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Charmed – 10th Anniversary Special – Season 1 Review: “Something Wicca This Way Comes”

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Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

On May 21, 2006, Charmed ended its spectacular eight-year run on The WB, and for fans of the show, it's been an agonising ten years since this magical show died. Relive all eight seasons every Saturday on SpoilerTV in the run-up to the 10-year anniversary of the series finale.

10 years. 10 years on May 21st 2016, Charmed ended. Let's just take that in for a second. I don't know about you guys, but I basically grew up on this show. I'd catch up on the episodes on LIVINGtv in the UK, and even though they mainly played the same episodes over and over, it was the best time of my television show life. TV didn't get any better than this. That's why it's such a shock that next month marks the 10-year anniversary of the end. I was 14, barely a teenager. Now I'm a fully-fledged adult (or at least the closest thing to it, I suppose).

Charmed premiered to 7.7 million viewers and a 3.7/10 adults 18-49 rating. That would be huge if it premiered today, especially if it was on the CW. The first season of the show was a huge hit, and it's no wonder why. All shows have their beginnings, and they can either be good or bad, but Charmed had a great first season, despite several flaws.

I thought, because this show means so much to me and to a lot of fans out there, I'd do a special 10-year anniversary special feature, rather than a single article for the 10-year anniversaries of the beginning of my other favourite shows - Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy.

Let's start where it all began with the enchanting first season that introduced us to the most powerful trio of witches of all-time: The Charmed Ones!

OCTOBER 7, 1998 - MAY 26, 1999

Let's kick this off with one of the best opening theme tunes of any television show ever (along with Friends and Buffy, among others). Please tell me I'm not the only one that, after 18 years of this show being on air, I've only just noticed that the appearance of the actresses shows the billed actress, then the billed actress with the next billed actress, and so on (so Shannen Doherty is billed, then it shows Shannen Doherty and Holly Mare Combs together, Holly is then billed, then shows Holly and Alyssa Milano together, then Alyssa is billed). I never noticed this until now! Small thing but it's blown my mind! "I am the son, and the heir..."

Original airdate: October 7, 1998

'Their Mother Always Told Them They Were Special'. That was the slogan the WB used to promote the show, and it's a pretty good one. When it comes to a show about witches, Charmed was the first of its kind. This pilot episode sets up the lives of three sisters nicely - Prue and Piper have moved into their Grams' house following her death, and Phoebe returns home, much to the disappointment of the eldest sister. It's crazy watching the pilot 18 years after it was made, and you can really tell how dated it is now, but it is still, nonetheless, a classic. I love this episode, even though it's not my favourite of season one. Here we have the exciting build-up to their powers being unleashed, with Phoebe casting the first spell, as the news of a heritage of witchcraft is a bizarre shock to the Halliwell's. I love Phoebe's excitement about this revelation, and bless her for being stuck with the passive power. Piper was also my favourite right from this episode, and I wasn't too sure about Prue at first, she seemed too negative for my liking, but with more mature eyes now I can see why she was so skeptical, I mean, anybody in their right mind would be. I liked how Jeremy turned out to be the witches' first warlock vanquish - how exciting to have Piper's boyfriend turn out to be a monster! All in all, loved this pilot, even though it probably wouldn't have been as well received by today's standards. It broke records on the WB y'all - the Power of Three did set them free, and on a run that would last an additional 177 episodes.

Here now the words of the witches,
The secrets we hid in the night.
The oldest of powers are invoked here,
The great work of magic is sought.
In this night and in this hour,
I call upon the ancient power.
Bring your powers to we sisters three,
We want the power,
Give us the power!

Winner of the Charmed One Award: It's a 3-way tie for the first episode!

Original airdate: October 14, 1998

Vintage. As soon as this episode starts, you have to love the good ol' Natalie Imbruglia song 'Torn', which always reminds me of this episode. Not exactly one of my favourites, but it's one I can probably remember better than a lot for the sheer number of early re-watchings of the show. The villain, Javna, whose name I always say in that low voice he says it in, isn't exactly the best kind of villain they could have had for episode number two. If they wanted to entice new viewers, this wasn't the episode for it, but there's still much to enjoy here, for example, I love the continued bickering of the sisters, leading to chaos in the kitchen at Quake and forcing Piper to freeze everything. Good scene. We were also blessed with a shirtless Andy Trudeau, and who doesn't love that? The side-storyline of Piper wondering if witches will be struck down if they enter a church was comical but also informative, and I enjoyed her realistic fear that what she's become is something bad. Things did get intense when Javna kidnapped Phoebe, but he was no match for the Charmed Ones, who easily vanquished his ass. Good episode, but it's far overshadowed by many season one episodes.

