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Devious Maids - Once More Unto the Bleach (Season Premiere) - Advance Preview: "You're In For a Crazy Ride"

4.01 - "Once More Unto the Bleach"
Directed by David Warren
Written by Brian Tanen
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

Lives are forever changed following the explosion at the Powell mansion.


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Well my fellow deviously delicious Devious Maids friends, what can I really say about the season 4 premiere that will get you even more excited than you already are? Well, ehm, how about the fact that it's amazing, and probably my favourite season premiere so far? I'm not even joking, from the very opening scene I knew this was going to be yet another seductive season of our favourite guilty pleasure summer show. You've all seen it in the promos, Eva Longoria is gracing our screens again, and playing herself! She and Peri are filming the movie based off of Marisol's book (which is based on the events of season one) and it doesn't go as planned. It's hilarious, and that truly awesome reference to Desperate Housewives? Legit the best meta-reference to ever grace television ever. Just to remind you guys, or in case you haven't seen the promo: "By the way, you are the meanest person I ever met... and I worked on Desperate Housewives". It's rather sad that everyone didn't get on so well behind the scenes of my favourite ABC show of all-time, but regardless, this has to be one of the best quotes ever.

But enough of what you guys do know, how about what you guys don't know - without major spoilers, of course. Well, we begin the season several months after the explosion, and it was revealed in a summary of an episode that Adrian survives - I can confirm that he does... but he's also wheelchair-bound. That puts a huge spanner in the works for Evelyn trying to divorce him. It was rather clear from her chilly talk about her "wasting her life" with him while being held hostage meant there was still no love lost, so the news that Adrian will never walk again leaves her crippled herself - she can't leave him, or everyone will judge her for doing so. We all know how Evelyn feels about what people think of her! And what about Zoila and Genevieve? Last we left them, Genevieve was given the decision by the doctors to choose to save either Zoila or the baby! I think it's clear by the pictures that Genevieve saved one over the other, which will put a huge cramp in her relationship with Zoila. There are some emotional scenes that I sincerely loved, and it also changes dynamics up as Rosie continues working for Genevieve. Don't worry though, Genevieve still delivers the laughs.

And what about Rosie, Spence and Peri Westmore? Well, it's rather bleak, let's put it that way. If you're shipping the original Rosie and Meeeester Spence, then it's perhaps not great to have your hopes up just yet of an easy reunion. Peri came back swinging as the all-time bitch at the end of season 3 when she reclaimed Spence after his accident caused him to lose most of his memory over the last 3 years, and she's still playing that role in the premiere. It's utterly delicious really, as she sinks her claws in deeper and deeper into Spence, and she does a damn-good job at convincing him and the world that Rosie is a bad person. Spence's amnesia causes him to be outright mean to Rosie, and it all kicks off at Peri's A-list party. It's a party nobody wants to miss, really, and it will have you gasping by the end of it.

Marisol will also be dealing with the other Desperate Housewives-alum, Peter (played by our beloved Mike, and I'm still not over that by the way). Peter is the head of the studio that is turning Marisol's book into a movie, and I rather like their chemistry together. Marisol still isn't over Jessie, and it's very, very evident to Peter, so you can expect some awkwardness there when Marisol and Peter go to dinner to discuss Peri's diva demands on set. There isn't an awful lot to say about Carmen just yet, as she is visited by her cousin's daughter, Daniella, who is already starting to show signs of a rebellious side as she wants to be a singer like Carmen. An emotional scene happens between them too, as Carmen doesn't want any of her family to see her as a "disappointment". It really makes you feel for her. Her storyline should heat up soon.


I loved it guys, like really, really loved it. I always appreciate a first episode back because I've had to live without this show for nine months and that does crazy things to a person! If you're looking for your classic Devious Maids episode, then you don't have to look much further than this premiere - it had everything, including Evelyn's dark humour (which I'm sure is the thing we miss most). Oh man, I can't get over some of the revelations, and things sure do heat up in the final act. We get nice resolutions from the explosion and other storylines - like Zoila's pregnancy - that will make this season, quite possibly, one of the best. It's my favourite premiere so far, and I'm really enjoying the ride from this very first episode. Already I can see this new mystery become (if played right) the best murder mystery this show has had so far. Did I forget to mention that? Oh yeah, someone is dead by the end of the episode - and it's going to cause more things to spiral out of control. Oh man, I won't be able to stop talking about Devious Maids until it comes back, you guys need to see it!


- "Help! My maid's been murdered!"
- "Evelyn, I was in Barbados, I just heard the tragic news."
- "What? No one hates Rosie!"
- "You can't do that!" "Of course I can, I'm rich!"
- "That was the best three minutes of my day."
- "Yes, forgive the mess, the house exploded several months ago."
- "Hurtful, but I like the enthusiasm."
- "Go home, and for your own good, don't come back."
- "I love you and I don't want to lose you again."
- "I hate to impose but would you mind killing yourself?"

Any questions about 'Once More Unto the Bleach'? Let me know how excited you are about the season 4 premiere of Devious Maids in the comments and be sure to watch it when it airs on Lifetime, Monday June 6th!

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