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The Frankenstein Chronicles - Episode 6 (Series Finale) - Advance Preview + Teasers

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Last week’s episode saw many of the loose ends start to come together in the perplexing case that John Marlott has been attempting to resolve over the last five weeks. There have been some tricksy red herrings along the way, but he’s finally hit upon a revelation that could well be the vital clue he missed at the very start of his investigations.

We started the episode witnessing the Shelley’s and William Chester’s unsuccessful attempt at galvanism on their friend, James Hogg, yet by the end of the hour our keen detective deduced that this once failed experiment had now been perfected in the years since that fateful night. And not only that, if the body of the stitched together young girl pulled out of the Thames did make her own way to the water’s edge, then the lines between science and science-fiction may have become more blurred than anyone could dream of. It’s no wonder Mary Shelley hightailed it out of London as quick as she damn well could!

So where does this leave the remaining characters in this concluding instalment you may wonder; will John Marlott get his man - or indeed the girl if his dalliance with Lady Hervey was anything to go by last week. Does the riddle of what happened to Alice ever get solved, will Nightingale continue to follow his old boss when the answers he is being given sound so fantastical and absurd, and who out of the remaining suspects is behind the macabre practice of breathing life into the fiction behind Frankenstein’s monster?

Although I imagine that one of the biggest mysteries for many Sean Bean fans is the age old quandary that pops up whenever a new project of his is revealed, will he manage to survive until the end of the series…

I’m not going to even hint at the last one I’m afraid, but as for the rest, there are twists and turns coming in the finale that will tie together some of the seemingly non-connected strands of the plot rather neatly. It also takes a delicious turn towards the gothic at times too as the setting changes between the city and a wild ruin, complete with a dark vault that hides a secret and diabolical villain who plots furiously from his laboratory as he attempts to best Marlott.

Lost and Found airs 16th December on ITV Encore at 10pm, below are a few teasers and the promotional photos from the episode.

“They couldn’t survive the trauma I had inflicted upon them, not for long anyway”

“I’ll need that gun too sir, it’s in my name”

“What hold does he have over you? Tell me and I can help you break his spell”

“I fear for your sanity Mr Marlott. And for my safety”

“The confession I secured from Billy Oates was a lie”

“This monstrosity reaches to the very heart of our government”

“You came to me once because you thought my soul was in peril”

“I begged him to let me stay, he wouldn’t”

“The story is yours, if you can find the one person who can prove it”

“I wanted to save one my lord. Just one”

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