the characters can actually provide us with more intriguing questions that keep us hooked to the show. There was so much to take from last night's episode that I came away in more love with the show, and very, very sad that there are only 4 episodes left. Hopefully not ever, and we get renewed for season 5, but I'm enjoying the ride as it comes. Here are my thoughts on the characters and their storylines:

Marisol has felt a little more removed from everyone else lately, though her decision to help Evelyn is still in its early stages. Not much screen time between ladies in this episode as they were in the past two (which I loved by the way), so this episode focused on Marisol's movie and the difficulties she has with a very sexist director and a puppet producer. While this wasn't relevant to the big storyline of the Circle, I did love the issues the storyline raised. For example, the director. So sexist. Such a pig. Why would it be hard to believe that a woman could go undercover as a maid to save her son? Is this what happened when Devious Maids was pitched? Was it ever considered to make the main character male to make it more 'believable'? Obviously this patriarchic way of thinking is still a problem in Hollywood, and it really made me mad. I could really relate to Marisol (though I am a man) and rooted for her to overcome those irrational remarks. I was rather disappointed in Peter for not siding with her, but I hope he can rectify the situation. I also hope Marisol somehow finds a way to be more connected to the main storyline. It feels odd to have her so far removed. As a side note, I loved the similar yet different names for the characters in her story!

Evelyn continues to have problems with Adrian, though not to the extent of previous episodes. She is still living with Marisol, though she spends most of the episode with her new beau, James, who is a minister. A rather different take on Evelyn this episode, as she looks to change her whole personality due to the good nature of James. It's rather sweet that someone could affect Evelyn this way, and I especially loved when she told Marisol that she was trying to be a better and more considerate person, yet failed to help Marisol with her bags. "So far so good." It will be interesting to see this nicer side of Evelyn, though I still expect she will retain some of her snarky humour and degrading comments to some of the girls. James may be the best thing to happen to her, especially if he helps Evelyn get rid of Adrian once and for all. He's a keeper, and probably the only character I trust to not be in the Circle (as I suspect a lot of people are).

Carmen also suffered a little by being removed from the big mystery. Now that Dani is gone and her biggest secret of having a daughter has seemingly dissipated, all that was left for Carmen in this episode was to steal her daughter's audition. To be fair, Dani couldn't have attended it, and it was a great opportunity for Carmen. It was rather funny and totally something she would do, and she danced her little heart out. She was amazing, despite almost being the dreaded 'f' word. I was so happy she got the gig until her back gave out - she was so close! How frustrating! Poor Carmen. It seemed she suffered a lot in her confidence due to her age, but the sweet waiter appears to have reignited the image she has of herself, which is "the most beautiful woman in the world." Sometimes all it takes is a kind comment from someone else to make our day, or in Carmen's case, to take them to bed. It will be funny to see where this leads!

I always hold my fallen jaw in my hands whenever there's a car crash in a TV show, even if you can see it coming. When I saw Ben was on the road, and Rosie had stopped at a Stop sign, I knew what was coming. Even worse that Tucker was in the car too! Fortunately nobody was seriously hurt, but it's a rather dangerous warning from the Circle, and I imagine it won't deter Rosie from her mission. Beforehand, I felt rather sorry for her when Fabian told her that nobody would ever choose her for the Circle - what a blow! So harsh, yet of course Rosie is the most determined character on the show and solicited the help of Genevieve, who accepted rather easily, to my surprise. I like how their relationship is blossoming too, and that Genevieve agreed to do something for Rosie despite it being a rather big thing for her to do. The scenes with Rosie are certainly always progressing the mystery, which is probably why she's my favourite Maid overall this season. And what a huge mystery it's turning into!

