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Luther - Season 4 Info and Videos

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Season 4 of Luther will be a one night special event airing 17th December on BBC America and over two nights on BBC One in the UK. This post will be updated as new information and videos become available, if you spot something that has been missed then please feel free to use the link below to send it to us, thanks!

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Episode One

BBC One - Tuesday 15 December 9.00pm-10.00pm
BBC America - Thursday December 17 Time TBC

On a leave of absence from the police force, Luther is laying low in a rundown cottage on the edge of England. But a visit from his old colleagues at the Met brings a shocking piece of news that draws him back to London in search of the truth.

Meanwhile, a gruesome serial killer has struck the city. With a trail of clues leading from one crime scene to the next, Schenk and his team must work out the twisted logic that connects each victim. But this murdering mastermind is more than a match for the police, outsmarting them at every step.

It’s not long before Luther is back in the Bullpen, determined to steal a march on the killer before it’s too late.


Episode Two

16th December - Promo Added

BBC One - Tuesday 22nd December 9.00pm-10.00pm
BBC America - Thursday December 17 Time TBC

On the trail of a cannibalistic killer, Luther is dogged at every step by ghosts from his past. Isolated and on edge, it takes every fibre of his being to keep it together. Could a cold case help to unlock a mystery that’s tormenting him?

Meanwhile, the serial killer is still on the loose. Benny’s hacking skills have revealed a list of hundreds of potential victims but, with a rapidly escalating number of crime scenes, Luther must use all his ingenuity to work out where the murderer is headed next.

Discovering it’s all part of a macabre end game, Luther is forced to put himself and his new colleague Emma into the heart of danger to try to stop the killing…


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