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Charmed – 10th Anniversary Special – Season 5 Review: “Centennial Charmed”

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Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

On May 21, 2006, Charmed ended its spectacular eight-year run on The WB, and for fans of the show, it's been an agonising ten years since this magical show died. Relive all eight seasons every Saturday on SpoilerTV in the run-up to the 10-year anniversary of the series finale.

Season five - the season of magic. Whether you hate or love this season, there is no denying how infused with magic this body of 23 episodes is. We have mermaids, dwarves, nymphs, leprechauns, superheroes, goddesses... just lots and lots of creatures. It's almost a little too much. However, I love this season. I appreciate the light compared to the dark of the past two seasons, and how much joy is brought to the lives of the Charmed Ones. There's still sorrow - such as Cole's ultimate vanquish, and Leo staying with the Elders at the end, but I like to focus on the highlights of the season.

One of the main highlights is the birth of Wyatt. We all thought Piper was going to give birth to a girl, so it was quite the shock to have a boy child. He ultimately changed the show from that moment - the Charmed Ones had more at stake with a baby now in the mix. We finally have an extension of family and the generational context, and after all the crap the girls have been through, it was a very welcome addition. He's so cute.

And of course, we reach a huge milestone - the 100th episode. It was a thoroughly entertaining episode, one that explored a world without Paige, and how the girls coped after Prue's death without her. It just shows how important she is to the show, and it offered us one of the best vanquishes of the show - Cole. Cole went on a downward spiral this season and I was just waiting for him to be vanquished just to put him out of his misery. It makes me sad to see Cole become that way. More on that in my review, but anyway, I hope I make it clear that I do love this season, and I welcome all who disagree with me to leave their thoughts.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2002 - MAY 11, 2003

Love the footage used for each actress, so brand new and fresh.

Original airdate: September 22, 2002

Just for sheer fun, I ended up loving the Mermaid saga. It helps that The Little Mermaid is my favourite Disney film, and Alyssa Milano was the character model of Ariel, so I love that tie-in. It was such a magic-filled premiere, and while it cannot hold up to some premieres before it, it definitely sets the tone for the rest of the season as one of fantasy. If this season does anything well, it takes fantasy and heightens it tenfold. I enjoyed the Sea Hag as a villain too, and she reminds me of Ursula when she wants to steal Mylie's immortality in exchange for giving her legs to pursue mortal love. Major shout out to Little Mermaid. I liked when the Sea Hag used her power on Paige, but ultimate moment of the episode goes to the spell Paige made going awry, causing Phoebe to gain fins. Was a shame the Sea Hag vanquished in part one, but it leads nicely into part two. Only thing I find annoying is Cole and his puppy-dog obsession with Phoebe, turning Darryl into a water cooler. Not the way to go to win someone's heart, Cole!

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Phoebe.

Powers of the witches rise,
Find the Hag who speaks in lies.
Balance Chakra, focus Chi,
Lead us through the cruel, cruel sea.

Original airdate: September 22, 2002

With the Sea Hag vanquished, what could this episode possibly do? Oh yeah, Phoebe wants to remain a Mermaid. Way to put a spanner in the works Phoebs. We also have Necron, a rather intimidating looking demon, and probably a tougher foe than the Sea Hag. So much danger with the sea. I love the scenes of Phoebe exploring the ocean before she's captured by fishermen, but moment of the episode goes to Patty saving Piper from the water - so much like Prue in season one. Piper is also in a panic, so she casts one of my all-time favourite spells - the Fearless Spell. I love when she is tied up in the Sea Hag's cave and Necron keeps shocking her with electric eels. Brutal. I did like when Phoebe revealed to Cole how she truly felt, and I was hoping Cole would take solace in that and move on. They end the episode so well though, as I love the song 'Blame It On the Weatherman' by B*Witched, and to have it play while Phoebe is signing divorce papers, Paige quits her job at social services, and Piper looks at the baby book that has a magical note written in by her mother. Love it so much.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Piper.

Locked in,
Boxed in.
Full of fear,
My panic grows manic 'til I can't hear.
In need of reprieve,
So that I can breathe,
Remove my fear,
Please make it leave.

