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The Originals - Wild at Heart - Review

This week’s episode picked up not too long after last week’s. Cami has embraced her vampire side a bit too much and Klaus has trouble keeping her under control. Elijah teams up with Aya to discover what the weapon that threatens the Originals is, only to realize it’s the toy horse that Klaus made for Rebekah when they were kids. Davina talks to Kol with Josh’s help and considers joining the Strix’ coven. Hayley, who is still grieving for Jackson, tries to give Cami some advice but is unsuccessful. Cami steals the horse. 

Favorite scene: It may not have been a scene that stood out but I really loved the moment where Hayley asked Klaus and Elijah if she and Hope could stay there for a few days. To me, these family moments are the most important part of the show. Even though they’ve all put each other through a lot of crap in the past, I like that they come together in times like these. Hayley is going to need all the support she can get. 

Least favorite character: I had such high hopes for Cami as a vampire, but instead this episode just left me confused. I assumed that she’d be out of control but this kind of took it to a whole new level. I don’t really understand the reasoning behind the choices she made this week. I get that she’s probably still mad that Klaus tried to force her to turn, even though she seems to be loving her new self. But why would she play Hayley like that, and why the hell did she take the horse. Is this how the writers are planning to fulfill the ‘by friend’ part of the prophecy? I certainly hope not. 

Best couple: I hadn’t realized how much I missed Davina and Kol until this week. I, like many others, was curious to see what Davina and vampire!Kol would look like together. Well this week we finally got the answer. I didn’t think we’d be seeing much of Kol this season. I figured with Davina unable to access magic that getting that back would be her first priority and the Kol storyline would be revisited later. I hope that the fact that he appeared this week means there is a good chance we’ll be getting him back by the end of the season. I’m not sure what Nate is working on, but I do hope his schedule will allow it. I liked them together and I’d like to see more of them together in the near future. 

Best relationship: Last week I was contemplating adding a ‘where the hell is Josh’ column, but at the last minute decided to wait another week because my review was already getting on the longish side. I’m very happy that I won’t have to add that column this week because Josh was back! The writers had been seriously neglecting the friendship between Davina and Josh, so I’m very happy they were reunited this week. Him asking Marcel for help with Davina, who is seriously considering joining the Strix, hopefully means he’ll be playing a bigger role in the second half of this season. On a side note, anyone else think Freya, Hayley, Josh and Davina should start a ‘dead boyfriends’ club? No, is that just me? 

Most questionable character: I’m starting to have my doubts about Marcel. The card Marcel received is the main reason for this. According to the card, which was provided by the witch Ariane who was able to sense the vampires’ true intentions, Marcel is loyal. So did Marcel manage to trick the Strix, or are his loyalties starting to blur. We haven’t seen him much lately and when we did it was almost always with the Strix. Now that Josh has asked him for help with Davina, I assume his true loyalties will become clear soon. 

Most interesting character: She may have only lasted one episode but I was very intrigued by Ariane. I really thought she would lead Davina down a dark path when I first read the description of the character and in a way she did but now how I expected her to. I’m very intrigued by this coven. But most importantly by how they work. If Davina joins them and in turn gets Kol back, will she be able to be with him at all or will she be too busy with the coven. They don’t look like they get much free time. Ariane’s death scene is what stood out to me the most, the way she just accepted her death. I was very impressed with Haley Ramm who I almost didn’t recognize from Chasing Life. I’m sad we only got her for one episode. 
Most unexpected twist: Anyone else find it hilarious that the big weapon that threatens the Original siblings is the toy horse Hope has been playing with for more than a year? Of course it would make sense that Klaus at the time would have used the white oak tree to make the horse. And when whittled down it could form a stake. But I had expected more than a white oak stake. I had expected a dark object like the Serratura. I guess I’ll have to wait and see how this storyline unfolds. 

Best quotes: Josh: “Okay, follow-up question. Do you happen to have any kind of comment box or complaint hotline because I’ve got a few thoughts on your customer service that, trust me, you do not want to end up on Yelp.” 
Kol: “Come on, you don’t recognize this roguish grin? I guess my true face is just too handsome.” 
Ariane: “All that you’re family has endured and yet the worst is still to come. An unending darkness lies before you. A lone figure. A pale horse. A flame that will burn you all.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode.
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