Evil eyes look unto thee,
May they soon extinguished be.
Bend thy will to the Power of Three,
Eye of Earth, evil and accursed!

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Piper, for coping at Quake and her realistic fears of being a witch.

Original airdate: October 21, 1998

Following the second episode, this one doesn't really get any better. Things do heat up due to the threat that the shapeshifters pose, and how close they got to taking the Book of Shadows out of the house. It also featured the first episode with Victor, the girls' father, though played by a different actor (and let's be honest, we are all glad James Read took over the role). Totally not hating on Charmed, but the early days just pale in comparison to the rest. I very much enjoyed the real life drama that this episode had, as Prue found it very hard to forgive Victor for leaving them all those years ago. I love when the focus is on family, so I can't say I didn't like this episode, I'm just not overtly fond of it. I liked the shapeshifter aspect too, and it was exciting to see the Book of Shadows almost get stolen for the first time. In the end though, family wins out, though Victor leaves again, leaving the girls a very sweet tape from a Christmas of long ago. One of my favourite sister moments and I wish we had more like that. Also, first appearance of Leo, so there's that too!

When in the circle that is home,
Safety's gone and evil's roam.
Rid all beings from these walls,
Save us sisters three, now heed our call.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Phoebe, for being a hopeful daughter.

Original airdate: October 28, 1998

Now we are starting to get a bit better. It wasn't exactly the way I imagined ghosts when I first watched this episode, but who knew they'd be quite attractive (and played by John Cho, who I'll later love in Sleepy Hollow among other things). This episode was also a bit of a comic relief with Phoebe taking up the job as a psychic - by now we have established Phoebe as the funny sister. That premonition of the man being run over is probably the most-remembered premonition of all-time due to it being in the opening credits! I love Chinese mythology and I only wish this episode explored that more, but what we had was captivating at least, and this definitely improves on the previous two episodes. And who can forget the surprise party for Prue? She and Andy start showing signs of real chemistry here, even if we do a brief glimpse at Andy's ex-wife for the first and only time.

Piper: "Leave it to me to fall for a dead guy."

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Piper, for falling for the dead guy.

Original airdate: November 4, 1998

A true Nightmare at 1329 Prescott Street, ay? We have our very own Charmed version of Freddy Krueger, and while this dream-caper is nowhere near as scary as the horror movie icon, he can still induce some fear. I like the idea of dying in real life the way you die in your sleep (poor Skye, gone but kind of forgotten), though I do wish all the girls had this experience and not just Prue, just to up the ante. But Piper and Phoebe have their hands full with a love spell - a huge no-no for personal gain! It leads to some pretty disastrous but comical results, and they can kind of learn their lesson (though it's not the last time they try to conjure up a Mr. Right). Back to the main story though, it starts getting crazy when Prue tries to not fall asleep, but crashes her car due to tiredness and winds her way back to Berman. She has to use the power of one to overcome him, and she does a damned good job at it. I'm all for a little Prue Power! This is another episode I could happily skip though, as it's largely forgettable, but the worst is just around the corner...

I conjure thee, I conjure thee,
I'm the Queen, you're the bee,
As I desire, so shall it be!

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Prue, for overcoming the dream sorcerer.

Original airdate: November 11, 1998

The episode from hell. Literally. Oh my God, I just can't with this one. I've probably watched this episode the least out of every episode, even though I should have watched them all almost equally due to my countless re-watches. But I find this such a horror show to watch - not in a good way. Even Brad Kern admits this is the worst episode of the show. The storyline is just awful, and Hecate is supposed to be a powerful demon but she's pitiful. Even her spell is absolutely awful - "By Asteria and Perses, open, sky, and do your worst". Awful. And the whole impregnation thing and the fertility icon stuff is something I'd rather not think about ever again. Jade's bachelorette party, three words - oh my god. The vanquish of Hecate and her female minions was also laughable. No good memories from this episode at all, though we do first get a hint that Rex and Hannah are evil, which is the first sign of a serial story-arc on this show. Still, no redemption for this episode, so the first bunch of season one episodes of Charmed have been very hit and miss (again, I'm not hating on the show - this is my favourite show of all-time, but even I can notice when something I idolise does something horribly wrong).

