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Scream Queens - Pumpkin Patch - Review: "You Got the Right to Remain Sexy"

Directed by Brad Falchuk
Written by Brad Falchuk
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

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I think this might have been my favourite episode so far. I always anticipate Halloween-type episodes and this one didn't disappoint. It was thoroughly entertaining and there were so many reasons why I loved it. Firstly though, the halloween costumes of being the wives of fallen presidents was pretty original on Chanel's part, so go her! But Chanel number 5 isn't happy about her choice, further showing her anger problems. Hester's random outburst of "there's the door bitch" was so weird but funny. Hester, sorry, Chanel number 6 is proving funnier by the episode. The best part about the opening minutes though was Chad's amazingly hilarious speech which made absolutely no sense but in a weird way, it did. And the fact that both Denise and the Dean have slept with him just makes him even funnier and such a man whore!

Loved the new opening credits too actually, despite the screaming getting a little annoying by the end of it. We further explore Hester in this episode too and the kind of manipulation she is doing to the girls, especially Chanel number 5. She plays her like a fiddle and even the main Chanel, which kind of shows just how powerful Hester is at pulling strings. She gets Chanel arrested and pins it on Chanel number 5, which is quite genius actually. It was quite funny how Chanel had an Asian on retainer for tests and such, and I was quite surprised when she got arrested for murder then bailed out the same day. It looks like the judicial system is non-existent in this show, but if you start looking at it like the satire it is, then you can appreciate the humour. It's silly, it's over-the-top, but above all it thoroughly entertains.

The pumpkin patch and Shining maze was extraordinary - Chanel really outdid herself. I love, love, love the scene with Chanel number 5, Roger and Dodger being attacked by the Red Devil and chased through the maze. It was really quite exciting and I wasn't sure if any of them were going to survive. I got a little scared for the first time on this show haha. It was a little ridiculous how Roger and Dodger started bickering and made Chanel 5 choose which of the brothers to stay with. At least Dodger will never find out that Chanel number 5 rubs one out to Dora the Explorer which, by the way, is totally bizarre. I mean like what the f*ck! The tension between the Chanels is pretty much fever pitch and they might even kill each other before the Red Devil can touch a hair on their heads.

Another scene I really loved was when Denise, Gigi, Grace, Pete and Wes were in that place where the Red Devil's lair is. It was pretty weird how they managed to find it but kudos to them. Denise and Gigi make a great pair, and of course we all love Denise. I love her to bits. The whole "I might start farting" was so extreme and classic Denise. Everything that came out of her mouth was classic Denise. I was so worried when the lights went out and the Red Devil was in the room with the night vision glasses and was behind her. I wouldn't have minded Gigi dying but not my Denise! Fortunately neither died, but instead we had a very suspicious escape for the Red Devil that made me question Gigi from the moment they came back to the room and she said she was hit with a baseball bat.

Gigi is the carer of the 1995 baby, we know that. But what we now have confirmation of is that she is pulling the strings of the whole operation. The Red Devil has to be that 1995 baby, but who is he, or she? And is there more than one Red Devil, as in one was attacking Chanel number five and the other one at the lair? Or is it the same person, as Chanel number five said, it was three hours since she was attacked when Zayday suddenly returns unharmed. I must say though it was nice to see Zayday back without a scratch and ready to fight for her presidency. Her story was so weird and the fact that the Red Devil loves her is another handy little fact that could help us identify the killer (or one of the killers). What is going on? I am still lost a bit but I'm looking forward to solving this mystery.


There were so many amazing moments in this episode, with two of them being the Shining Maze attack and the Night Vision scene. This was just part one of a Halloween extravaganza (I think) and I love these kinds of episodes. Great developments made in the killer department and knowing Gigi is part of it helps move things along while we still remain in the dark. Favourite episode to date I think! There is one question I'd like to ask though - where the hell is Nick Jonas?!


Hester: "I contacted Adam Levine and Maroon 5 are in."

Chanel: "You're a Mary Todd Lincoln if ever there was one."

Cathy: "I have gathered your two houses here because it seems like you are the students most likely to be killed by the alleged psychopath."

Chad: "I saw a girl last year dressed as slutty Al Queda."

Cathy: "I have no idea how you got into this college."

Hester: "I'm what you call a switch-hitter."
Chanel #5: "Wait are you bisexual? 'Cause that's what switch-hitter means."

Teacher: "Excuse me, Miss Oberlin. Are you cheating?"
Chanel: "God no. Kai Zi is my Asian."

Hester: "Don't you think a girl who wants to be president of this house should be able to prove her abilities by escaping the lair of a psychopath?"

Chanel: "Chanel number 3, predatory les, you are true friends."

Gigi: "We were high-fiving."

Denise: "Denise Hemphill is gonna find Zayday Williams and then I'm gonna throw her in the slammer for murder in the first."

Chanel: "Her name is Chanel number 6 Chanel number 5."

Chanel: "I guess I'll just have to resort to Plan B. I'll show Roger and Dodger video proof that their hot new girlfriend regularly rubs it out in her room while watching Dora the Explorer."

Denise: "I got a nervous feeling in my stomach. I might start farting. You promise not to tell anyone?"

Denise: "First, I accidentally tased Gigi right in the boobs."

Zayday: "Can I have a diet coke please, on the rocks. Actually no, make it a regular, I've been through lots."


HUNK OF THE EPISODE: Roger and Dodger, just 'cause. R.I.P. Dodger.


FUNNIEST LINE: "I got a nervous feeling in my stomach. I might start farting. You promise not to tell anyone?"

BEST MOMENT: The Shining Maze.

FUNNIEST MOMENT: Denise and Gigi and the tasers.

SHADIEST MOMENT: Gigi talking with the Red Devil!

Did you guys enjoy this episode of Scream Queens? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and be sure to watch the next all-new episode on October 20th at 9.00PM on FOX!

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