Original airdate: September 29, 2002

Now I love the way Charmed brought fairy tales to television. Way before Once Upon a Time, I feel like this episode wasn't just fun, but informative. The way they weaved it into the narrative was rather entertaining to watch, and it's a very light episode to continue the season 5 trend. I loved Cole in this episode, and how he tried to help Phoebe trust others again. Very noble, but this is one of the only episodes I like him. Loved how the seven dwarves came for Paige when she ate the apple, those dwarves are funny! Moment of the episode is when all the girls know they're f*cked - Piper eaten by the wolf, Phoebe is thrown into the carriage and Paige is in a coma. Loved Penny's incorporation in the episode and how she becomes the Big Bad Wolf - and then how Piper blows the wolf up from the inside. Another reminder of Prue from season three. Also like how the Evil Witch melts like the Wicked Witch of the West. I kind of wish there was more to this episode, but what we have, I really liked.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Piper.

Hear our call,
For those who fall.
Purge her to awaken,
From this toxic taken.

5.04 - "SIREN'S SONG"
Original airdate: October 6, 2002

I love Melinda Clarke - I find her absolutely fabulous in everything she does, especially CSI as Lady Heather, and the Siren kind of reminds me of her. This isn't a favourite episode of mine, but there's a lot I enjoy from this episode. The Siren isn't a great villain and I find her reasoning rather flawed, and anyone remember the Succubus episode from season 2? I do like how Wyatt starts interfering with Piper's powers (turning her explosive power into flower materialisation), and swapping Piper and Leo so it's Leo who has pregnancy symptoms. Good scenes from that - "I just thought that was an excuse". Oh Leo. But it helps the couple each other's issues, so that's important. Cole is easily seduced by the Siren, which further shows why he shouldn't be with Phoebe and starts working my nerves. Moment of the episode will be Piper telling the Siren to "kiss this bitch".

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Piper.

Oh singing lady of the dusk,
Who preys on men,
Turns love to lust.
We harken ye into presence,
To vanquish thee evil essence.

Original airdate: October 13, 2002

It's quite a bit much, this episode, a bit too soon in the season. When you realise that season five is filled with these kind of episodes, you'd hope they'd have spaced them out a bit so it isn't too much at once. Having said that, I enjoy watching the girls as superheroes. It's so much fun to see their sense of humour really shine through their costumes, as well as their cool new superpowers. This was before Marvel really took over the cinematic universe, so I can see the true potential this kind of episode could have had. I love when they transform into the superheroes and they really go for it, and moment of the episode will be the fight with the Aggressor. I love the idea of the thought projection power too, and it's something that comes up later. The side-storyline with the Elder passing his powers on ended on a nice surprise of entering the innocent, Kevin. A good episode but it came too soon in the season, like having too much cake at once.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Paige.

Paige: "Head rush... let's do it again!"

Original airdate: October 20, 2002

I can't fully appreciate this episode because it's amongst more fast-paced, memorable episodes. It's one of the less in-your-face episodes, and I love the gypsy story and family heritage, and how alike it is to witches. I love Emmanuelle Vaugier and she does a great job at portraying Ava, and she was an innocent I was rooting for. Loved her interactions with Paige, and that they kind of changed the To Call Upon Our Ancestors spell to fit her gypsy family. The spell isn't great the way it sounds, to be honest, but it was creative. Orin is rather scary too, stealing gypsy eyes, though it does lead to Phoebe's first Astral Premonition, which I wish we saw way more of. Also, I love when Piper and Leo watch the birthing video - it's so Friends.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Paige.

Piper: "Okay, see, I need an epidural just to watch this!"

Original airdate: November 3, 2002

Whenever I reflect back on this episode, I always think "Poor Paige". Moment of the episode is indeed when Barbas makes Phoebe think that Paige is him, so Phoebe attacks Paige and ends up killing her, which is so shocking but brilliantly dramatic - I love it! I think it's the first time Paige "dies" on the show. Barbas does get annoying the amount of times he comes back, but he's rather different in this episode. He doesn't just randomly appear for no reason, but he causes huge dilemmas for the girls upon the acquisition of Cole's powers. Again, I love the use of the girls' fears against them - Paige and her claustrophobia, Piper of never being happy and losing her baby, and Phoebe always falling in love with evil. What makes this different from the Barbas episode of season one is that the stakes are way higher, and I really enjoy how powerful Barbas can be. He just always underestimates the power of the Charmed Ones. I also love how Paige feels inferior to Prue and feels the need to prove herself, and by the end of the episode, she proves to herself that she's just as powerful a witch as Prue was. Great character development. Really like this episode, and I like how there aren't any "gimmicks".