Rex: "Prue, your, um, sister's here to see you. She's waiting in your office."
Prue: "Which one?"
Rex: "The one who, upon seeing your office, said 'Damn, I should go back to college'."
Prue: "Phoebe."

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Prue, for finding out about Hecate.

Original airdate: November 18, 1998

Compared to the episode before, this one is like a million times better! Love Danielle Harris, so it was pretty awesome to see her in this very early role of hers, and the title is so misleading too - who knew that in a couple of years time, the girls will find out they actually do have a fourth sister. It's so weird and wonderful how sometimes this show foreshadows things unintentionally (like Phoebe liking Cupid in season 2, seeing the 'C' from the apple in All Halliwell's Eve indicating the name of her love, and then falling in love with Coop in season 8). Back to this episode, a bit of a sub-par demon in Kali who wasn't really used to her full potential. It was also weird seeing Phoebe's later boss Elisa as someone else. One of my favourite sister scenes also is of Phoebe and Piper checking Leo out (something they go back to in Cat House), and before the epic Piper/Leo love story. I respect this episode quite a bit for the beginnings of that. There are also tensions between Prue and Andy, which is a little hard to watch. This is a good episode, but still not the best of the bunch.

Phoebe: "Oh. Quite possibly the finest glutes in the city!"
Piper: "In the state."
Phoebe: "In all the land."
Piper: "I saw him first."

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Phoebe, for being so open and accepting of Aviva.

Original airdate: November 25, 1998

Now I'm talking Charmed! This episode is awesome and totally one of my hidden little favourites. From this episode on, Charmed really hits the nail on the head for most of the rest of this season. Not only do we have a warlock named Gavin (thanks for making him a forgettable warlock, writers), but we had Piper and Leo's first kiss! "What do you think about women who make the first move?" "I'm still waiting for it to happen." Melt! So much love. The biggest parts of this episode, though, are of Prue and Andy - the will they, won't they couple. Prue is worried he will react badly if she tells him that she's a witch, so she casts a Truth Spell to find out - and it isn't a good result. The truth concept of the episode provides a lot of great conflict and some comical scenes, and also elevates this episode above all that came before it. Fortunately all memory in the twenty-four hours of the spell is erased, so Prue can start over with Andy. Unfortunately, Piper, who quit her job, has to go back to work because her boss doesn't remember her moment of triumph! Amazing episode, I really love this one.

For those who want the truth revealed,
Opened hearts and secrets unsealed,
From now until it's now again,
After which the memory ends.
Those who now are in this house,
Will hear the truth from other's mouths.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Piper, for taking the courage with Leo and her boss.

Original airdate: December 16, 1998

Charmed truly shines when it brings in these episodes that are truly dedicated to exploring the Halliwell's rich history. Lightning strikes twice as we have yet another fantastic episode, and the introduction of Melinda Warren is truly a monumental moment for the sisters. I only wish she came back in future episodes to give us more context to the Charmed legacy. I loved her interactions with the keen sisters and how much they wanted to learn from her, but also seeing how she reacts to the twentieth century (we have yet to delve into the twenty-first century at this point, if that makes you feel as old as me right now). We learn a lot from her, such as how big the Book of Shadows has become, and that each generation of Warren Witches has added to the book. I quite liked Matthew Tate too as a villain - he is one menacing dude. But we are also back to angst between Prue and Andy, which is not good, especially when he wants to arrest her when a lawyer shows up dead. He'll get that arrest in the next episode though. Awesome episode all round, and this is when the show really finds its feet.

Outside of time,
Outside of gain,
Know only sorrow,
Know only pain!

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Phoebe, for informing the others of summoning Melinda.

