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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Immortality (Series Finale) - Review: "Goodbye Grissom & Co."

Directed by Louis Milito
Written by Anthony E. Zuiker
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

On October 6, 2000, this iconic show - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - premiered on CBS Fridays. Nobody could have known that the show would last 15 more years and be one of television's biggest shows for the decade. It was pretty unbelievable how this show ended up becoming television's number-one scripted show after its pretty modest beginnings, and explode to be the pop culture phenomenon it became.

When I heard the show was cancelled, I thought having it cancelled outright would have been a truly awful thing for CBS to do to a show that changed the face of TV, but fortunately they didn't do that. They have provided the loyal fans of this show with an official send-off, a 2-hour television movie that was the perfect send-off for such an epic show.

"Vegas is terrified."

The story of the finale was really riveting and exciting, and it was awesome that they included someone quite important in CSI history. They incorporated the whole Lady Heather saga so well that it was such a relief to watch it rather than a chore. I mean, she's appeared countless times, but yet there's something so alluring about her and Melinda Clarke plays her so brilliantly that I never mind when she pops up again. In fact, it couldn't have went better as it helped fuel the narrative and we had pieces of the investigation that fit with the past. The action of the episode was big as we had suicide bombers detonating bombs in different places at different times - first the Casino, then a school. It felt like good old CSI throughout the episode, with the investigative pieces and all the familiar faces we've missed. It was sad that some past faces couldn't drop by, such as George Eads as Nick.

I loved this finale, like really loved it. Sara got quite the starring role in this finale which I personally loved as she connected us to the various other characters. Catherine coming back was a highlight for me as she was always my favourite during her original tenure on the show, but of course, the moment I have been waiting for for years, was the return of Gil Grissom. He is a wonderful character and literally the best thing about CSI ever. He might not have been my favourite character but I can totally see that he made CSI what it was. It was so amazing to see him back in full swing and it felt like no time had passed at all since he left. I have missed him dearly, I really wish he never went. I was a little disappointed that Greg didn't get as much as the others considering he's been with the show since the very beginning and in the joint-most episodes, but I liked what scenes he was in and he delivered regardless.

I had a load of favourite scenes in this two-hour series finale too. I loved the opening and I felt so terribly bad for Rowena, the worker at the casino. Catherine telling her daughters that their mother is dead was heartbreaking. I loved Gil's re-introduction - "Shark fins. Looks like somebody jumped a shark." Classic Gil! The whole CSI at Sea wouldn't be a bad idea for a spin-off too, by the way! Every scene between Lady Heather and Gil were fantastic. Their chemistry is electrifying and I am always in awe by their bizarre relationship, but I love it so much. I really missed them together actually, just as much as I missed Gil and Sara. The meet-up between Gil and Heather - "Everyone in law enforcement thinks you're responsible for the bombings." "I am." - the characters together in that small scene just made my hairs stand on end, so electric! I also want to note that the font on Lady Heather's website is the same font they used for Charmed, a show Melinda Clarke briefly appeared on as the Siren in one episode. Nice shout.

The scene in the parking garage with Catherine, Greg and Morgan was so exciting too, absolutely loved that part, with Catherine saying it's do or die. I haven't watched all of season 14 and 15 of the show so I need a major catch-up, but I loved D.B. and Morgan. I also really liked Julie, and I just read up that she was attacked by a serial killer at the end of season 15 so the very brief plaque mention of her passing wasn't a very good thing for her. She was a big part of the show during her stint so she should have had something a little bigger. D.B. should have had something a little bigger. I am glad, though, that the original CSIs got way more of the action - Gil, Catherine, Sara. It was everything I wanted since Gil first left the show, to have them all reunited, so this series finale was still a dream come true.

Despite some screen time issues and missing people, I cannot fault this series finale in any way. I have seen some bad series finales in the past and I was worried CSI might head in that direction too. It didn't. It delivered in every way I could have hoped for. Like a classic CSI episode, I was hooked from the very beginning and kept watching without looking away the entire two hours. Having most of my favourite beloved characters was the absolute dream and didn't distract me from those that were missing at all. It's the best they literally could have done and this show delivered. I really will miss this show so goddamn much that it hurts to think that this is it. This is the very last we'll see of our characters. I loved the love story between Gil and Sara during the show, so to have their reconciliation and riding into the sunset was so beautiful. I also feel relieved Catherine will be back in Vegas where she belongs, and I hope Gil and Sara return to the crime lab soon to reform the CSI Avengers.

"Do you love him?" "I do."

CSI has just always been there and I never would have thought the end would actually come. It feels so sudden yet it has had a long, healthy life. I can't imagine a TV season without it, even though its legacy lives on in CSI: Cyber which I couldn't get into unfortunately. Over 15 seasons, this show has had some standout episodes and has blown me away on more than one occasion. This show is a classic and will remain in my heart forever. I don't make a habit of watching procedurals but this was the first I ever watched and it will always remain my favourite. Do I love this show? I do.

What did you guys think of the last ever episode of the original CSI? What are your favourite memories of the show? Let me know in the comments and reminisce on this iconic show!

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