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Transylvania - Character Descriptions

Note: As with all pilot shows, information is subject to change. It is accurate at the time of posting.

Victoria Harker - Lead Actress. A private detective from New York whose father went missing. Her search brings her to Transylvania where she discovers he was on the hunt for the illusive Wolf Man. She is a strong, smart and capable woman who can see the deeper meaning hiding within each case.

Marius Rieekan - Mayor in his early 30's. Wants the mysterious cases resolved and doesn't care how it's done. Assigns Lestrade to work with (and learn from) Victoria. He's a charming virtuous man but a shrewd politician when he needs to be.

Godrey Lestrade - Constable Inspector of Transylvania. A non-believing drunk who doesn't buy into the rumors of the locals. He is logical and by-the-books which constantly puts him at odds with the townsfolk and Victoria. He is still new to Transylvania, having only been there for 2 months when Victoria arrives.

Victor Frankenstein - Not yet a doctor. In his early 20's with lots of enthusiasm and ego which masks a hint of rage. He is responsible for the intake of bodies found in Transylvania which he uses in his research.

Coriander - A resident of Transylvania who is at odds with both Marius and Lestrade. She doesn't think Lestrade will last much longer and believes that Marius is harboring her brother Cal. Fluent in Romanian. Deep down she hides a dark secret.

Cal - Coriander's brother. As Victoria searches for her father she discovers Cal hidden in an alleyway with bruises all along his neck. After discovering the secret of his family, he assists Victoria with information about her father.

Father Maltara - King of the Szgany and your worst nightmare. Appears to be within his 60's. He talks with the voice of a devil in languages other then English. Upon encountering Victoria he orders his followers never to harm her. While secretly fearing what he see's within Victoria.