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Suits - Tick Tock - Review: No more time

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Time is slipping away and everyone at Pearson Specter Litt know it. The audience knows it too, with only one episode left in season 5, Suits showed, that if it wants, it can be consistent and as a ticking bomb the conflict is about to explode.

Mike's heartfelt closing argument isn't enough to be sure the jury will rule in their favor. Jessica tries to do some damage control and pushes Harvey to get a mistrial. At first he goes to Donna to ask Stacey, her friend in the District's Attorney Office, to hand in the names of the Jury, Donna works as his conscience, again, and is baffled he's asking to break the law and bring in innocent people to this mess. Then he blackmails David Green, the lawyer than Mike took the LSAT's for. But Green doesn't come through with his part of the deal and Harvey goes to Donna again, ready to give himself in, she knows he's there so she can convince him not to do it, but not only she does that and tells him she doesn't want to lose him, but she also gives him heartfelt advice. Instead of saving Mike he should help him save himself, by having faith in Mike, like Donna has faith in Harvey.

Gibbs is relentless and she spends the whole episode coming after Mike or Louis to make a deal. And is not Louis who comes forward, but Mike. During the closing sequence, while Harvey runs to find him after seeing he's missing from the court room, the episode ends with Mike telling Gibbs he's ready to take a deal.

The rest of the episode paralleled scenes from other seasons, and the case Mikes works on. Accidentally he hears a conversation between a prosecutor and a defendant who's being putted at a cross hairs, his freedom for its friends. In the end the defendant takes the deal, knowing his friends will go to jail either way. Because of how this episode (and the rest of the season) circled around a domino effect based on dialogues, I don't believe for a second Mike's turning the rest in, but himself. Just like Jessica doesn't put herself first because of her conversation with Donna, or how Louis doesn't do it either because of his talk with Jessica.

Caring seems to be the theme of the episode. How much everyone cares about the other in order not to take a deal with Gibbs, either turning the rest to save himself, like Louis, or turning himself to save the rest, like Harvey. Donna is asked numerous time if she cares, and it's obvious she does, but it was a breathtaking scene when it's shown to what extent she cares about Harvey. (Not that we need a reminder after 12 years) Louis only cares about himself until Jessica makes him see the light, they're not turning against one another. Harvey cares about everyone, to the point he's thinking about giving up his own freedom for everyone's else.
"Caring only makes you weak" he said in season 2, but this is not a weak man, he's strong even in the verge of tears, a man loyal to his convictions and the people he loves. This is nothing but a good character arc and growth. 

There's no more time to come up with a miracle solution to Mike's trial, but at the same time the characters are feeling trapped and like there's no more time in their lives before this whole thing comes to an end, and for the first time is obvious that they're thinking what the real consequences might be; because Gibbs is right, she should win, even if the audience can't see it that way because this is the story of a lovable outlaws, that ironically, practice law. 

Side Notes 
- The camera movement and the lighting when Donna and Harvey talk about Mike in his office was beautiful.
- You know nothing Louis Litt. (Can everyone stop asking Donna if she cares? and how dare you question her acting skills)
- Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty's acting when he breaks down is outstanding, as it is the lighting and how that scene was shot.
- Gretchen is amazing, sassy and a hard worker. (If the secretaries of PSL took control the firm wouldn't be in so much trouble)

(From @laura_markus)

- I thought the intro and the outro were the strongest parts of the episode. While certain other scenes fell flat to me, opening with Mike in Harvey's apartment talking about the trial, then cutting to the trial was excellent, and the writing was great. Even in a Donna and Harvey scene, they couldn't resist talking about Mike. 
- "I have a way, but you're not gonna like it." Nice quote, Mike. If this isn't the theme of the entire show... 
- I did not like Rachel in this episode. But to make up for it, someone actually remembered the season 1 finale Dog Fight, the Clifford Danner case, and Clifford's mom. Give this person a raise! Clifford's mom was so sweet, and I actually liked Clifford a lot as a character and am kind of peeved they killed him off. 
- Jessica was a queen. As per usual. Let's move on. 
- Louis, why are you begging me to hate you more than I already do? Enough is enough already. 
- And lastly, that beautiful outro. The music choice was fantastic, the directing was stunning, and the acting - well there wasn't much dialogue but their faces said it all. The chemistry Patrick and Gabriel continue to effortlessly breathe after all these years is astounding. Harvey, racing through the streets of 'New York' to save Mike was beautiful. Mike's closing statement was almost the saddest scene of the episode, but this took the cake.

What about you? Did this episode have you sitting at the edge of your sits?

About the Author - Laura M
Laura is a proud nerd, TV and movie enthusiast. She's a teacher, producer and does different free lance gigs in her country. In her free time she likes to write and hear what other people think about the media surrounding us.
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