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New Girl - Episode 5.17 - Review: "Road Trip"

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New Girl - Episode 5.17 - Review: "Road Trip"

This week with all-new back-to-back episodes of New Girl Schmidt decides on forgoing Tokyo for the bachelor party in favor of a road trip with the boys to men. Schmidt had a wild run in with "Toby!" and Schmidt decided it was time to take charge and by doing so got motorcycles for the ride to Vegas. Meanwhile, Winston is left reeling from a text from Jess stating that she's with Ally and her boyfriend setting up Cece's bachelorette party.

The bachelor party led by Rob Riggle were hilarious and added some serious comic relief to the situation. Even Robbie having last minute feelings for Cece worked because of how sincerely depressing the group reacted to it. The red neck "not my favorite type of white people" bar was pretty funny. Katy Perry on the jukebox. They were just knocking it out of the park with this sequence. Even Schmidt making matters worse with picking a fight was great. "Everyone knows real chili doesn't have beans."

I think everyone knew the reason Schmidt freaked out stemmed from his inability to protect Cece in that moment of road rage. It was a sincere moment that has been sorely missing from the ramp up to their wedding. Too many episodes have been spent on Jess's problems with Sam and not enough with if Cece and Schmidt can handle a long term relationship and all the problems that will come with that new journey. It was nice to see Schmidt own up to his flaws and try to be a better man to make it work. It was also pretty great to use Toby's technique at his own and just yell out "Schmidt!" repeatedly to scare the bar patrons, but it didn't work, and that fight was awesome! Literally one of the standout moments from this season and I'm glad the fight actually went down. No better way for the gang to learn, but remain triumphant with the fact that they went through with it. I think this was a defining moment for Schmidt and I'm glad we finally got some character development as this major arc comes to a climax.

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