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The Walking Dead - The Next World - Advance Preview

   After an explosive and thrilling mid season premiere, The Walking Dead will continue its breathtaking 6th season this Sunday on AMC, and next Monday on FOX in the UK, with "The Next World".
    Last Sunday, "No Way Out" was a real game changer for the show, the rest of the season won’t be the same after the horrible tragedy that happened inside the wall but mostly, because the Alexandrians (and some of the useless/weak characters of Rick’s group) finally stepped up and fought those evil walkers ! It was about time ! It was really good to watch the Alexandrians, Gabriel and Eugene fighting and killing off walkers just like Rick, Michonne and the others. And Denise stepping up as the doctor in charge was excellent too. So now the community is different, they have learned the hard way in what world they’re living and what deadly threat is against them outside the walls. The only bad part of the MSP was Glenn’s rescue. Once again, it felt totally unrealistic. The writers really need to stop us teasing Glenn’s death, it’s kinda boring now.

   Anyways, the Alexandrians are now aware of the walkers threat, but there is something much darker and more dangerous coming their way : Negan and his Saviors. We all thought that Daryl, Abe and Sasha first meeting with them in the MSP would turn badly, I almost believed Abe or Sasha would die in the very first minutes of the episode but what an explosive and good surprise to watch Daryl blowing them up ! That was definitely one of the best moment of The Walking Dead, so unexpected. But we all know the Saviors are the new threat so they’re going to be back, and probably quite pissed that Daryl killed a bunch of them… Can’t wait…

   The changes introduced in the MSP will continue to be explored in this week episode, "The Next World". And obviously, one of the main change concerns Carl. After the crazy and impressive walkers massacre in Alexandria, Carl’s injury was the second best part of the MSP. The epic moment from the comics turned out to be an epic moment for the TV show as well. It was shocking, intense and it led to some excellent performances from Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira. It was so heartbreaking to watch Rick remembering the loss of his wife, so helpless and angry about potentially losing another member of his family. And Michonne was as usual perfect, caring and helpful in any way she could.
   Of course Carl survived but his injury is going to change a lot of things. He probably won’t be the same afterwards, when he’ll recover and so will Rick. It will for sure change the dynamic of their relationship and his future behavior. And Carl’s fate will be one of main focus of "The Next World". We will learn how long it will take him to recover and to get back on his feet. Also, we will be surprised how Carl’s injury has affected his father, Rick is always full of surprises.

   I'm very excited about Season 6B and the changes coming for all the characters. And here a list of what else you can expect from "The Next World" :

- As shown in the promo, Daryl and Rick will be spending a lot of time together. They will go out for supplies, and of course things won’t go according to their plan. But their scenes will definitely be the best parts of the episode, Rick and Daryl are really a great team. They work well together, so obviously, you can expect some excellent action and fight scenes with them. And also, some of their dialogues will make you laugh. Those two are funny together, I've been missing watching them.
-  Rick and Daryl will disagree about something in their car.
- Michonne and Spencer will spend some time together and they will find out they have some things in common. It will bring them closer.
- Even tough the whole group is reunited inside the walls, it doesn’t mean they’re all going to appear in the episode :( The Walking Dead has such a huge cast, it’s the price to pay I guess. But at least, all the characters who appear will have something relevant to do.
- Denise will have a strange request to another survivor. I really like this girl ! Merritt Wever is a perfect add to the cast.
- Judith will be much present in the episode, she's so adorable. It was really a great idea to keep her on the show.
- Eunid will finally be back in Alexandria and so she will share scenes with different characters, other than Glenn. I'm still not sure about her, she saved Maggie and Glenn in the previous episodes, but there's still something off about her.
- Some people, who died in Alexandria in the previous episodes, will be mentioned.
- A new character will be introduced in "The Next World". And as usual, the question of whether the survivors can trust a stranger will be raised and there will be two camps.
- Normalcy will be one of the main theme of "The Next World". In the crazy apocalyptic walker world, people need to find some normal and regular stuffs to do, to remember they’re still human beings. There will be some unusual scenes in The Walking Dead, such as two characters sharing their days after dinner or two others characters enjoying a nice moment outside, chilling, reading and eating snacks or even talk about toothpaste. I promise you, it won't be boring.
- Something big will happen at the end of the episode. Everybody will tweet and talk about it, for sure, so don't miss it !

  "The Next World" will be a different episode in its structure, it will be a nice installment for things to come. The game has changed in Alexandria so has the pace of the show. "The Next World" isn’t the best episode IMO, but still it will be a very solid episode, beautifully written and with some excellent twists. Once again, do not miss the end of the episode !
   Don’t miss "The Next World" this Sunday on AMC and next Monday on FOX in the UK. What did you think of the MSP ? What do you think it’s going to happen in season 6B ? Which parts are you the most looking forward in "The Next World" ? Hit the comments !

   And finally the quote game ! Guess which character will say those quotes (Each quote is from a different character) :

1- "Don’t… Don’t… Please, don’t"
2- "This is the last time I’m asking"
3- "Rick, wake up"
4- "It’s for kids, it’s what they do"
5- "I drew a line between the important stuffs and that"
6- "Maybe there're better places for you to go than just nowhere"
7- "Carl ?"
8- "We’re not alone"
9- "I never knew my way"
10- "Think about it"

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