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Devious Maids - Blood, Sweat, and Smears - Review: "Shivving, the Valley and a Man-Child"

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4.07 - "Blood, Sweat, and Smears"
Directed by Elodie Keene
Written by Davah Avena and Amelia Sims
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

Carmen finds herself caught in the middle; Genevieve meddles in Marisol's life; a confession leads Rosie one step closer to finding Peri's real killer; Zoila and Kyle receive unpleasant surprises.


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The Previously On segments are getting longer, right, or is that just me? There is so much going on in Devious Maids at the minute that it's no surprise, really. And boy how I'm loving it. There's too much to talk about in each episode, which makes my job as a reviewer easier. It's always a pleasure to review shows like this that keep delivering every season. In regards to 'Blood, Sweat, and Smears', there were quite a few developments that kept this episode going, as well as one of my favourite scenes of this season - keep reading to find out what it is. But there is no stagnation with Devious Maids season 4, and while this episode didn't have the big moments that the previous episode had, this episode still managed to keep me, and presumedly the audience, entertained.

Marisol is dealing with the fallout from her chilly argument with Peter before he left for a business trip. I am totally Team Marisol on that, but it seems she's taking the argument as an excuse to fall into her ex's arms. While she fights it the entire episode, she simply cannot resist Jesse's charms, arms, and abs. I cannot blame her, as the flyer for Jesse's new business would certainly get me to sign up if he was ever in my area. I liked the friendship they were building up to this season, despite their problems with Jesse 'leaving but not really' just to avoid Marisol. The best thing for Marisol in this episode was that there was some closure and honesty between this pair. I like them as a couple, despite their rough spots in season 3, but I also like Peter, so I feel conflicted here. It's going to be hard when Peter comes back, as well as Daniella who returns in the next episode. I also enjoyed the double dinner date with Evelyn and James - that was something that was probably too short, but it showed the desperation of Marisol to not fall into her old traps. I loved how she exited the restaurant, telling Jesse: "you speak fluent Marisol - translate this!" Nice.

I guess this means the end of Evelyn living in "poverty" with Marisol. A shame, as I would have liked that to continue on for longer, but I'm also glad Evelyn is really fighting to get her life back on track. She even resorts to going to "the Valley" to find someone to represent her. One of the funniest moments of the episode comes from her meeting with Adrian, where she lies to try and get access to the mansion. Of course, Adrian sees right through it, and can tell when she is lying. It was hilarious to see her try to restrain herself from drinking the wine after lying, but of course, Adrian does not fall for it. The relationship between Evelyn and James also could not be more perfect than this episode when he helps her to break into the mansion. I am really liking James and how good but bad he is. I never would have expected it, but turns out he's a pretty darn good match for Evelyn, and Adrian's face in the end was priceless.

Another chemistry that is building is the one between Zoila and Adrian, and this bizarre best friend thing is actually one of the many highlights of this season! I actually prefer the chemistry between Zoila and Adrian than Zoila and Kyle. Zoila sure has her hands full with trying to manage the man-child of Kyle, who is living away from his mother, and it looks like Zoila is turning into the "nag" that she never wants to be. I could see how much of a problem this was for her and found it wholly entertaining. Fortunately, Kyle did repent in the end of his bad habits, and tells her that he wants to be a better man. But I preferred her scenes with both Adrian and Genevieve. Adrian gives her the best advice she could have ever gotten, and it's such a surprise coming from someone like Adrian! I loved the scene in the bar when he is relaying the story about the blame he placed on Evelyn after their son died, and that it took him a while to forgive Evelyn, but he's glad he did as he was just miserable. I really think Zoila is falling for him, which is confirmed when she sees his face instead of Kyle's when she's about to make love to him. A little creepy but I see something forming here.