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Paige.

Paige: "Prue was this awesome witch with a full-time job, and I quit my job to be a full-time witch, and I still haven't reached her level yet, which makes me feel incredibly frustrated and lame."

5.08 - "A WITCH IN TIME"
Original airdate: November 10, 2002

Despite this not being a favourite of mine, it's an episode that I kind of always remember. Its plot of Phoebe's boyfriend repeatedly dying but she always manages to save him due to her premonitions is such a good story. And it really works. It sets up great conflict that features Cole in a less-annoying-than-usual way this season. I always remember the moment he gets shot in the alleyway and this time Phoebe can't save him, because Cole has convinced Piper that if Phoebe keeps saving him, she'll die. It's such an awful way of learning that they cannot save every innocent. Moment of the episode does go to when Phoebe loses Miles. So sad yet so necessary. I love when present Piper tells past Piper to make Phoebe get lost in order to save her life. It's such a bizarre, funny, serious moment. And Bacarra, the warlock from the future, is a rather nasty fellow, and Paige dies a second time in 2 episodes! Good episode.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Phoebe.

Bacarra: "I'm Bacarra, I've come here from the future."
Cole: "Well, I can't say I've heard that before."

5.09 - "SAM, I AM"
Original airdate: November 17, 2002

I love when plot points connect in unintentional ways, like the whole Paige half-sister from the love affair between Patty and Sam. It further proves how important P3 H2O of season 2 is. I bet they look back on that episode and think "we did good". I love more family context to Paige and getting a deeper look into what makes her who she is, and it's good to see that, like Prue did in season one, she has daddy issues. A recurring theme is that fathers on this show take a while to prove themselves, but it's so heartwarming when Sam proves himself to Paige.
Moment of the episode goes to when he finally taps into his whitelighter side and heals his daughter. I also love when the Darklighter arrow hits Paige and Leo, and bounces off Piper due to Wyatt's forcefield. That was such a horrifying yet cool moment. This is more a family drama episode, so not one of the best of the season, but a decent episode nonetheless.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Paige.

Sam: "They made me a Whitelighter again. And I screwed up again. I guess I never got over..."
Piper: "Losing your daughter? Yeah, that's the one."

Original airdate: January 5, 2003

Ever since school, I've been fascinated with Egyptians. Ever since the 1999 film The Mummy, I've loved anything to do with mummies. This isn't a great episode, but I find it to be a good, enjoyable episode. Jeric is on the prowl for a perfect host body for his love, Isis. Good enough plot, and of course Phoebe is the perfect candidate. It's a rather intense moment when Piper is forced to choose to save a mummified Phoebe, or a possessed Paige. The moment of the episode will go to when Piper tricks Jeric into thinking she's given Paige's body to Isis, only to have Paige reveal Isis is gone, and she knows the spell to demummify Phoebe. Those girls are smarter than we give them credit for, especially Piper. Phoebe is awesome as Isis too, so majestic and sexy. Cole goes back to annoying me in this episode too. He's one rollercoaster ride this season. Good episode, but so much wasted potential for an episode about mummies.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Phoebe. (or Paige)

Two warring souls now burn inside,
Where only one can reside.
I call upon the Power of Three,
To save her body and set her free.

Original airdate: January 12, 2003

I find this episode a little creepy, or should I say I find Cole getting a shapeshifter to turn into Phoebe for him creepy. It's like the writers just didn't want him to have any redeeming qualities about him before they offed him off in the next episode. This is a largely forgettable episode too, but the part I remember most, and the moment of the episode, is the fight Phoebe has with the shapeshifter, so it appears she is fighting herself. Good metaphor. The problem this week is that the girls are having some bad luck with the law - Piper with P3 and health and safety, Phoebe with a woman suing her and the paper, and Paige with a car crash that looks like her fault. I like the idea of using mortal law to take down the girls though, that's a new one. The ending, with Cole stabbing the new shapeshifter who turns into Phoebe, is rather scary. It's not a bad episode but it's not one that screams "watch me again".

