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Major Crimes - Hindsight Part 2 - Review: "Classic Signs of a Struggle"

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Since this group of episodes is one story it's appropriate that we start where we left off, with the gun being tested at the ballistics lab. The Ballistics expert has this one memorized. She only has to look a the bullets from the uzi to confirm: it’s the gun they've been looking for for 15 years.

They also find cornstarch on the gun. This significant because the cornstarch is used to cut heroin and this adds credence to their belief that someone is moving drugs through this community church.

Sykes proves that she does have a good sense of timing. She spots the perfect moment to drop the theory, she got from Hickman, that there was a third person at the scene of the original murder 12 years ago. The reason they never pursued this during the initial trial was because the DDA forced them to stop. A third suspect, to quote Provenza, “would have been handing a gift to the defense.”

The Unit continues to bring in suspects, ask questions, and gain more pieces to the puzzle. Hickman is deeper in this thing than we initially believed. He’s been trying to close case since Emile Fisher was released from prison. They bring Emile in for questioning. Emile is extremely upset to hear about Tamika’s death. I find myself wondering who Tamika was and why she's got two tough gang bangers nearly hysterical over hear death. Despite this Emile refuses to help the police for fear it will get him killed.

The Price brothers, on the other hand, are all about helping out. Both men continue to preach that they have found God and changed their ways but they provide little actual help. Older brother, Daniel, (who actually did the shooting 12 years ago) seemed truly surprised to hear that the gun was found in the alter at his church.

Hickman, proves the LAPD was right to fire him. (Did anyone else smile when Andy jumped to his Sharon's defense?) He’s definitely one of those cops that’s more interested in proving the case as he assumes it to be regardless of any facts that go against his opinion. Granted, I think he’s probably right about a lot of elements of this case but what he was trying to convince the unit to do to close this case is just wrong.

Tao finally went off on Hickman. I loved that Tao removed his badge and gun before going after Hickman. By the time he was finished I couldn’t tell if it was a calculated move on Tao's part or if he really had lost his temper. He went from 60 to 0 a little to quickly. He got Hickman on the ground and under control without throwing a single punch; just a couple of shoves. Was Tao even breathing hard when he finished? This is what I was missing last week. I knew we’d eventually get the scene and was worth the weight.

I’m really worried about Sykes, though. This episode set her up for a lot of potential trouble with Raydor, and the whole unit actually. She doesn’t mention having talked to Hickman when she’s assigned to surveil him 'because he won’t recognize her'. This is going to be worse than I expected. Unfortunately, the time bomb Sykes is sitting on doesn’t stop her from sharing another piece of information she got from Hicks. Tao seems to sense something is up with Sykes “insights”. Uh oh.

It was unusual and kind of adorable to watch crotchety old Provenza be the one who wants to go big for his wedding. I really do hope it is his last wedding and that the couple gets a happily ever after. Do you think Andy will throw a bachelor party? How much trouble can they get into?

What was completely normal was watching Provenza chastise Rusty for not only failing to mention that Gary was following him, but having misrepresented the situation when asking he and Buzz for help finding his mother. Even Buzz nails Rusty with that special parental disappointment that leaves a kid feeling guilty and unwilling to make that mistake again.

Provenza sent Cooper and his partner after Gary. In one of the silliest (and I can’t help but think, most realistic) escapes I can remember watching, Cooper and his partner move in to arrest Gary in his house. An ill-timed sneeze alerts Gary to their presence and he gets away.

Later when they go to Sharon Beck’s last known residence, they find signs of a struggle and blood. It would seem Sharon B’s fear was warranted and there was more to her staying away from Rusty than her needing to stay away from Sharon R.

I never doubted that I would wind up being drawn further and further into the story. They’re still piling on story questions and giving us some really interesting characters. I never read spoilers for this show because I have so much fun trying to beat the squad to the truth. (Happily, I’m usually wrong.) I don't have any guesses yet, but I am so curious about the brother’s Price. My personal guess is that baby brother is going to be the guy behind the drugs moving through the church.

Who was Tamika? Why did Emile have such a strong reaction to finding out she was dead? How much damage is Sykes doing to her career? Is Sharon B okay? What is Sharon B running from?

Do you guys have any theories on these questions or others?

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