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Mistresses - Goodbye Girl (Season Finale) - Review: "Dressed to Kill"

Directed by John Scott
Written by K.J. Steinberg
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

Just as Joss gets her freedom, Harry is presented with an exciting new job opportunity that will impact a future with her. As soon as Scotty leaves Los Angeles, Marc disappears, causing April to finally realize her true feelings. Vivian's illness takes a turn for the worse, leaving Karen adrift and unsure of the future. Joss receives a confusing gift from Calista but when she denies sending it, Joss is sent down the rabbit hole to find out if the real killer might be on the loose.


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The moment we had all been waiting for - Joss getting out of jail - happened! I kind of knew from the start of the episode that this was going to be a great finale. I really, really enjoyed it, just like I did with the majority of this season. I am actually really depressed now as the show hasn't been renewed yet and we have been left with a cliffhanger way bigger than last year's. For basically all of the characters, we're a little up in the air over what they're going to do next (besides April). Joss is at gunpoint by Wilson, Harry's taken a plane out of L.A. and Karen has just lost Vivian. April, bless her, got a happy ending here and a beautiful moment with Marc to round out her season. While it would have been good for her to have a cliffhanger-y moment too, I'm glad she didn't as her scene with Marc still made me cry, but with happiness. She needed to balance this heavy episode out.

"He meant something to me that I didn't mean to him."

So speaking of April and Marc, it did appear as though things were desolate mid-way through the episode when Marc had apparently abandoned ship. I couldn't help but feel so sorry for April as she just realised she loved Marc and now he was gone. The moment she realised was also awesome, with Joss telling her "it's the voice of a woman who is completely in love with Marc". Here we have this awakening and it's a glorious moment because it's also the moment we've been waiting for as well as Joss's release. Sure, April said herself that her problems are more trivial than Joss's and Karen's, but it doesn't make her any less important. This was an awesome episode for the April/Marc development. Seeing April try to fight to get Marc back was satisfying to me as a April/Marc shipper, so when she left her house when looking for him but he was right in front of her - that was magical. The entire exchange between them was beautiful and reduced me to tears. "I think I'm in love. I know it, actually. I love you April." Just who wouldn't want those words to come out of a guy's mouth? Dreamy or what? Then we had something out of a romantic film - "I don't need to go anymore." "Why not?" "I was coming to find you." Melted me to the ground, man!

"I thought saving you would give my life meaning... but loving you is what has."

Another time where I was reduced to tears was during Karen's storyline with Vivian and Alec. We could have seen Vivian's death coming a mile off but I still didn't want it to happen. I found her interesting and I liked her dynamic with Karen - the whole three-way relationship was entertaining to watch. The state Vivian found herself in showed us the human emotions these characters had to go through as Karen couldn't even stay happy enough for Joss being out of prison and had to go back to the hospital despite being banished. Alec, ever hopeful and determined for a solution, almost missed out on his wife's last moments had it not been for Karen. She opened is eyes to stop looking for that miracle so he could see what was in front of him. The video message Vivian made for the unborn child was very emotional too and it continued to pound me with emotional punches this episode was giving me. That end scene with Karen going into her car alone and crying - Yunjin Kim is underrated, let's just leave it at that.

"A toast! ... No sir, this is a private toast."