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Phoebe.

This Witch's power can not fight,
The lure of Evil's magic might.
Before misuses lands her in hell,
Remove the powers of Phoebe Halliwell.

Original airdate: January 19, 2003

The 100th episode - what a milestone. It's a show that deserved to reach the big 1-0-0, and they pulled off a great episode with this one. Cole, up to his annoying self again, erases Paige from existence and shows us a reality in which Prue died, but the power of three was never reconstituted. Dark days, and I love seeing how differently things could have turned out. Piper, who isn't pregnant, is a bad-ass demon hunter trying to avenge Prue, and Phoebe is in a loveless marriage with Cole. Oh, and Paige is dead, but fortunately she sneezes at just the right time to get in on the action and save herself. It's hard work, but she manages to convince Piper and Phoebe that she is their sister, and the moment of the episode goes to Cole's vanquish. The "Happy Birthday, Cole" from Paige was rather harsh, but understandable considering all the crap he did to her, including her current situation, which was wipe her from existence. I would have been heartbroken if his vanquish came in season 4 (which it did, if he had of stayed dead, then his decline in season 5 wouldn't have happened), but I was just relieved he was put out of his misery. His vanquish here is more spectacular and such a huge moment for Phoebe. But all 3 girls were amazing in this, special shout-out to Paige though, so I can say the 100th episode of Charmed was extremely well done.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: A three-way tie for Piper, Phoebe and Paige.

Paige: "Happy birthday, Cole."

5.13 - "HOUSE CALL"
Original airdate: February 2, 2003

The dawn of the Cole-less season 5. Not a bad first episode to get on that track, and the plot of Witch Doctors rather piqued my interest. The episode starts really good, with the phantasm lifting Phoebe up, and the girls realising their house has way too much demonic energy leftovers. Not surprising when more people have died in that house than any other I can think of. The Witch Doctor puts a hex on the girls and it makes them do different, bizarre things. I was really rooting for Paige and Glenn too, who I forgot about until now, but she was such a tough cookie for grinning and baring it by the end. Hilarious when she glamoured to pretend to be his fiancé. Another good moment was when Piper, who has become obsessed with cleaning, makes the Manor disappear so she doesn't have to clean it - if only! - and that's my moment of the episode. As a side note, love that Phoebe did a photoshoot for 415 Magazine - the one Prue worked for. Good episode.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Paige.

Let the object of objection return,
So that its existence may be reaffirmed.

Original airdate: February 9, 2003

This is like a Barbas episode without Barbas, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. I will always remember when Phoebe is chased by the Jason-look-a-like, who is her nightmare come to life. Reminded me of Chick Flick and I am always a fan of a good chase scene. I was rather taken back by Piper's dreams - of a sexy, unknown man that she's having a love affair with. I still don't fully understand how he turned out to be Leo - like why was he disguised as a sexy man who looked nothing like him then? Poor Paige is scared of being alone, which is so understandable given her character development so far. She's had an inferiority-complex and of course she's still quite new to the family. I like how the girls overcome their fears and realise they have nothing to be afraid of, and moment of the episode goes to Piper for blowing the demon up who caused it, as he was rather late to the party! Love the ending of the girls asleep at P3 during the baby shower too.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Piper.

Let we who awaken from our sleep,
Return at once to slumber deep.

Original airdate: February 16, 2003

The baby's coming! Finally, Piper gets to give birth, and like in any show, it's a huge turning point when they introduce a baby. It's a rather huge turning point actually, and the family of sisters begin to become mothers, and it's great that we first see that with Piper. But before she gives birth, magic seemingly disappears from the world and witches and demons alike are confused. I liked when Paige and Phoebe met with the demons but it turns into a fight, all the while Victor's new wife turns out to be evil, and wants Piper's baby. She will be the first of many to try and kidnap Wyatt, and I was rather surprised to find out the baby was a boy instead of the girl that Piper saw in the future. Moment of the episode goes to Piper giving birth to Wyatt with her sisters, Leo and her father surrounding her, and the lights shining in the room. Such a magical moment. Love this episode a lot, and one of season 5's highlights.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Piper.