But now to my favourite moment of the episode - the Genevieve and Zoila make-up scene. Everything about it was perfect, especially after the scene beforehand in the episode when Zoila tells Genevieve she will never forgive her. Poor Genevieve, trying desperately to get her friend back in one last ditch attempt - she was acting rather crazy, and of course Zoila saw right through it. But after speaking with Adrian, Zoila returns to Genevieve who takes control of the conversation. And boy, the lines. The amazing lines! When Genevieve says she lost her best friend that day, and that she would make the same choice if she had to do it again because "I would never choose to lose you Zoila, especially now I know how lonely life is without you." Oh my God. Right in the feels. It's actually the most romantic thing in the entire show, and this is a platonic relationship between best friends. That's what I love about them two - they are just perfect for each other in a non-romantic way and I've never seen anything like it. Of course, Genevieve brings in some last minute humour, with her "And one friend can do the other friend's laundry... and cook for her..." . She couldn't just leave it be at just friends.

Rosie, yet again, discovered some very interesting revelations in this ongoing mystery. She's killing it this season, and now with only 3 episodes left, she's moving along very nicely. This episode, after finding out Tucker is the "key to everything", Rosie's storyline revolves around him as he collapses and goes to the hospital in need of surgery. It also meant Spence was able to step up as a father and is comically shivved by Killface to get him in the hospital so he can donate blood. I didn't expect it, at all, but the ending confirmed it - Spence is not Tucker's father! I was rather shocked by this sudden revelation, as was Rosie, and it will be interesting to see how she handles this newfound information. He won't react to it well, at all. While she had her hands full with these constant hospital visits (seriously she's been in the hospital this season more times than anyone else in the entire series), Shannon also proves to be a big heartless pain too. She's so ridiculous and selfish, but in a way I like. I loved when Rosie followed her to Frances' house, but more so when she meets Kyle, and he tells her that he knows about her. So creepy, and it makes me wonder what will happen next on this front. This is definitely keeping my interest at a very high level.

Last but not least, Carmen, whom I thought would only have a rather filler storyline this episode, but turns out I was very wrong. I got rather excited when I saw that Doug could have been a potential stalker, which would have made sense despite how nice and nerdy he is. Turns out, he's just making an album cover for her, but he freaked Carmen out enough for her to still leave him. While the majority of Carmen was all giggles in this episode, I loved how she tried to break up with him with some "bug-eyed" glasses, before giving up and saying "I'm sexy no matter what." I don't think Carmen's head could get any bigger this season, as well as her brutal honesty with Marisol and how she constantly drives away men. I still wonder why the others are friends with her sometimes haha. But in the end, Doug does the shadiest thing ever and phones Daniella to tell her about her birth father - very sneaky Doug! I still think something may happen with these two, something dramatic.


I very much loved how, in this episode, all the Maids pretty much had great storylines, and ones that weren't so filler as the last episode (especially in Carmen's case). There was a truly standout moment in the forgiveness scene between Zoila and Genevieve, and that is a scene I've been waiting for this entire season! It couldn't have come quick enough, it's basically like the Starks being reunited on Game of Thrones. Again, it was a worthwhile episode for the mystery, keeping things moving at a steady pace, and with 3 episodes left, I can imagine things will pick up again.


Best Maid: Zoila, for being the bigger person and forgiving Genevieve (and making my dreams come true!)

Best Rich Bitch: Evelyn, as it seems she is reversing her misfortunes.

Best Line: "I would never choose to lose you Zoila, especially now I know how lonely life is without you." - Genevieve. Brought tears to my eyes!

Funniest Line: "And one friend can do the other friend's laundry... and cook for her..." - Genevieve.

Best Moment: Zoila forgives Genevieve.

Funniest Moment: Evelyn's and Adrian's talk.

Shadiest Moment: Doug phones Daniella after Carmen breaks up with him.
Runner-up: Kyle asks about Rosie, now knows she is friends with Zoila.

Best Storyline: Rosie's pursuit of the truth.
Runner-up: Carmen's sexual relationship with Doug.

Biggest Reveal: Tucker is not Spence's son?!

What did you guys think about 'Blood, Sweat, and Smears'? Let me know your thoughts of the episode in the comments and be sure to watch the next episode when it airs on Lifetime, 9pm on Monday July 25th!

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