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Unforgettable - The Return of Eddie - Review

8 Jan 2016

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It’s pretty obvious by the the episode title, The return of Eddie, that Carrie’s ex-husband would return in this episode. Personally, I thought one episode with Eddie was enough of that storyline, so I was disappointed to see him return. I get that the writers are trying to give us more of Carrie’s past but I think they are taking it in the wrong direction here. The episode before this one also included another man from Carrie’s past. That is no longer a new subject as every time we turn around there’s another guy from Carrie’s past coming back to complicate her life. Is it just me or does she just seem to throw herself at every man she meets? Now this might be a hard critique of the show but it’s coming from the fact that I once really loved the show, the characters, the partner dynamic, and Carrie’s special gift. I just keep hoping we will get a glimpse of what the show used to be like. Not necessarily as dark or serious as the first season, but maybe a mix between seasons 1, 2 and 3.
The way the episode ended leads me to believe that Eddie is definitely going to be back again and who knows, maybe Carrie will get back together with him. I certainly hope not as I’m always rooting for Al and Carrie. Although thats what I’m hoping for, the way the season is going I’m guessing that it’s not going to happen anytime soon, if at all. It appears as though Carrie is interested in anyone expect Al.

Moving on from the disappointment of them bringing Eddie back I do have to say that the case was a good one. There were a lot of twists and turns that kept me guessing who killed the videographer. That’s one thing this show is good at, keeping the cases interesting. In this episode we had a case inside another case so there was even more complexity to it and it was great. No one wants to watch a show where you can guess who the killer is within two seconds of the episode.

I’ve been waiting for a really great episode of Unforgettable. I loved this show from the beginning and there have been episodes in the past that blew me away, not even mentioning how great the characters were. But, with this season I’m worried that if they don’t give us more substance this show will be canceled for the third time. What I’ve seen so far this season has me believing that this isn’t even the show that I originally fell in love with. Am I the only one that thinks Unforgettable is starting to become forgettable?

About the Author - Alexandra
Alexandra (Ali) is an avid TV, film, and music fan from Canada. She attended film school and was a camera operator for a local sports show. Growing up she watched shows like Due South, Pretender, X-files, Early Edition, and Frasier. Her favourite shows are Bates Motel, The Mentalist, and The Closer. Alexandra will be reviewing Proof, Masters of Sex, The Whisperers, and Unforgettable.

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