Stanley: "My name will haunt you to your grave!"
Phoebe: "What was his name again?"
Paige: "I don't remember."

Original airdate: March 30, 2003

I will always remember this episode as the first one to feature Eric Dane as Jason. My, my, what a catch! And after the nightmare of Cole this season, Jason is certainly a welcome addition to the cast. I love the actor, and his character had quite a bit of charisma too. I was just as speechless as Phoebe and Elise when he first appeared as her new boss. This episode also really highlighted how Paige wanted to be an amazing Aunt to Wyatt, as she infiltrates a demonic marketplace so two demons after Wyatt could be stopped. Even though things don't go to plan, I admire Paige so much, just like Piper, for her bravery. Moment of the episode goes to Piper naming Wyatt - it's so sweet and emotional. I also love how the episode begins, with the camera looking as if we see things through Wyatt's eyes, and Phoebe can't handle how cute he is. A decent enough episode this season.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Aunt Paige.

Piper: "Oh, don't be sorry, Paige. You were brave, and you inspired me to fight and you made the world a safer place for our baby. Which is why I would like to give the baby the middle name of Matthew in honor of his super-protective Aunt Paige."

Original airdate: April 6, 2003

Not a fan of this episode - it's too silly. I could handle the leprechaun story if it maybe had a better plot, or was just written better, but alas it fell short of the mark. No pun intended. So a demon is killing leprechauns to steal their good fortune, and hopes to gain control of the Underworld - that's a legit good storyline, but again it just didn't come across that way. I will focus on what I did like, and I like how lucky the girls became from helping the leprechauns. I always remember Paige losing the game at the casino with the snake eyes, "mama needs a new pair of shoes." That will be my moment of the episode, as much of this episode is largely forgotten, other than I was rather sad that Shamus died - poor guy. But his death did help bring down Saleel, so that's another positive. Still, not a fan of the lucky episode.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Paige.

Piper: "Pat Benatar is in the kitchen on the phone with her manager, rearranging her schedule so she can play at P3. I am so sorry I doubted you."
Shamus: "Just like a woman. You have to give 'em a gift to get anything in return."

5.18 - "CAT HOUSE"
Original airdate: April 13, 2003

The biggest question we forgot to ask ourselves is - what the hell happened to Kit? We hadn't seen the feline since season 3. As a side note, the cat that played Kit in seasons 1-3 sadly passed away shortly after season 3 ended, which kind of depresses me. Poor Kit! A great highlight of this episode is Zachary Quinto, before he became Sylar. He's after Kit, and due to a spell gone awry by Piper in order to help her marriage with Leo, Phoebe and Paige end up getting pulled into the walk down memory lane. I love the concept and I like how they had Phoebe and Paige observe different moments from the first 3 seasons (with 1 moment from season 4). Shame they couldn't show Prue and have Paige see her (though the part from Just Harried is not actually Shannen Doherty, but a different actress). I love how Paige reacts to several things Phoebe did in the past, especially hitting on Leo and the choice of hair colour. We should have all known Kit was a familiar, even though I think we get a hint of it in Pre-Witched. This is in my top 10 season five episodes, though unfortunately not my top 5. Moment of the episode goes to Paige seeing Phoebe and Piper evil from Bride and Gloom.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Paige and Phoebe.

Phoebe: "I was under a spell. Evil."
Paige: "Evil? You were blonde!"

Original airdate: April 20, 2003

What a reputation this episode has! Rose McGowan has publicly shared her hate of this episode, and Paul Ruditis also shared his dislike. I don't think it's a disgrace of an episode (I always compare everything to The Wedding From Hell and seriously nothing is worse than that episode), but I agree that this isn't a very good episode. It has its moments of fun, but it also felt like a desperate ploy to incorporate more fantasy into an already bloated season. I do like exploring mythology of magical creatures on the show, but it did come across as a little too silly. Moment of the episode will go to Paige's transformation into a Nymph, but other than that, not a great deal to reward. I did love the quote below and the way it happened, so that's one more positive to go to this episode.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Paige.

