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Devious Maids - I Saw the Shine - Review: "Team Evelyn or Team Adrian?"

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4.08 - "I Saw the Shine"
Directed by Elodie Keene
Written by David Grubstick
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

Carmen finds herself caught in the middle; Genevieve meddles in Marisol's life; a confession leads Rosie one step closer to finding Peri's real killer; Zoila and Kyle receive unpleasant surprises.


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The revelations are coming thick and fast in the final home stretch of Devious Maids' delicious fourth season, and it isn't ready to slow down as we head into the last 2 episodes. What we got in this episode was pure juicy gossip that will, for sure, help us to figure out the secrets Peri has been hiding, as well as who murdered her. Was the killer revealed exclusively in this episode? Maybe. At least, there's one big huge arrow pointing to someone and it will be hard to get that arrow to point at someone else right now. Not only did we get a lot of reveal, there were a few games played by several characters, further complicating the lives of the maids and the people around them. It's very hard to trust people in Beverly Hills now, and this episode is good proof why.

Marisol has found herself in quite the predicament - just when we thought her storyline would only be about a little cheating between she and Jesse, it turns out that actually has way more dangerous consequences than we initially realised. Why? That's because Peter could potentially be Peri's rapist and eventual killer. Say what? Mike Delfino could actually do that? Judging by the way he's reacted to the news of Marisol's cheating, absolutely! This is, of course, big speculation as it could only be down to editing and some playful writing tricks that we now assume Peter is the father of Tucker, but it very much could be true. As Shannen reveals to Rosie, Peri never had an affair - she was raped, which makes her story all the more tragic. As evil as Peri was, this information makes her a little more understandable as to why she acted the way she did. It's hard to believe Peter could do something like that - but maybe Genevieve knew about it? She was married to him, which makes her still important to the mystery, and Peter as the potential "big wig in the movie business".

Rosie, who is always enjoyable, managed to break through to Shannen which was a very nice touch for both characters. While Shannen was painted as "worse than Peri", we really haven't seen her to be that bad - only really, really shallow. Especially when she asked if the flowers Kyle got for Zoila were for her. She's been more funny than evil. But her world basically falls apart and it's the opportune time for Rosie to swoop in and get the information she needs. Of course, a lot of the information Rosie already has is rather important, especially in regards to the paternity of Tucker, but she cannot bring herself to tell Spence. It will mortify him, and she knows this. The jail setting for their marriage was very inspired and, while bizarre, was totally great to watch. I found it a little romantic too, despite the announcement of cavity checks.

"You must be Zoila... my maid."

And I am so glad Zoila is going to get a bit of a storyline upgrade too. While I've loved watching her play the rich girl, it kind of steered into the romance with Kyle which isn't the best thing that's ever happened to her story-wise. So I was glad she actively went about breaking up with him, leading to some great scenes with Frances and the burning of her curtains. I loved when Frances first opened the door and Zoila tells her "I wanna break up with Kyle", to which she replies: "come in." Despite how scary Frances can be (see the Attic scene), I like how human she becomes around her son in front of Zoila. But now she kind of has Kyle off her immediate hands, in jumps Fiona, the rich lady that Zoila should be working for - not living as. I thought this moment wasn't going to happen until maybe the season finale, but I'm so glad it's happened now, just as Zoila's story was starting to wear a bit thin. Also, as a side note, I felt very sorry for Adrian when she brushed him off - I want more Zoila/Adrian in my life.

"I don't forgive you, and from now on, you're nothing to me."

I was also very glad to have Danni back - she really brings out the emotional side of Carmen, and it's a side I always love to see. The war between the Powells, that leaves a house literally divided, was really funny to watch and balanced the more emotional parts as Carmen believes Lucas, Danni's real father and her first and only true love, to be dead. Oh Danni, how you played her like an accordion. I really didn't actually expect Danni to have lied about that, as it seemed very natural, so I was taken by surprise - more so than the reveal of Peter. She's a very sneaky girl, so I can't wait to see what happens next with Carmen. Her reason of why she gave Danni up and didn't tell Lucas about her was very Carmen-esque, and it really shows how much she has given up to become a star. So much desperation and it's starting to bite her in the ass.

"I was looking for you but you're crying so now I'm torn because I still need something ironed."

So Carmen and Danni then have sides on the Powell team - and I'm not entirely sure who's side I am on really. I love Evelyn, she's my favourite, but Adrian has been coming out with some fantastic lines lately, as well as scenes in general. The Zoila friendship was underplayed here following Zoila's sex-induced vision of him, and understandably too. But Evelyn surprised us with her little heart-to-heart with Carmen, all the while still needing something ironed. I especially loved hearing about how Evelyn felt devastated when she thought she lost Adrian in the explosion, and it's this kind of talk that sparks my hope that the Powells will reunite in glorious Powell fashion. "You will love again", she tells Carmen, and to see these two characters who never really spent that much time together in the past is really remarkable.

"Is he your trainer too? Maybe he's not as good as I thought."

Back to the whole Peter/Marisol/Jesse thing, I did like how it was Genevieve who found out about it in a very deductive way, and Zoila has no idea she's the one who inadvertently tipped Peter off about Marisol's cheating. So much drama to ensue from that, and it was very sly of Genevieve to reveal it to Peter. She may have the last laugh then in her battle with Marisol, even though it seemed to be over. In other news, it was also good to see Kyle and Frances back together as I enjoy their chemistry and the the mystery that always surrounds their scenes. When Frances revealed Ben's body, it really showed to Kyle that maybe he doesn't really know who his mother is. There could be a lot of questioning identities and allegiances in the next two episodes, and Frances and Kyle are the two I'm looking forward to seeing moving forward.

"Be a good boy and get rid of this for me, okay?" 


As we head full-steam into the season finale, I am so glad that, this late in the season, this is not a filler episode of the sort, an all the maids seemed to have a great direction. Nobody annoyed me with their filler storyline, which dragged down the last couple of episodes. It's all good now, and this episode lay on the revelations that makes this one of season 4's most important hours. I can confirm I am dying to see the next 2 episodes, as I thoroughly loved this one.


Best Maid: Carmen.

Best Rich Bitch: Evelyn.

Best Line: "I wanted her to come back broken with her tail between her legs. Instead, she comes back triumphant with a handsome black man between her legs." - Adrian.

Funniest Line: "Despite the bars, and the guards, this is still the most romantic moment of my life." - Rosie. "Attention, there's been a theft in the auto-shop. All prisoners prepare for cavity search." - Announcer. Perfect timing.

Best Moment: Rosie confronts Shannen.
Runner-up: Fiona is back!

Funniest Moment: Carmen is divided between the Powells.

Shadiest Moment: Danni phones Lucas and tells him he shouldn't come.
Runner-up: Peter acting strange with Marisol after finding out about Jesse.

Best Storyline: Rosie and Zoila circling in on The Circle.
Runner-up: Carmen and Danni.

Biggest Reveal: Peri was raped by a "big wig in the movie business." All fingers are pointing at Peter right now.
Runner-up: Lucas is alive and Danni has been lying to Carmen.

What did you guys think about 'I Saw the Shine'? Let me know your thoughts of the episode in the comments and be sure to watch the next episode when it airs on Lifetime, 9pm on Monday August 1st!

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