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Scream Queens - Chainsaw - Review: "The Kappa Kappa Chain Saw Massacre"

1.03 - "CHAINSAW"
Directed by Ian Brennan
Written by Ian Brennan
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

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Last week was the premiere mixed in with the second episode, so this week it was just the one episode and it was quite a good one. I definitely enjoyed it though not as much as I thought I would from this show. I kind of felt like Chanel was hardly in it compared to the first 2 episodes, though it did mean other characters got a bit more screen time like Chanel #3, Zayday and Denise. One of the main storylines in this episode was the investigation into Chanel #2's disappearance. Grace, Zayday and Denise go to her parents' house where Cordelia Chase and George Williams live. It's always a pleasure to see Charisma Carpenter in things and they were perfectly cast as Ariana Grande's parents. The whole Instagram thing is so fishy, Chanel #2 kind of looks dead in the photo they kept showing. Maybe that's what somebody has done with her body since taking it, posting photos on Instagram of it. I loved when Denise said asked if it was possible they couldn't find their daughter because their house is so big haha.

Side note: Chanel said that "two Chanels" are dead, right in front of Zayday and Grace who are still contemplating her death. Shouldn't that have given it away that she's dead?

So Grace ends up going to Pete who says he has tracked someone down from the list of names her acquired in an earlier episode, so they head there. It seems Grace has completely taken Pete off the suspects list of Red Devils. Meanwhile, we have a hilarious scene with Zayday and Denise when Denise accuses her of being the killer. All the evidence she had and presenting them as "exhibits" and having them all in plastic wallets and bags was so funny. She even had a screenshot print out in a plastic wallet too, which shows just how hilariously silly Denise is. I was creased at the whole "I'm gonna be late for dinner" "But you gonna be right on time for justice" part. Denise never fails to make me laugh, I seriously think she is my favourite character on the show. The whole chainsaw under the bed got me suspicious of Zayday, but having it be a weapon to keep her safe sent in from her Grandma as a gift was awesome.

Best scene of the episode? That's not even a hard question, I am giving that to the epic Backstreet Boys-led street scenes with the Dickie Dollar Scholars. Could not have thought of a better soundtrack for that moment than 'Everybody (Backstreet's Back)'. I couldn't stop laughing at how bizarre but totally cool this scene was. What a '90s shout-out. That poor guy who got his arms chainsaw-ed off ... ouch! And poor Coney as well, that was gruesome! Anyway, Chad again highlights why he should be one of our favourite characters in the show for his usual humorous lines and plans and just everything he does. He's such a buffoon and I love him for it. He's slept with all the Chanel's too which made him a suspect and the fact he loves knives, but I can't see him as the killer at all. That one would be a huge curveball.

I didn't expect Hester's makeover to be so quick, though I knew it would happen eventually. She looks amazing, of course, and I can't shake the image of Rachel Berry out of my head yet, it's still early days. Looks like the neckbrace gag is over. I was surprised that she was made Chanel #6 though, but I guess our main girl Chanel is desperate and Hester will follow her to the ends of the Earth and beyond! Chanel #5 still isn't happy about it (or anything really) so we will see what happens next as she is still top of my suspect list. Wes is also becoming a little weird with his fascination of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. I mean, it is a great film so if you guys love it, I'm not saying you're a psycho, but there's something about his wild eyes that make me think he's just a little psychotic. But to be fair, I'm thinking that about every single character! Everyone is a little weird.

Loved Cathy's and Gigi's screen time together too. Gigi really was hopeless at Tennis and it's good to see Cathy really know what she wants, though it's never going to happen with Wes. Such an awkward dinner with the three of them, and then Gigi made the farting sound with the bottle and couldn't stop laughing. I was laughing at her laughing, not at the gag. It's interesting to note when Wes mentioned trauma in the past, Gigi seemed to understand as if from experience. The white noise machine was hilarious too, and the end scene with Gigi and the Red Devil was very good. I am so glad Wes didn't come in to save the day and she instead saved herself. I thought she was a goner to be fair but damn, she can handle herself. So relieved she didn't die, we already had 2 deaths in this episode, 1 more would have been a bit too much for me to handle. It seems like Cathy is being accused of murder now, though she does act very shady.


All in all, it was a really good episode but the show hasn't been excellent yet. I think it's having some growing pains and not sure what its tone wants to be. I can definitely see this show as more comedy than horror, and I don't ever get scared while watching; I just laugh loads. Didn't laugh as much in this episode though and the mystery only moved on a fraction with the discovery of Greenwell so next episode should have more answers. I feel like the show needs to step up its game a little and really break out. Humour is good but I think I need a little more.


Denise: "The point is there's a missing girl, blood on the floor and she's tweeting oh hey, just want y'all to know I'm getting murdered and y'all standing here like ooh, I wonder what happened."

Chad: "My best friend who gave me compliments all the time was murdered, so newsflash, I'm super sad."

Chad: "Your boobs are symmetrical and you shave your box in a hot way."

Chanel #3: "Oh. Em. Gee. Are you hitting on me? Cause I heard munching box is what killed Michael Douglas."

Cathy: "Find that tortured gay kid in your life and hold them close tonight."

Cathy: (to Coney) "You were a disgrace"

Denise: "And you sure she's not hiding out in your house somewhere and you haven't found her 'cause your house is so damn big?"

Chanel: "This closet is the most precious thing in my life. It's like a second vagina to me. So you sneaking in here and rifling through my clothes is a heinous violation. You have violated my closet vag."

Zayday: "I'm gonna be late for dinner!"
Denise: "But you gonna be right on time for justice."

CHARACTER OF THE EPISODE: Gigi, her self-saving skills were beautiful and surprising.

HUNK OF THE EPISODE: Chad Radwell. What a man.


FUNNIEST LINE: Zayday: "I'm gonna be late for dinner!" Denise: "But you gonna be right on time for justice."

FUNNIEST MOMENT: Denise's evidence showcase to Zayday.

SCARIEST MOMENT: Two Red Devils with Chainsaws.

SHADIEST MOMENT: Cathy forces Gigi to sleep elsewhere before she is attacked, then comes down after the commotion is over.

Did you guys enjoy this episode of Scream Queens? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and be sure to watch the next all-new episode on October 6th at 9.00PM on FOX!

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