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The Big Bang Theory - The Meemaw Materialization - Review


After Sheldon mentioning many years of about his "Meemaw", we finally get to meet her! She seems sweet at first especially when she calls out Sheldon for being mean to Leonard for not allowing him to call her "Meemaw". At first, it seems that Amy and her hit it off until she holds a grudge against her right after he leaves the leaving room. She does everything she can to get Amy out of her and Sheldon's life, but she doesn't understand what she did to her after attempting many times to be cordial with her. Sheldon, Penny, and Leonard leave the apartment to give the ladies to fight out their differences. It turns out that Meemaw hates her for dumping Sheldon. I realize that she is trying to protect him, but she doesn't realize that he acted selfish towards her all the time. In the end, the couple stay together and Meemaw gives her their blessing despite her hatred towards her. I loved it when he defended her to Meemaw. The grandma was quite entertaining through the episode. I love Raj and Emily together and will be heartbroken if they break up. The subplot could've been better, IMO. Claire seems cool but Raj is MUCH BETTER with Emily. Overall, it was a solid episode thanks to Meemaw cracking me up despite her offensive statements to Amy.