Phoebe: "I slept with my boss!"
Piper: "Who, Jason?!"
Phoebe: "No, Elise. Yes, of course Jason!"

Original airdate: April 27, 2003

If I had my way, this paragraph would literally contain quotes from the episode. "You hear puppets?" So I'm going to slide some in every now and then. I love this episode, a lot. It's the funniest of all the comic Charmed episodes, and not just that, but it's greatly written and a stones-throw above the majority of the season. "I see." "Well I don't, where's Paige?!" The plot is just fantastic, and really gives the Charmed Ones a huge dilemma of losing their senses - Piper with her sight, Phoebe with her hearing, and Paige with her speech. Hilarity is bound to ensue, as well as the Crone trying to steal Wyatt. That bitch gets what she deserves, but not before a very ominous vision that she is rather shocked by. Colour me intrigued! This episode had a point, it wasn't just irrelevant fun for the whole family. Moment of the episode will go to Paige and Phoebe doing the charades. "You're a monkey. Oh you're an angry monkey. You're... pissed. You're... PMS MONKEY?!" Seriously, if one person didn't laugh out loud during this episode, I'd be worried.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Phoebe.

Phoebe: "Paige is proposing violence against the Monkey."

Original airdate: May 4, 2003

Grams is back! Just in time for Wyatt's Wiccaning too. It's not smooth-sailing though, as Grams won't even hold Wyatt due to him being a boy. That kind of rejection is quite brutal but so realistic for a woman of her time (if you want to be all philosophical about it, and read too deeply into the whole situation). Her past flame, The Necromancer, also poses a problem, and I couldn't help but think "damn Grams, you naughty little witch". This is a good episode though, a great recovery from the Nymph episode too and leads nicely into the finale without gimmicks. And was I the only person rooting for Paige and Nate? I love Norman Reedus, so I absolutely wished that Paige and Nate would be a thing, at least for a little while longer. And the truth spell revealed he would be alright with her being a witch - what a cool guy! Loved the Wiccaning, so that is my moment of the episode.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Paige.

I call forth from space and time,
Matriarchs of the Halliwell Line.
Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Friends,
Our family spirit without end.
To gather now, in this sacred place,
And help us bring this child to grace.

Original airdate: May 11, 2003

Titans! After loving Hercules, I was rather excited to see the Charmed Ones' foray into Greek mythology. Yes, it's another gimmick, but they do this one right, and this (along with part 2) is a great finale. I do prefer the second part, but there's so much to love in this episode too - such as Chris' first appearance. We all love Drew Fuller, right? That's no question, and it was rather exciting to see him come into the show in quite dramatic fashion. Not the first time this season someone has come from the future, but this time, it's far more ominous. Paige is turned to stone, which was itself rather dramatic, but fortunately that didn't last too long. It was rather scary when the Elders were killed by the Titans and you see them in the Heavens - and Chris encourages Leo to think outside the box to protect his family. Moment of the episode goes to the girls transforming into Goddesses, and ending the episode there. Perfect tease.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Piper.

Phoebe: "Whoah, check out the size of that Oracle's... ball."

Original airdate: May 11, 2003

As far as season finales go, this one goes a little out of this world in terms of scale. Can you really get any bigger than the Charmed Ones becoming literal Goddesses? Typical of Phoebe to become the Goddess of Love - her scenes in the Manor are rather funny, though her hitting on Chris is rather uncomfortable given that, looking back, we know Chris is her nephew. I won't hold it against her because she didn't know. Paige has become the Goddess of War and is really loving the power, while Piper is a little more level-headed as the Goddess of Earth. Moment of the episode is shared between Piper taking down the Titans with the help of her sisters (well okay just Paige), and the end, when Piper and Leo are in the Heavens and he accepts his call from the Elders and she is devastated. So heartbreaking. And cliffhanger galore when Chris interferes with Leo's orb and sends him somewhere - that just sent shivers down my spine. I was rather mortified.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Piper.

Piper: "It's not nice to piss off Mother Nature."


