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You, Me and the End of the World - UK Premiere Date + Teaser Trailer + Episode Synopses *Updated*

Episode 1.01

34 days to go

Slough bank manager Jamie’s birthday is rocked when he is arrested on suspicion of being an international cyber terrorist. Interrogated by police, he is confronted by a recent photograph of his wife Layla, who he hasn’t seen or heard from since she mysteriously vanished seven years ago. In New Mexico, librarian Rhonda is thrown behind bars after taking the rap for her teenage son Spike, who hacked into the NSA’s computer system. Inside, she unwittingly falls under the wing of sharptongued white supremacist Leanne.

Meanwhile, suffocated by life in a convent, Sister Celine heads to the Vatican to interview for the role of research assistant to unconventional Devil’s Advocate, Father Jude. When news comes of the impending apocalypse, chaos breaks out. Rhonda makes her escape, but finds it hard to get away from Leanne. Back in Slough, the announcement prompts Jamie’s mum to make a huge admission.

Episode 1.02

33 days to go

With the population in turmoil and the roads in chaos, Jamie and Dave’s mission to find Layla becomes beset with bizarre obstacles. Meanwhile, Father Jude asks for Celine’s help in an investigation into the second coming of the Messiah. Rhonda is determined to return to her husband and son before the world comes to an end. However, after springing her from prison, it appears that Ariel, the leader of shadowy cyber terrorist group Deux Ex Machina, has other plans for her.

Episode 1.03

32 days to go

In Poland, Father Jude and Sister Celine try to help a young girl escape from an angry mob that believes she is the Messiah. As well as making a strange prophecy, the child turns out to have surprising parentage. Meanwhile, Jamie’s search for his birth mother grinds to a halt when he is mistaken (yet again) for Ariel. Across the pond, Rhonda’s brother Scotty kick-starts the US government’s Operation Saviour while Rhonda and Leanne’s bid to rejoin their families is scuppered when Rhonda is caught stealing clothes.

Episode 1.04

26 days to go

Taking a step to the dark side, Rhonda horrifies herself when she realises she will do anything to maintain her freedom. Meanwhile, Jude proves the depths of his conviction to Celine as they, plus smooth-talking new Messiah investigator Father Christophe, rush to stop a man from jumping off a building. After days of hitchhiking, Jamie and Dave arrive at Jamie’s birth mother’s mental health facility. Plus, Ariel reveals his surprising motive for hacking into the NSA’s systems... before stumbling upon the US government’s biggest secret.

Episode 1.05

23 days to go

Jamie makes a discovery that leaves him feeling completely betrayed. As his mother tries to comfort him, he realises just how disturbed she really is. Meanwhile Ariel sends Scotty a worrying video message, Rhonda realises she can’t trust anyone when she comes face to face with Leanne’s husband and the sexual tension builds between Celine and Jude.

Episode 1.06

17 days to go

Deeply unhappy about the choices he has made in the name of professional duty, Scotty tries to make amends. However, his actions fail to go down well with Gaines. Back in Slough and back in his rut (much to Paula and Dave’s despair), Jamie’s life receives another shake-up when a sudden tragedy prompts his father to get in touch.

Episode 1.07

14 days to go

Scotty is forced to choose between sister Rhonda and Operation Saviour when he spots a crucial error in the plan to save the world. With just two weeks to go until impact, Messiah hunters Celine and Jude investigate a marriage cult on a holiday island. Plus, Ariel embarks on a threatening mission. And, eager for answers, Jamie travels with Dave to what he believes is Layla’s home, where the danger proves far from over for him and those close to him.

Episode 1.08

Seven days to go

Jamie seriously underestimates Ariel’s intelligence when the pair come face to face in uncertain circumstances. Meanwhile, with their apocalypse plan in motion, Scotty, Gaines and the team anxiously wait to see if they have done enough to save the world. Plus, Celine is forced to make a major decision about her future, and there are huge consequences when Father Jude makes a daring stand against the Vatican hierarchy.

Episode 1.09

24 hours to go

With just 24 hours until the comet crashes into Earth, the race to reach the bunker is on. Plus, the results of Operation Saviour are revealed to the world.

Episode 1.10

The end of the world

The end of the world is nigh as the adrenaline-fuelled comedy drama reaches a tense conclusion.

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