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New Girl - Episode 5.18 - Review: "A Chill Day In"

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New Girl - Episode 5.18 - Review: "A Chill Day In"

In a pretty awesome move for the showrunners, "A Chill Day In" picks up with Jess and Cece as the boys are just leaving for the road trip. I didn't expect that and I'm glad I didn't watch the teasers because I was instantly excited to see what happened while the guys were literally getting beat up by desert people. "I'm going to Jackass into these melons." Jess decided to throw Cece a new bachelorette party and damn, that dig at Coach was good.

Jess and Cece high was something I didn't think I'd want to see, but it was pretty funny. The poor U.S. Post Office delivery man being objectified by Cece and Jess was great as was the build-a-bread machine. "Bread maker!" "You're calling me a witch?, a sorceress." That was all great and a much needed divergent take on what the boys were going through at the desert bar. They ran into Ally as she was celebrating her fifth year as a cop while Tripp was on the phone making an otter deal for an Alfonso Cuaron movie.

The girls get arrested by mall security after they try to steal a new bread maker and Cece has the same reaction and fear to not being able to take care of Schmidt. It was nice to see a ying and yang to their situations, even though the gang fight was still a classic moment that I will always remember for this season. Jess also let slip that Winston had a crush on Ally and I love how we got to see that reaction play out in real-time and not have to wait next week to see what happens. The guys bust in just as Ally corrected Jess that she was still with Tripp. Winston looking defeated at Ally's confession, Nick upset that he missed "high Jess", Robbie's exclamation of unrequited love for was a great way to climax the episode. But DAMN that kiss was good! Hell yeah, for Winnie the Bish! And Nadia kidnapping the gang for the bachelorette party was a nice deus ex machine twist that I didn't see coming. These past two episodes highlighted why I still keep watching. They were perfect episodes; I only wish every episode could maintain this type of energy.

About the Author - Edward Slothus
Edward Slothus is a young professional working in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area. An avid pop-culture, film, and television fan, his favorite shows include LOST, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, iZombie, New Girl, and (for inexplicable reasons that go against all sanity) The Leftovers.

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