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Arrow - Episode 4.13 - Sins of the Father - Sneak Peeks, Comic Preview, Dialogue Tease, Poster & Promos *Updated*

Sneak Peek 3 + Producers Preview
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Sneak Peek 2
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Dialogue Tease

Sneak Peek 1
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Comic Preview
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Asia Promo
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Canadian Promo
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Extended Promo


Post Mortem Interview

TVLINE | Before we get into who Felicity’s father is, I wanted to walk about who he isn’t. Why did you so freely dismiss the Damien Darhk theory at the beginning of the season? And why did you nix him as the eventual reveal?

You know, we did talk about it, and being perfectly honest, we knew Andy Diggle was going to be working with H.I.V.E. and with Damien, so we felt that if we had every relative of our core teamArrow Season 4 Spoilers somehow involved with H.I.V.E. it would feel very “Tiny Town,” very coincidental. It was purely a choice based on that. It kind of narrowed the scope of the world too much, and we felt it was better to find an organic way to bring in Felicity’s father. The other piece is that if it was Damien or tied to H.I.V.E., it would make it harder to bring him back, say, in Season 5.

TVLINE | I was going to say, Damien is probably a little too evil for these purposes.

It’s too close. And also it’d be very close to Thea’s discovery [about her own father, Malcolm]. There were a lot of things we felt we had skirted and done before, and we didn’t want to repeat stories.