For instance, this Circle business is certainly interesting, and it was fortunate that Genevieve gave Rosie the book that Fabian gave her. The newfound connections between characters and how they all interlink somewhere is one of my favourite things about this season. It was incredibly great of Genevieve to agree to join the Circle without knowing the true consequences of what it may do to her, and from the initiation alone, it seems like quite the soul-crushing experience. The questions that Fabian asked Genevieve were hilarious, especially when Genevieve answered the age question. She went from 35, to 45, to 55, to settling somewhere in the 60s. Her face dropped when he asked her what her weight was, which was so funny to see. Genevieve never fails to make me smile these days. Her talk with Rosie after it, about how broken she is, was great, and again insightful as now Rosie knows that all initiations are recorded, which means Peri's deepest darkest secrets will be on a tape.

Which leaves Zoila, who is very much involved in the mystery without knowing it. She's basically sleeping with the enemy, and best friends with the apparent leader of the Circle. Zoila spent the episode trying to get Francis to catch her and Kyle in the act, exposing their relationship, but I bet she regrets it now. I didn't think Kyle would ever "break up" with his mother, but there you have it. Zoila is apparently more influential than we thought, which is a very dangerous thing to be on the wrong side of Francis. And now Kyle is living with her in a house that isn't even hers! He is smoking hot though, and I can see why Zoila would overlook some of his flaws, such as his mother issues. The other thing I love about Zoila is her relationship with Adrian too, who decides to help her out in her mischievous plan. I would love to see more of Adrian and Zoila, even if Zoila's heart is somewhere else at the moment. Even if it is just a bizarre friendship rather than something romantic, I'm down with that! Good storyline for Zoila this episode, and I imagine things will only get stormier from here.


So this whole Circle business is certainly a huge problem and it's definitely a form of cult - but what are their principles. They were never mentioned in this episode, so what are the appeals of joining this cult. Why would Peri join it, and reveal everything to them, if she isn't to gain anything? Something else is going on, I'm sure. We need to find out what the ethics are of this group to truly understand more. But Francis is the 'Mother' of the cult, with everyone who has joined it as her children. They do her dirty work, so did she order Peri's murder? She said it would be dangerous for them if the truth is revealed. Also, how is Tucker the key to everything? Did he see something? Does he know what happened that night? So many questions about what this Circle does, and at this point, who isn't a member of it?!


An episode as fabulous as Genevieve's opinion of Fabian, with so much progression in the main storyline of the series. I find myself asking more questions than ever before, and I can certainly tell we are so close to the truth behind what's going on. And a lot is going on. Unfortunately, Marisol's and Carmen's stories were more filler, despite their entertainment value regardless. Rosie and Zoila certainly carried this episode, as did Genevieve, in the hopes of keeping our interest, and it did a fantastic job in doing so that I really didn't mind the filler parts. It's sad that Carmen doesn't have Dani at the minute to continue her secret daughter storyline, so I hope she comes back and brings trouble, and surely Marisol will be involved more in the mystery too. That ending, with Francis killing (? - is he dead?) Ben was a huge way of ending the episode. Intense doesn't even cover it! Another great instalment of season 4. Only 4 episodes left and I can't believe it!


Best Maid: Zoila, for getting Kyle to stand up against the formidable Francis. Didn't think it could be done!

Best Rich Bitch: Genevieve, for joining the Circle and helping Rosie, even though it broke her.

Funniest Line: "I'm sorry I'm busy learning how to be a better and more considerate person." - Evelyn. "Well so far so good." - Marisol.

Best Moment: Francis confronts Ben, which ends with him dead (or is he?).

Funniest Moment: Genevieve's initiation questions.

Shadiest Moment: Francis throwing Zoila out.
Runner-up: Peter picking the sexist director over Marisol!

Best Storyline: The Circle.
Runner-up: Rosie's accident.

Biggest Reveal: "Tucker Westmore is the key to everything." Just how?!

What did you guys think about 'The Maid Who Knew Too Much'? Let me know your thoughts of the episode in the comments and be sure to watch the next episode when it airs on Lifetime, 9pm on Monday July 18th!

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