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Pretty Little Liars - Do Not Disturb - Review: "Shade is For Throwing, Hanna"

Directed by Melanie Mayron
Written by Bryan M. Holdman
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington



We have just hit the half-way point in this mid-season return my little liars, which means we are nearing the end of season six. That is a bad thing, to be fair, because I never want PLL to end in hindsight and break for another season, but it means we will get to the more exciting stuff. There was enough substance to carry this episode through, for sure, in regards to Sara Harvey and the continuation of Emily's fertility treatments. 'Do Not Disturb' was a good episode overall, and there were a few scenes I absolutely loved. I was glad to see Alison and Mona back, who both have been absent for a couple of episodes, and we also had some more parent interaction. When I watch an episode lately, it feels like - at the time - a tad boring, like not enough happens. But then I come to write my review, and I look back at my notes and remember the episode as a whole, and then I realise a lot of the littler scenes made a pretty big picture.

"I don't know why I didn't think of that... hormones."

It's been a good few episodes, but we may have had the end of Emily's fertility-treatment-storyline. We found out that she was donating her eggs, so I was glad we are kind finished with that with the build-up. She finally had the surgery for it, and then we had that really creepy-ass hallucination afterwards. Or was it a hallucination? I genuinely believe it was, I mean Sara did turn up absolutely everywhere in this episode, but it would be far too much if she was actually in the hospital, dressed as the nurse, and injected Emily with whatever it was. That surely didn't really happen, but it was an exciting little scene. Alison also tied into Emily's storyline this week, and she, quite naturally, reached out to Emily first without involving the other girls. Emily is the more dependant one for Alison's sake, and I don't know if there's going to be sparks flying anytime soon due to her romantic involvement with Dr. Rollins - or at least a little implied. I'm excited to see that build up. Anyway, Alison seems to be over accusing the girls of being involved with Charlotte's murder, so it will be interesting to see if she incorporates herself in the core group again. The scene between Alison and Sara in the classroom was just weird - I really don't like Sara Harvey. I don't buy her bullshit either, and with good reason, I mean what was that smirk at the end? I think she's just too obviously trying to be creepy. Even later with Aria through the peephole, that was just too much. She needs to go, I'm not a fan. I'm not sure how much more I can take of her. But back to Emily, the end scene with her answering the door to the empty egg carton was really good. A always have some of the best notes - "Give me the killer or I'll use your eggs". Chills down my spine!

"I get that drive, or you get a broken heart. Clock is ticking."

I really enjoyed the interactions between Hanna and Emily, mainly due to Emily's hormones. It was quite funny how Emily would blame her erratic behaviour and bitchiness on the hormones, and this was actually Emily's best episode yet, I think. For Hanna, it wasn't as good an episode, but I was very happy to see her boss for the first time, as short-lived as it may be to see her. I want to see more of Claudia, I find her quite the character. Hanna's back-chat to her was very good, and so sassy. She threw her boss some major shade and I loved the back and forth between them. Hopefully we see her more, because I think there's more humanity we could explore with Claudia - she can't be all bad, surely? But Hanna really took a step back in this episode I found, even though she had the whole drive thing going for her. I liked her parts with Aria searching the house, and saying she thinks she was maybe tricked by Sara into trashing her house. But when she took the drive to the alley, why did nobody think to hide or plant a camera or a tracking device or something on that thing? Seriously, they could have resolved all of this with this one episode, but it's like they choose not to. That's quite frustrating, especially since we know A went to the trash can to retrieve the drive. Why aren't these girls learning from the past 32 A's they've encountered? Never mind, at least we will find out in a season and a quarter. Also, Jordan's body is perfect. I love his body.

"All we know is this A isn't Charlotte. It could be anybody... anywhere... hiding in plain sight."

