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2 Broke Girls - And Not the Regular Down There (100th Episode) - Review: "Baaahh!!"

5.06 - "And Not the Regular Down There"
Directed by Katy Garretson
Written by Rachel Sweet
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

Hey everyone, I'm back. I just imagined everyone cheering like Sophie whenever she's introduced in an episode. I have to apologise for my lack of 2 Broke Girls reviews lately - not only have I had a lot of work to do with University and whatnot, but I also had double jaw surgery that I am still recovering from, so it was a tough time to keep up with reviewing. Good news though, I'm back to reviewing my shows and boy, have I missed it. This was the 100th episode of my favourite sitcom, so I could not miss out on this extra special episode. I don't know about you guys, but I really enjoyed this one and it's probably my favourite of season five so far, along with the previous episode, 'And the Escape Room'. I just really hope the viewers tuned in for this as the show is now on a new night (again).

The opening was very funny, with Han introducing a new "pat-down" policy that Oleg had been trying to get for years. I love it when the full diner cast get together for scenes by themselves, though they tend to be more 'let's-pick-on-Han' than anything else, but he held his own. I loved how everyone had basically stolen from the diner, including Max and Earl's Bologna, Oleg stealing Han's identity three years before, and the toilet roll that falls out of Caroline's skirt. That was classic! One of the main storylines of the episode is about Sophie and Oleg's attempts to get pregnant, with Sophie thinking she has something wrong her, though at first she thinks it's Oleg's swimmers, until she realises it might be her 'pool'.

I loved the scenes involving Sophie and the girls, starting with her asking the girls to accompany her to the gynaecologist. The whole situation in Poland where her doctor was also the butcher had me laughing so much, especially when she went into the 'sheep flashbacks'. The bleating had me crying. Baaahh! One thing I noticed was that the doctor said 'Miss' instead of 'Mrs'. Didn't Sophie marry Oleg in the season four finale? Maybe that's just a little oversight and I'm reading too much into it, but what can I say, I love this show so much that I just notice these things. I'm glad that there isn't really anything wrong with either of these characters to stop them from having a baby. Usually the prospect of pregnancy and raising babies turns me off from television shows, but in the case of Sophie and Oleg, and the idea that both could be parents, well, that's just going to be comedy gold.

The biggest storyline comes in the form of Max and her newfound romance with Owen. Owen is, for sure, eye-candy. These girls can really pick them, especially Max, as Owen reveals he's not regular "down there". This had me so intrigued myself, and I knew they wouldn't show us, the viewers, but I was just as curious as Max. "I GOTTA SEE IT!" I actually never imagined he would have two penises, I just thought maybe he was transcending from a woman into a man, so he might have still had a vagina down there. That would have posed some definite problems from Max, our resident penis-lover. But I like the two-penis idea, as it allowed for some very funny "double" jokes when everyone else finds out. Poor Earl didn't know what to say when he walked through the door. It was very sweet, though, how Max opened up to him a bit more and felt she could talk to him about her childhood. It's such a shame he dumped her, but I guess I could see why. Max really can't keep her mouth shut around her friends, though the whole debacle of keeping it a secret wasn't really her fault haha.


I loved this episode of 2 Broke Girls.  While I would have loved a more high-stakes episode, where maybe the girls' finally strike gold with their cupcake business, I feel alright settling for the storylines we got. Owen's situation with his "down there" was crazy, and finding out what it was actually had me in suspense! Sophie brought the laughs-a-minute, and all of the other supporting characters brought their A-game to the episode. Even Caroline had her classic moments, with the toilet roll falling from her skirt, and the hilarious moment she freaked out and got cream all over herself and the laptop went flying. I would have loved more of Caroline actually, but she had some great one-liners herself, despite not really being part of the main storylines. All in all, this was a great episode, and I am so, so happy this show finally reached the 100-episode mark. Here's to 100 more!

New Total: $140.00 (down from $174.35)


Han: Someone, and I'm not naming Max...

Han: So new policy, before any employee leaves, there will be a pat-down
Oleg: I tried to start that policy years ago!

Caroline: And I thought this uniform would be the worst thing touching me today.
Han: Quick reminder, I'm a human being.

Caroline: Well, if you're gonna hit bottom, better have something to wipe it with.

Earl: Now I know you are not about to accuse a black man of stealing in this current political climate.

Caroline: Do I detect a Philadelphia accent?
Owen: I haven't said anything yet.

Max: Oh. My. God. It finally happened. Someone doesn't want to have sex with me!

Max: (to Caroline) You hide that between your legs too?

Sophie: I'm just talking about a little chickedy-chat, you know, friends sharing with friends in a completely safe environment.
Caroline: Well I've been having this recurring dream...
Sophie: Yeah well you'll have it again! Let's talk about me!

Oleg: Sophie! Where did you go? I looked up from the harness and you were gone!
Sophie: Well, Caroline thinks one of us (suggests Oleg), and she's not pointing fingers at anyone, but one of us (suggest Oleg again), may need to get the sperm tested.
Max: Alright but I've been known to miss the cup.

Max: It's so awkward seeing a guy the day after he doesn't see you naked.

Max: So you take me to dinner, treat me like a lady, bring me flowers. What kind of sick stuff are you into?

Owen: Because, when we have sex, you're gonna find out I'm not regular down there. (Caroline walks away)

Oleg: In Moscow, I saw this amazing penis freak show, Ripleyvitch, Believe It or Nyet. I'm not over it "nyet".

Caroline: It could be gnarly, or wonky, or truly haunting.
Max: You're right. I'VE GOT TO SEE IT!

Max: Where we going tomorrow, Sophie? Say Coney Island, say Coney Island.
Sophie: We're going to a gynaecologist!

Sophie: You try being in a waiting room with a bunch of nervous sheep. Baaahh! Baaahhh!

Sophie: This is the part where the sheep really started to freak out. Baaahh!

Caroline: Then you can watch American Horror Story: Penis Edition.

Dr. Surden: Miss Kuchenski, I'm Dr. Surden.
Sophie: Baaahhh!

Sophie: What if it's not Oleg's swimmers? What if it's my pool?

Max: Wow. Never would have drawn that.

Oleg: The only case in which two dongs make a right.

Sophie: Good news, Oleg's got strong sperm.
Earl: Well that's the end of this cookie.

Sophie: Your package is too much? I mean, he's driving a double decker.

What did you guys think of 'And the Not the Regular Down There'? Was it a worthy 100th episode? Let me know in the comments and be sure to watch the next new episode, January 13th on CBS!

About the Author - Gavin Hetherington
Award-winning author of the 'Abyssal Sanctuary' series. Gavin joined SpoilerTV in August 2014 and reviews 2 Broke Girls, Mistresses, Pretty Little Liars, Salem, Scream Queens and Sleepy Hollow. Gavin will write previews for Devious Maids and Shadowhunters, and backs-up Empire, Once Upon a Time, Reign, Scandal and Supergirl. You can contact him at gavin@spoilertv.com.
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