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Pretty Little Liars - We've All Got Baggage - Review: "Hey! I've Found the Murder Weapon! Oopsies, Lost It!"

Directed by Paula Hunziker
Written by Oliver Goldstick
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington



You know when you get so entirely angry at blatant stupidity of a character that you feel, after six years and 137 episodes, they should be much smarter. Well hello Emily Fields, who seems to have remained stagnated in her season one persona of doing the exact opposite of what she should be doing. I think I'll start off with her this week, after all, she did do the "sshh". In this episode, she's obsessed with finding Sara Harvey and bringing her to justice, but she's nowhere to be found, and even her hotel room now hides the secret tunnel we found a couple of episodes back. Just brick wall after brick wall. And I did enjoy Emily in this episode prior to the diner scene, where she got that brutal package. It's really, really scary what could happen with Emily's eggs, I mean, that's a whole other level of batshit crazy. This thing that A has over her is very scary, so I hope the taunts stop and something dramatic happens soon. Another plot of Emily's was meeting Damian at Hollis, and while he seems like a friendly guy, we all know him as a pretty sneaky reporter! I liked that Emily didn't brush him off when she found out, and instead pulled him in closer. Good move! Can't wait to see how that turns out. But that diner scene, oh my god, it was on many levels of absolute stupidity. I had to turn away from the screen when I had flashbacks to the first five seasons when they'd do this kind of thing. SHE HAD IT IN HER HANDS! The possible murder weapon was right there and she lost it so easily!! Ugh, shake your head, girl. You used to be athletic, there were many options to go for when running away.

The main part of the episodes, I think, consisted of Aria - my Pretty Little Liar of the episode. I was excited to see her tell Ezra about the ghost-writing she had been doing behind his back, and he had a very calm reaction to it, and he even said that he found it to be "an act of love", isn't that sweet? Assumptive, but sweet. It was quite bizarre that Byron would ask Aria to officiate the wedding of him and Ella, but it was a really nice moment for the show to have that beautiful wedding. The speech Aria gave was nicely written and so Aria, it was such a shame that Mike couldn't be there. Damn Teen Wolf. It was nice to see Ezra start to return to normal though, but I do hope they explore his issues by season's end and not sweep it under the rug. I was also wondering when Liam would find out about Ezra and Aria, and that was answered, and quickly resolved too. I may as well lump Hanna in on this, too, as all she really did in this episode was help Ella with her wedding dress, and avoid Jordan. The main part of her story was her flashback to when she and Melissa bumped into each other in London. It was quite a random moment, but it showed us that Hanna wasn't completely over Charlotte, so we had that nice moment when Melissa was like "You have a funny way of forgiving, Hanna." That was basically all, though she did have some beautiful contrasting moments with Ella, and reflected upon her own situation about first loves.

Spencer had quite an emotional ride in this episode; it took a turn I didn't expect at all by the end. I was wondering if she would tell Veronica that she knows about her diagnosis, and I'm so glad she eventually did tell her, and it led to a sweet moment (again) between mother and daughter. "Thank you for reminding me why I did this [...] No, I meant why I had kids." Aww. I always love a bit of Melissa too, and seeing how the sisters interact, so Spencer remained very suspicious of her throughout, with Caleb elevating those concerns. It seems the suitcase thing may be a red herring then, since Emily found another potential murder weapon, but there was that revenge over Wren that could make Melissa a suspect still in Charlotte's murder. It got quite exciting when the story about Yvonne's abortion came out, and Caleb 'confessed' it was him. It may strain the relationship between Veronica and Spencer now, but we can't hold it against her. I'm pretty sure, too, that Veronica may succumb to her illness by the end of the season.

It was a bizarre and happy affair for Alison too in this episode. It was nice to see her interact with the girls for a little bit at the start, but the main juice of her storyline came from Dr. Rollins. It was a shame she wasn't incorporated more, and even her A text was a drive-by. It was such a good one too, though. "Does the good doctor know why Charlotte ran out of your house that night? I do." I wasn't expecting the answer to be so easily told to us, and in the same episode too, but it meant a very rapid-fire progression of the Alison and Dr. Rollins relationship. It was a very sweet moment when he proposes: "What are you saying?" "Exactly what you think I said." This episode was just filled with the romantics, right down to an actual wedding! The pair of them showing up at Aria's door, asking her to marry them that night, was so bonkers. I couldn't quite believe it. I knew it was coming, but didn't expect them to quickly decide to get married right there, right then!


Another sort of fodder episode that kept at a steady pace, but kind of steamed up by the end. Despite some character's stupid decisions (I'm looking at you Emily), I did still enjoy some elements of the episode. This included Aria's story, as well as Veronica and her campaign, which I feel is heating up. Hanna didn't have much to do, and I hope we get more flashbacks soon. There were some bonkers moments, but all in all, I kind of liked it, but only 3 episodes to go now so I hope this new A comes out of hiding a little and do something active. I need hard-hitting drama, stat!


Prettiest Little Liar: This was going to go to Emily until she was silly enough to lose the murder weapon. So, the award for prettiest little liar goes to Aria. Woman of many talents.

Boyfriend Material: Dr. Rollins, though I guess he should be fiancee material.

Biggest Asshole: The New A, that package to Emily was brutal.

Most Sympathetic Character: Ella. I don't know why, but I feel a sense of sadness amongst her happiness.

Favourite Episode Pairing: Spencer and Caleb, after Veronica kicks him out, and they devise a plan of action while heartbroken.

Best Line: "People who are meant to be together, take a break, and find their way back to their first love." - Hanna. I feel like this is going to happen to everyone on the show by the time the series ends.

Funniest Line: None.

Best Moment: Aria marries Ella and Byron - so happy!

Saddest Moment: I guess when Hanna, in the flashback, realises she's not quite over what happened to her. "I don't want to hear her voice!"

Creepiest Moment: The car at the diner.

Shadiest Moment: Gil told Veronica not to be honest? He's shady, and might be sabotaging her.

Funniest Moment: None.

Damned Disappointment: Just no further forward whatsoever.

Biggest Question Mark Award: Was it A who leaked about Yvonne's abortion, or Mona, or someone else entirely?

Biggest ReveAl: That the murder weapon may not be Melissa's, though it was no surprise that Emily would lose it within a minute.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know your thoughts on the episode in the comments and be sure to watch the next episode on March 1st on Freeform!

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