I understand the criticism, I really do. After reflecting on the entire season, I realise that. But I can't help but love this season. I love it for its faults. I love it for the magic - the magic that seems to fade gradually after the season ends. Everything is rather positive which reminds me of season 2, when all is right with the world. We need the light to balance the dark, and as a loyal Charmed viewer, I felt like I had been on such an emotional ride following seasons 3 and 4. We needed the break.

Having said that, I really do wish they didn't go overboard with the gimmicks. There was a little bit too much when it comes to those fantasy creatures, and a lot of those episodes were hits for me, and some missed the mark completely. I'll always have a soft spot for this season and I'll always recognise the genius behind some of the episodes, especially Sense and Sense Ability! Don't hate me for loving the season!

Winner of the Charmed One of Season Five Award: After joint-winning season four, Phoebe takes a tumble to third place with 7 wins of the Charmed One award. Coming runner-up is Piper, narrowly beating Phoebe with 8 wins of the award. And with her first victory, Paige wins with 11 total wins, and winning by a nice gap.

1. Sense and Sense Ability
Season 5, Episode 20
2. The Day the Magic Died
Season 5, Episode 15
3. Centennial Charmed
Season 5, Episode 12
4. Oh My Goddess! Part Two
Season 5, Episode 23
5. Happily Ever After
Season 5, Episode 3

So we do have silly episodes galore in this season, but you can't deny the undying magic that radiates from the majority of these episodes. My favourite of the season is Sense and Sense Ability, an episode  I could quote and re-watch over and over again. I love it so much and I find it hilarious. Of course, the two monumental episodes - the 100th episode and the birth of Wyatt - are among my top five, as is the second part of the finale and the fairy tale episode. I'm not a big fan of a small selection of episodes, including The Eyes Have It and Lucky Charmed.

1. Fearless Spell ('A Witch's Tail, Part Two')
Season 5, Episode 2
2. To Call the Halliwell Matriarchs ('Necromancing the Stone')
Season 5, Episode 21
3. To Track the Sea Hag ('A Witch's Tail, Part One')
Season 5, Episode
4. To Drive Away Isis' Soul ('Y Tu Mummy Tambien')
Season 5, Episode 10
5. Return to Sender Spell ('The Day the Magic Died')
Season 5, Episode 15

Season five actually didn't have that many great spells in it, but the good news is that it has one of my all-time favourite spells - the Fearless Spell. I just love how it sounds, the pace of the words and the effect it creates. Love it. I also liked the Halliwell Matriarchs spell in Necromancing the Stone, as well as a few others. But yeah, not the best year for spells, and it's the first season I struggled to fill the top five.

1. The Crone
Season 5, Episodes 16-20
2. The Titans
Season 5, Episodes 22-23
3. Cole Turner
Season 5, Episode 12
4. Doris Bennett
Season 5, Episode 15
5. Barbas
Season 5, Episode 7

I have to give major props to the creepy, old Crone who appeared in 2 episodes of the season. Each time she appeared, she had a fixation on the newborn baby. Is there anything scarier than a woman trying to kidnap a baby? The Titans also place high on my list, due to the fact that it takes the Charmed Ones to become Goddesses to defeat them. Cole would have placed higher if his characterisation didn't turn really sour, and the fact that instead of being sad he was vanquished, I was relieved. He was suffering. Doris and Barbas get shout-outs.


You don't have to answer these questions, but they'd be a good starting point in discussing the fifth season of the show. Tell me what you thought of season five!

1. What was your favourite episode(s) of the season?
2. Did you have a least favourite episode of the season?
3. Did you find the serialised approach to this season compared to the last two good or bad?
4. Who was your favourite Charmed One this season?
5. Have a favourite villain?
6. What was your favourite moment(s) of the season?

Big Question - Is there anything you'd like to see in these season reviews? Any features you'd like me to incorporate? Any comments of improvement would be greatly appreciated, as I want each and every season review to be as charmed as they can.

Remember to return to SpoilerTV next Saturday, May 7th, for Charmed's next anniversary article, where I will be discussing the show's sixth season. But what did you guys think of the fifth season of our favourite show? What were your favourite (and not-so-favourite) episodes? Release your inner Charmed geek and let me know all your thoughts and feelings of season five of Charmed in the comments!

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