1.10 - "WICCA ENVY"
Original airdate: January 13, 1999

The end of Rex and Hannah, the first multi-arc villains to grace the show. They didn't make much of an impression beforehand, not like later villains Belthazor and Zankou, to name a few, but this was a great episode for them to bite the dust. Their plan sees Prue in jail, where first they tried to frame her for stealing the tiara, which was a fun scene of Piper freezing Andy and Daryl every time they were about to find it. Things got more serious when they are forced to relinquish their powers. What a huge thing to happen to the girls this early in the show, and it wouldn't be the last time they're forced to give up their powers. The whole relinquishing scene and decision to do it was very dramatic and it really upped the ante for the upcoming showdown with Rex and Hannah. It was probably a little more 'anti-climactic' than I would have liked, as there really wasn't much of a showdown when Leo healed the book and restored their powers, though having Hannah devour Rex was very hardcore by our main ladies. Brutal. Great episode despite the quick pay-off.

From whence they came,
Return them now.
Vanish the words,
Vanish our powers.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Prue, for being quick to get back in that cell!

1.11 - "FEATS OF CLAY"
Original airdate: January 20, 1999

The streak had to end somewhere, and Feats of Clay happens to be one of my least-favourite episodes too. Not that there's anything particularly wrong with it - except the villain and the general boredom I usually get while watching. Pains me to write this but this was another low point for the show. I didn't care much for Clay, though I did respect him more towards the end when he risked his life to save the girls, but I still wasn't invested enough. And remember Doug and Shelley at Quake? I kinda do, which is odd, as it was a pretty weird side-storyline for Piper to have as she tried to play matchmaker, and though this episode is quite forgettable, I can remember them. I guess even my least favourite episodes still make an impression on me. I did like how the sin of greed tied into a season three episode that I love, 'Sin Francisco', and that it can be undone with a selfless act. I love when the little details come back. But still not a great episode.

Piper: "Prue, don't take this personally, but sometimes you can be a bit judgmental."

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Phoebe. The heart wants what it wants, I guess.

1.12 - "THE WENDIGO"
Original airdate: February 3, 1999

Yes! This! This episode! My favourite of the season until the finale. I cannot express how much I love this episode due to how scared it made me when I was young enough to half-believe the Wendigo could be real. What a thrill-ride, when Piper is walking through the park and is then attacked by the monster. I've always looked over my shoulder walking through places alone even to this day thinking a Wendigo could attack. This was also the first episode a Charmed One transformed into a monster, and it was the most excruciating moment when Prue and Phoebe had to decide which was the real Wendigo and which one was Piper. At the time, I didn't know that Agent Fallon would be the Wendigo, even though these days you can see it a mile off. It was a good twist and I was glad it happened because I didn't like her with Andy - he belongs to Prue! Awesome episodes, one of the best 'monster' episodes of the show and an all-time classic.

Prue: "Oh, um, can you get up?"
Piper: "Back off! What, you think I can’t walk now?"
Phoebe: "Honey, we’re just trying to help you."
Piper: "Help me? You can’t even hold a job."
Prue: "Okay, now wait a minute, Piper."
Piper: "Oh, save it. Do you always have to be in charge? I’m sorry. What’s happening to me?"

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Piper, for enduring the Wendigo curse.

Original airdate: February 10, 1999

From the Wendigo to the Demon of Fear, the demon-y goodness just continues. We may get a little tired of Barbas always showing up later in the show, but his first entry into the show's mythology is simply glorious. I love the idea of his methods of attack, using a witch's fear against them on Friday the 13th, and was it just coincidence that this was the 13th episode of the show? I think not. Not only did we get some good fearful scenes of Prue and her fear of drowning (who hasn't tried blocking the plughole in the shower to get the Prue effect?), but we also learn more about the Halliwell family. This is always a good thing, and as we got some family roots in 'The Witch is Back', we learn a little more about their mother, Patty. It's quite tragic, and the scene where Prue conquers her fear of drowning as her mother saves her (something that happens to Piper in season five), just shows how much heart goes into the relationships of these sisters. It placed a great emphasis on them, and I loved that Prue finally got to say "I love you" to Phoebe and Piper. A heart-warming episode, despite the bad-assness of the demon.

Piper: "I'm just glad you're all right."
Prue: "I love you."
Piper: "What did you just say?"
Prue: "I love you."

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Prue, for fighting her fear.