Joss and Calista spent most of the episode apart due to Joss getting released thanks to Calista's false confession. One of the best parts of this season has been due to the dynamic between these new pals and the murder that occurred just over half-way through the season. I couldn't wait for this finale to see Joss out of jail and she wasted no time going back to the love of her life. While I'm not a big Harry shipper anymore due to the lack of romantic chemistry between them this season, this episode provided a return to that attraction. The Harry getting the job so he'd have to tour Europe didn't thrill me, though it did give Joss a distraction from the horror that was unfolding for her. I honestly thought maybe Calista was the one sending Joss the gift basket and the text due to her paying someone at the start of the episode (though we later find out what the money was for). I loved the fear that the gifts and texts were sending Joss, though I wish we saw a bit more of it as I thought that was a little glossed over. Joss seeing Calista in jail was a great moment and it helped Joss see that Calista wasn't acting in a selfish way when she gave the false confession. It also provided her the kick up the ass to find out who the real killer was - Wilson. I'm not sure why she went to Calista's house and what she was expecting to find there (or why she thought leaving her phone in her car was a good idea) but in doing so, she was confronted by the killer. It was actually a really, really chilling and awesome moment as we see someone come into view who looks a lot like Calista. If I didn't already suspect Wilson, I would have been more surprised than I was but it was still a killer reveal. I loved it. But the way he walked out, almost slanted, was exactly like Calista that it was really, really creepy. I guess when you work with someone and sleep with them at the same time, you learn to do things the way they would do them.

But poor Calista is still trapped behind bars and apparently with a lot on her mind. The poor girl paid the fellow inmate for some rope and she ends this season with setting up her own death. I wasn't sure whether she was actually contemplating suicide but an interview with show-runners Rina Mimoun and K. J. Steinberg confirms she has suicide on the mind. It does seem like Calista is abandoned and alone, with no real friends or anyone to care about her wellbeing. It's a very dramatic and sad tale for her, and I don't know if she'd actually go through with it. It would be so tragic if she killed herself moments before she was due to be released because they'd caught the real killer. But, it's also hard to picture Calista among the girls for a season 4 after all that's happened with her. It's a very tricky situation moving forward as far as Calista is concerned but I really do like her as a character and I hope to see more of her.


Another season has come and gone and dammit I loved this finale. I wanted to hate it so if this show got cancelled, I wouldn't care, but who am I kidding of course this was going to be a great finale. There was a lot going on with each character but not enough to drown us as viewers. We could take everything in and process it and still be left reeling. The Wilson reveal was expected but very nicely done, and I waited all season long for Marc and April to get together and now they are. I just hope they are actually good together as I was totally on board with Joss and Harry last season but their relationship kind of disappointed me this season, I hate to say. I hope that doesn't happen with April and Marc. Karen obviously doesn't get it easy and I am still crying that Vivian is dead. Calista is such a poor soul and I hope she doesn't go through with her suicide. What I love about this finale is that it sets up a lot of good, juicy stuff for Season 4 should we get a renewal (and we had better). I am hopeful we will.

The show has left us with an awesome last episode that proved why the show should be renewed. Loved it and I'm going to miss talking Mistresses for a whole year! To be fair, when I finished reviewing season 2 last year without a renewal announcement, I was in the same position I am now and it all turned out okay and the time went so quickly that another season has come and gone. I'm sure I will be saying the exact same thing this time next year when season 4 ends and we have to wait for a season 5 announcement.

Also, I was really hoping it would be Alyssa Milano at the very end but it wouldn't have fit, despite me wanting her back so badly. And even though I got my hopes up that Savi was returning, I wasn't left disappointed or anything that she didn't show up. But I did really want to have my tagline as 'Spinning the Show in a Joyous Direction' for Spindae and Joy, sorry guys! Maybe next season?

Great season guys. Came into season 3 thinking it would be worse without Savi but this show blossomed. Onwards and upwards.

Best Character: I am going to go with Calista for her selfless act in saving Joss and her inner turmoil. She proved herself to be a very great addition to the cast this season.

Naughtiest Character: Wilson! Can't wait to see the aftermath of his reveal.

Best Moment: Joss arrives at Calista's house to see Wilson dressed as her.

Most Emotional Moment: Karen crying in her car.
Runner-up: The April and Marc scene. You know the one.

Best Line: "I don't need to go anymore." "Why not?" "I was coming to find you." - April and Marc.

Best Pairing: April and Marc. Cutest couple.

Shadiest Moment: Calista pays the inmate cash wanting her to do something for her.

Did you guys enjoy the season finale of Mistresses? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and join me in the hope that ABC will renew this show for a fourth season!

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