Spencer also didn't do an awful lot until around the end when we had Team Sparia - which I'm really digging actually. I loved, loved the end scenes when they broke Sara's room. But first, way before that, Spencer has basically an impromptu and arranged by A dinner date with Yvonne. Those two are spending quite a bit of girl time together lately, despite their awkward situation with Toby's love life involving both of them. I was a little confused at first - were they supposed to meet, what's going on - but I think I get that A changed the schedule or something and made Spencer and Yvonne have a meeting rather than Spencer with someone else. And was Mona behind it? It was great seeing Mona again, she is so underused since the dollhouse. Another little awkward scene was when Spencer was with Caleb, and Hanna was already there retrieving the fake drive. That longing hold of Caleb with Spencer's hand was so cringe - romantic, but cringe in front of Hanna. It's really steamy between Spencer and Caleb actually, which has happened a lot faster than I imagined. It's very sexual. I mean, the start with the two of them was very PG-13, with the whole "distracting" thing while she was on the laptop, and full-on kissing. Just how far is this going to go though, because I'm really not sure. I like the idea of it, I really do, but come on now, slow this down a little. Have him "woo" her, not sleep with her in every episode. But the best Spencer scenes came with Aria...

"On second thought, could you come over here and toss me like a frisbee?"

I am genuinely loving Aria this half-a-season. She got the "ssh" back, and I loved seeing her in this more updated way like the other girls. But Aria slayed in this episode I think. From the very beginning, we got the Byron explanation - and I didn't expect it. I'm still not sure if I believe it, to be honest. So he's back with Ella? She's really going back to someone who has cheated and lied to her numerous times? I thought Piper Halliwell had more self-respect than that, but at the same time, I do love when families come back together. It would be good for Aria, and Mike, for this reunion - if Mike ever comes back, and if we even see Ella and Byron after this episode. Byron is still a sneak, and I don't like him very much. But the best parts of the episode, for me, were the scenes in Sara's room. I loved when Team Sparia started on the balcony, to jump over the little gap. "On second thought, could you come over here and toss me like a frisbee?" I need more of this. It was quite smart of the girls, when they saw the hand under the bed, to pretend to leave, but turns out it was a mannequin hand with Sara's glove on it. It's creepy, like really creepy. Even the ones in the drawer were so weird too. Then we had the reveal of the room being the same one as Charlotte's in Radley. Freaky, but not mind-blowing. Then the ending. Oh wow, the ending. How is there a giant hole in her closet, with a ladder going down? Seriously how has that happened? But where is Aria? Did she go down it? I feel like she wouldn't have without Spencer, so what the hell happened?! It was really exciting.

"If you can change the rules, so can we."


I did genuinely like this episode for the little scenes that made it up, but I think overall it wasn't as mind-blowing as I'd have liked. I found Hanna and Spencer to be a little dragged down by their singular storylines, but I really loved the last few moments with Sparia. Exciting times ahead though, if we go the Where is Aria route. Good to have Alison and Mona back, but please use them more. Emily had more meat to chew and I just loved Aria. Also, having Caleb turn the tables on A was a great way to end the episode - but they should have tracked A down! They had the chance when Hanna left the drive in the trash can!!


Prettiest Little Liar: Aria, I am just loving her this season.

Boyfriend Material: Caleb, that move in the end was bad-ass.

Biggest Asshole: Sara Harvey, I just really don't like her... at all.

Most Sympathetic Character: I'm going to say Alison - "my friends are the closest thing to family right now."

Favourite Episode Pairing: Team Sparia, all the way!

Best Line: "Just tell her you're busy." - Hanna. "I don't know why I didn't think of that... hormones." - Emily. I just love the delivery of that.

Funniest Line: "It's just like Downton Abbey, when Bates goes on trial..." - Hanna.

Best Moment: Team Sparia break into Sara Harvey's room.

Saddest Moment: Hanna's face when she leaves Spencer and Caleb.

Creepiest Moment: Emily's hospital hallucination.

Shadiest Moment: Sara's smirk at the end of her speech to Alison.

Funniest Moment: Aria and Spencer's balcony moment.

Damned Disappointment: Nobody punched Sara in the face. Also, missed opportunity with tracking A down with the drive when Hanna left it in the trash can.

Biggest Question Mark Award: Where does the ladder go to, and where is Aria?!

Biggest ReveAl: There's a big ass hole in Sara's closet.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know your thoughts on the episode in the comments and be sure to watch the next episode on February 16th on Freeform!

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