Original airdate: February 17, 1999

Even though we kind of saw Leo's powers in earlier episodes, this was the life-changing episode that led us on the epic path of Piper and Leo's love. Whitelighters can't be with witches, as ordered by the Elders, which kind of depressed me and it would turn out to be quite the trial for the lovers for years. Who knew it began with this episode, the whole Elder-lore? It's not a great episode, only good. In it, we had a young male witch called Max ask for the Charmed Ones help using his powers through the spirit board, and Prue works to figure out who it is. The only good that came from that story was that it made Prue change her mind about having kids, but as we saw two years later, she never will have kids anyway - which makes me cry as I write this. I loved Phoebe discovering Leo floating by the chandelier, though it's harsh when he leaves and Prue and Piper don't believe Phoebe's explanation. Another forgettable season one episode but altogether not bad.

Andy: "You know, I hear a lot of stories in my line of work, but yours are always very entertaining."
Prue: "Thank you."

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Phoebe, for discovering Leo's secret.

Original airdate: February 24, 1999

Another classic episode from the first season of Charmed. When I want someone to watch the show of the first time, this would be one of my top episodes to show them to get into it. It's got everything I need in it, including the all-important Charmed-One-turning-evil. This time it's Phoebe, and her childhood demon of the Woogyman has been unleashed. How creepy it was to have this kind of episode, and the photo to the left is definitely an alarming part of the show. But it also balanced the comedy just right, as at the same time Piper is rushing to make a good meal. The house being taken over by evil was exciting, and Phoebe's possession and Prue and Piper's banishment from the house added more urgency to the episode. There's so much right with this episode that I just can't even. Also, Prue's line of "everything will be okay until the house blows up" has a chilling effect when we remember the Manor does blow up in the penultimate episode of the series. Funny how these little details come about, isn't it? Amazing episode, 10 out of 10!

I am light,
I am one too strong to fight,
Return to dark where shadows dwell,
You cannot have this Halliwell.
Now go away and leave my sight,
And take with you this endless night.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Phoebe, for defeating the Woogyman (for now).

Original airdate: March 3, 1999

So this is one of Shannen Doherty's favourite episodes, and it's not hard to see why. She showcases her acting talents hard in this one, and we have three times the Prue power than usual. It's almost a little like a slasher flick, where each Prue fell one by one until the last one was standing. Quite scary seeing all these Prue bodies pile up. The villain of the episode is rather forgettable, but I loved that they split Prue into three and the kind of had different personas. The Blue Prue was my favourite - what a woman! You'd think the Lords of War would be a much bigger threat, but not really the case here, though he did successfully kill two Charmed Ones technically. Piper and Phoebe didn't have much to do in this episode, I admit. But Andy does start to get closer to the truth about Prue, and unfortunately, it spells his ultimate downfall. Dramatic. Great episode, I really like it.

Take my powers,
Blessed be.
And multiply their strength
By three.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Prue, and Blue Prue, and Pink Prue.

1.17 - "THAT '70S EPISODE"
Original airdate: April 7, 1999

A fairly-shared episode between all three of our sister witches, which is what I love to see in an episode. It was all about the mother and daughter bond in this episode as we get our first trip to the past. The more magic the girls discover, the better the show becomes. I love how the episode starts with Nicholas appearing and realising the girls have acquired their powers, and a deal their mother made with him means he can have them. The girls travel back to the '70s and get a chance to meet their mother for their first time since her death, and oh, what a glorious time it was. So much family bonding and you can see how greatly the girls think of Patty. I kind of wish there was a spin-off with Patty set in the '70s as it seemed an interesting time. Phoebe also had the chance to warn her mother of her death, which is a huge concept that could have changed everything, and really questions what you would do if you had the chance to see a loved one in the past.

A time for everything, 
And to everything its place.
Return what has been moved
Through time and space.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: A joint win of all three, for the family love.

Original airdate: April 28, 1999

Another streak ruined. Love the idea, of a warlock turning good, but unfortunately I'm really not a fan of this episode. Like 'Feats of Clay' and 'Secrets and Guys', it's a forgettable hour. I also love the idea of the 'evil' Charmed Ones, of three brother warlocks, but unfortunately it just didn't really make an impact. I was kind of feeling the Prue and Brendan vibe, especially with the horseback riding, but he can't take her away from Andy of course. And speaking of boys, since Leo is out of sight, Piper is kinda dating Josh, who is a good-looking fellow, but the whole love connections wasn't why I watched Charmed, and while I do have my ships, they tend to not overtake their lives. Unfortunately, it seemed a lot like it was all about 'men, men, men' in season one, and this episode did not help that stigma. When good episodes turn bad.

