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Lucifer - Sweet Kicks - Advance Preview: “To Kill For”

A couple episodes back I was worried the show had embraced too much of its procedural side. That was apparently a one off situation as the show has once again found its perfect balance between procedural and supernatural. While the last episode upped the supernatural aspect of the show this episode starts to take it up another notch. As Lucifer continues to change and become more mortal ironically this causes the show to become more supernatural and it’s a brilliant story choice that allows the show to fully embrace it’s two dueling genres.

The episode is centered on a shooting at a fashion event that Lucifer and Maze just happen to be in attendance at. It is during this event that Lucifer will get a taste of mortality that thrills him. A big theme in this episode is of Lucifer embracing his newfound mortality. He learns that mortality has some perks but it also has some major downsides which he discovers at the worst possible moments.

Chloe shooting Lucifer in the last episode comes back to bite her firmly in the butt as he uses that against her in a way only Lucifer can. He wants something from her and whether she likes it or not he may just get it. Chloe may not be susceptible to his charms but others around her are and he uses that to his advantage to get even closer to her. Unfortunately for Chloe as long as he has the shooting to hold over her there is little she can do to stop him from getting what he wants. Dan doesn’t approve of Lucifer’s place in Chloe’s life but he does make a surprising request of him.

Amenadiel is working all angles to bring his brother home and after his failure with Maze last week he tries an interesting ploy this time around. It sets up a very fun storyline for him and proves the two brothers may not be all that different after all. This new aspect to his story hopefully ensures he’ll have a much more present place in the storyline going forward.

Maze is a major player in this episode. Look for one truly epic and awesome fight scene brilliantly narrated by Lucifer. Even Chloe is impressed when all is said and done. While the interaction between Maze and Chloe is somewhat limited there is one scene in particular that will have all fans speculating as to its meaning. The show is setting up some big things for Maze and I for one can’t wait to see how she continues to evolve. If this episode is any indication we’re going to be seeing a lot of fun and badass things from her this season.

Dr. Martin gets a surprise visitor and shall we just say that Lucifer’s secrets may not be as secure as he thought they were with her. Who is the visitor? Why does this visitor want information on Lucifer? Well you’ll have to tune in to find out but I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Shootouts. Demons. Angels. Humans. Mortality. This episode has it all and firmly embraces all the elements that make this show unique and amazing.

This episode delivers a lot of important information and sets up some interesting new dynamics. Be sure to tune in to FOX on Monday, February 22nd at 9/8C to find out what devilish trouble Lucifer and those closest to him get into.

Dialogue Teases:

“Even the mistress of excess is impressed.”

“Humans are playing with their guns and now their running for cover. No reason to find out if your bones will break too.”

“Is it my thanks you want or a kiss?”

“Care to tell me what happened?”
“You wouldn’t believe me if I did.”

“Ass saved. You’re welcome. His ass not yours.”

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