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Pretty Little Liars - Where Somebody Waits For Me - Review: "In Little Liar Limbo"

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Directed by Joseph Dougherty
Written by Joseph Dougherty
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington



The threats from the new A are subtle, but they are intensifying with each passing episode. The stakes are only getting higher as we near the end of the sixth season, but we are still finding ourselves in a bit of a little liar limbo - the episodes are good, but they're not pushing past it, and only remain good. I want excellent. I want so damn excellent I can't wait for the next episode! I'm still loving the time jump, and the new A is being a little bitch, but so far, the stakes aren't quite where I wanted them to be. This was a good episode, but I feel like I've said that about every episode since the mid-season premiere. I want a great episode. I want an absolutely amazing episode, not just for the finale. But I can feel the tension building, and who knows, maybe we don't have to wait until the finale before something big happens?

Anyone else finding it a little shady that Aria went down the ladder without saying a word to Spencer? I mean, if you found a big hole in a nemesis's wall, with a ladder leading down to somewhere dark, would you just go inside it without telling the person you're with? Very odd. But I do like Aria's adventurous side, and it comes out more and more as 6B treads along. She's quite wise in saying "Maybe this is a new problem and we are getting stuck in old thinking", which refers to the girls' usual style of being secretive when they should be honest. I hope she'll practice more of what she preaches soon, especially now Ezra is back with his chapters in hand. I felt so bad for Aria actually, because she's put so much effort into writing Ezra's book, and according to everyone, the material is amazing. Liam was a good addition to Rosewood, though we barely so much of him, but I wonder how he'll interact with Ezra, if he decided to stay. I enjoyed Liam's scenes with Aria, especially when he told her that he knows she wrote the chapters. Aria should just write her own books, I'm sure she can do it.

Spencer has more parental issues in this episode, and it's something that hasn't been addressed in a good few seasons. I'm actually quite glad it's come back up, because I was wondering if they were going to use this storyline. I can see the emotional turmoil build up for Spencer, and she was truly devastated that the opposition has the information. I can see why she struggled to tell Veronica that the opposing side knows, but she'll have to do it ASAP, because it could potentially come out and ruin her. To be honest, I don't think it would be that big a deal for voters if Veronica was honest about it, and told them that she had a health scare, and she's fine now, and she's stronger than ever. Honesty girls, honesty. I really loved the scene between Spencer and Mona, and again it highlights the very complex, unreadable psychology of Mona, who always ends up surprising me. I hope she remains solidly on the girls' side. And now we have a new suspect in Melissa, so let's see how long it takes to cross her off the list.

That bed that Hanna and Jordan were in looked amazing - though Jordan was right, very tacky. Nevertheless, I can really feel the romantic chemistry between the couple, and I love them on screen. He's a perfect gentleman. I did get creeped out by the breakfast, and when Hanna heard the noise from inside the apartment, despite Jordan being outside. That was weird, right?! The honeymoon is over - I'm starting to fear for Jordan's life. If he turns up dead, this will be a truly fatal blow for Hanna. I shouldn't jump to conclusions, but this new A seems to be such a piece of work - who knows what they're capable of. I liked the more screen time that Hanna and Caleb got, and the flashback shed some light on what went wrong. To be fair, Caleb should have known what he was going into when he basically became a 'trophy husband'. I couldn't really be sympathetic with him in the flashback, but of course it's a crap situation. I hope to see more of these flashbacks, not just of Hanna, but the other girls too.

Poor Emily, what a hard life she is living at the moment. I still can't quite believe that this new A would allow the destruction of donated eggs - where families will now be deprived of future children - just to get their hands on Emily's. It's really bad, and I can imagine this has devastating consequences on Emily's conscience. We didn't get that much emotional grief from it (we maybe got more from Hanna than Emily over guilt), but I hope this isn't forgotten about. I also enjoyed how Tanner was back into the episode, especially her first introduction with Alison. I wondered where she went, and she's now becoming a grey lady. It also appears that she is back up to her old tricks of accusing the girls. Can't blame her for that too much, but she always does it in such a bitchy way. Must just be the way she is. But Alison, also had a better episode than most, and her romantic relationship with Dr. Rollins seems to be blossoming.


There were a lot of good moments, to be sure, such as Caleb's confrontation to Mona. He's definitely stepping up, and it was good to see Tanner back too, despite her usual pain-in-the-ass attitude. I feel the tension slowly building, and I hope that A starts to become more active, rather than passive. Good to see Ezra back too, just so we can see how Aria writing for him will be addressed. It's such a weird storyline that I'm actually interested in, as well as Emily's egg donation. The part I'll be looking forward to seeing is more mother/daughter moments between Spencer and Veronica, because her test results are most likely to come up. We have a new suspect, Melissa, so whether or not she did it is questionable, but it will be good to see how her involvement is disproved, just like Ezra and Byron.


Prettiest Little Liar: Spencer - for discovering the real murder weapon! And also for her quiet emotional pieces involving her mother.

Boyfriend Material: Caleb - he's very protective.

Biggest Asshole: Tanner, for kicking Emily while she was down and her old tricks of accusing the girls.

Most Sympathetic Character: Emily, for feeling guilty about the lost egg donations.

Favourite Episode Pairing: Aria and Hanna, it's not often we see these two together, and they caught Emily.

Best Line: "In one way, Charlotte and I are alike. We put a lot of energy into being people no one could love... and then someone looks at you, sees you, and it's alright." - Alison.

Funniest Line: "Sorry about grabbing your boob, Em." - Hanna

Best Moment: Aria and Hanna catch Emily.

Saddest Moment: Mona sympathises with Spencer about her mother, and realises Spencer didn't know her illness came back.

Creepiest Moment: Hanna hears a noise in the apartment, but Jordan is outside.

Shadiest Moment: I'm still suspicious of why Aria didn't tell Spencer about the ladder before she went down it.

Funniest Moment: Hanna touched Emily's boob!

Damned Disappointment: I really wanted Spencer to tell Veronica about the opposition and what they have on her.

Biggest Question Mark Award: So is Melissa the new, number one suspect in Charlotte's murder?

Biggest ReveAl: The new A has allowed the deaths of future potential babies just to get Emily's eggs. So shocking.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know your thoughts on the episode in the comments and be sure to watch the next episode on February 23rd on Freeform!

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