Brendan: "The only difference is he came from good. Mine came from pure evil. Descended from an ancient warlock line intent on furthering the Rowe coven. Three brothers destined to become the most powerful force of evil the world has ever known."
Prue: "The evil Charmed Ones."

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Prue, for helping Brendan.

1.19 - "OUT OF SIGHT"
Original airdate: May 5, 1999

Poor Piper has been out of the good loop this back-half of the season and I'm not sure why. It's more the Prue and Phoebe show, and this episode really isn't any different (or the episode to follow to a greater scale). I really loved the introduction of the Grimlocks and how Prue's power evolved into using her hands instead of her eyes - which I was very grateful for, as was Shannen Doherty! Unfortunately it meant that she is exposed by a reporter, which is quite the big thing and it would be again in season three in the episode we all know I'm talking about. I do love a good Prue/Phoebe bond though, and this episode was good for that. Piper's story revolved around Josh, who says he has a job offer out of town. It's a good thing he left when he did then, since Leo will be coming back in her life in 2 episodes time. I did love the three of them being in the sewers though, and using Prue's power to save Piper from the hole. The Charmed Ones save the kidnapped kids and whoop Grimlock ass. Another well-done episode.

Prue: "I feel like I should be cackling."

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Prue, for running after the Grimlock like her life depended on it to save the boy's life.

Original airdate: May 12, 1999

Ahh, this is one of my under-dog favourites, probably for the smallest of reasons. Don't get me wrong, I do absolutely love the storyline of the ghost and Alcatraz and all that exciting stuff, but as the photo to the left shows, this is one of my favourite moments. Let's just say it's to do with a friend, and there's no denying Phoebe's plan to lure the evil ghost with that photo is hilarious. "Hey Jackson, let's party!" Poor Piper is out of the juicy parts of the episode again as she lives it up in Hawaii, so the "power of two will have to do". Jeff Kober as the ghost, Jackson, is really good casting and he totally looks like a convict, but add the ghostly touch to him and he just turns into one creepy spirit. The way to vanquish him is a huge obstacle for the girls too, and Prue stops her heart in order to defeat him, but Phoebe is knocked out when she is supposed to revive her. Good job reliable Andy is around to save the day. It was nice that he covered for Prue, even if he doesn't think he could hack a life with witches. Makes me miss him a lot.

Ashes to ashes,
Spirit to spirit.
Take his soul,
Banish this evil!

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Prue and Phoebe, for making do with the power of two.

1.21 - "LOVE HURTS"
Original airdate: May 19, 1999

Oh man. When it comes to big emotional episodes, this one kick-started it off. Who can honestly say they don't feel a twang of sorrow in their hearts when Piper is so broken over Leo's state, and her frustration over trying to use his healing powers. When she tells him that she loves him, my God, never before had I ever been so emotionally invested in two people as I did then - and that includes real life. The whole episode was a very strong one, in my opinion. I love the idea of them switching powers, watching them try to figure out how to use each others', and it led to some great one-liners, including the Freebie for Phoebe's nickname (it's the little things).The whole Darklighter angle was another good one too, and one that would come back again in the future of the show. Rodriguez, an agent, also shows his evil side here, and that will play a big part in the finale too. And one of my favourite comic moments, when Prue and Phoebe try to high-five, but they completely miss. I do that all the time now.

What's mine is yours,
What's your is mine.
Let our powers cross the line.
I offer up this gift to share,
Switch our powers through the air.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Piper, for upping the emotional ante on the show.

Original airdate: May 26, 1999

I never wanted this episode to happen, and I didn't want it to be so damn good. I wanted to hate it, because I loved Andy, and I wanted him and Prue to be together always (and I guess now they can), but I guess a Charmed fan can't have everything, otherwise we'd see a photo of Prue and Andy on the wall in the series finale. Regardless, the introduction of Tempus (who was also involved in Prue's final episode), was a dramatic one, and the clock turning back each time a Charmed One died so Rodriguez could get it right the next time, was very exciting. The whole scene of Rodriguez attacking the girls in the hallway, and the second time when Piper goes flying through the glass doors, is one of my favourite moments of the finale. Rodriguez was reckless, of course, but it led to him killing Andy, which tore my heart in two. It would have been the hardest decision for Prue to accelerate time instead of letting time reset to save Andy, but I guess it had to be done. But why?! "Good morning, San Francisco. Well, it looks like it's going to be a beautiful Wednesday." Loved the time loop, amazing season finale, and it so happens to be my favourite episode of season one.

Winds of time, gather round,
Give me wings to speed my way.
Rush me on my journey forward,
Let tomorrow be today.

Winner of the Charmed One Award: Prue, mainly because she lost Andy, and it tore me apart.


Season one is not my favourite season, but as far as nostalgia goes, this entire collection of 22 episodes has me soaring back to the past with very fond memories. A lot of episodes are a little dated, and some of them are quite a chore to get through, but for the episodes that shine, they truly shine. It's vintage Charmed, and I wouldn't change anything in season one. Even the bad episodes served their purpose, and the best episodes remained a favourite of mine until the very end. I couldn't think of a better way to introduce these three amazing, beautiful sister witches to the world, and they underwent a huge transformation from the pilot to the season finale.

Winner of the Charmed One of Season One Award: In 3rd place is Piper with 7 top witch nominations. The very respectable runner-up is Phoebe with a total of 9, meaning Prue takes home the season one crown with 10 total nominations.

1. Déjà Vu All Over Again
Season 1, Episode 22
2. The Wendigo
Season 1, Episode 12
3. Is There a Woogy in the House?
Season 1, Episode 15
4. From Fear to Eternity
Season 1, Episode 13
5. The Witch is Back
Season 1, Episode 9

There are so many other episodes that are worth a mention of being a classic hour of the show. Other episodes I truly love are Something Wicca This Way Comes, The Truth Is Out There... And It Hurts, Wicca Envy, Which Prue Is It, Anyway?, That '70s Episode, The Power of Two and Love Hurts. As far as bad episodes go, I would say The Wedding From Hell is the worst (of the whole show too), and When Bad Warlocks Turn Good, and I wasn't the biggest fan of Feats of Clay either.

1. Dominus Trinus ('Something Wicca This Way Comes')
Season 1, Episode 1
2. Woogyman Vanquishing Spell ('Is There a Woogy In the House?')
Season 1, Episode 15
3. To Accelerate Time ('Déjà Vu All Over Again')
Season 1, Episode 22
4. The Truth Spell ('The Truth Is Out There... And It Hurts')
Season 1, Episode 8
5. To Exchange Powers ('Love Hurts')
Season 1, Episode 21

One of my favourite aspects of the show is the Book of Shadows - just how incredible is that book? For years and years I tried to replicate it myself (before buying an already-made replica online). The spells in the show are so fun and creative, and I am that much of a fan that I can remember nearly all of them off-by-heart. The spell that gave them their powers is a classic one, and the best of the bunch. I love the Woogyman spell too, and the way it was used in its respective episode was brilliant. So many good spells.

1. Barbas, the Demon of Fear
Season 1, Episode 13
2. The Wendigo
Season 1, Episode 12
3. The Woogyman
Season 1, Episode 15
4. Rex Buckland / Hannah Webster
Season 1, Episodes 2-10
5. Tempus
Season 1, Episode 22

Season one, out of all the seasons, had some of the most visually-captivating monsters on the show. Especially when you compare it to the final season, you can really tell how much the budget helped with the aesthetic look of the show's demons and monsters. The Wendigo, in particular, frightened me so much that even to this day I picture being attacked at night by it. But Barbas is my top demon of the season, as he proves to be quite the formidable foe, and he just can't seem to stay vanquished.


You don't have to answer these questions, but they'd be a good starting point in discussing the first season of the show. Tell me what you thought of season one!

1. What was your favourite episode(s) of the season?
2. What was your favourite moment(s) of the season?
3. Prue + Andy. Did you ship them? And did you cry when he died?
4. Who was your favourite Charmed One this season?
5. Have a favourite demon / monster / warlock?
6. Did you have a least favourite episode of the season?

Big Question - Is there anything you'd like to see in these season reviews? Any features you'd like me to incorporate? Any comments of improvement would be greatly appreciated, as I want each and every season review to be as charmed as they can.

Remember to return to SpoilerTV next Saturday, April 9th, for Charmed's next anniversary article, where I will be discussing the show's second season. But what did you guys think of the premiere season of our favourite show? Release your inner Charmed geek and let me know all your thoughts and feelings of season one of Charmed in the comments!

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