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Falling Skies - Reborn (Series Finale) - Advance Preview

Previously on Falling Skies: A massive Espheni attack on the 2nd Massachusetts leaves the Masons in a terrible position just when the end is near.

     After a flash forward that I can’t talk about, Falling Skies picks up right in the middle of the battle that we saw begin in episode nine. This is an excellent example of the fun battle sequences that Falling Skies has do so well over the past few years. While I am of the opinion that season three was the best in terms of action, this battle is extremely unique in that there aren’t any classical skitters involved. It’s completely humans vs flying skitters. It’s always great to see a series continue to reinvent itself and push for different stories when its nearing the finish line. Unfortunately, while it’s a great battle for audiences to watch, it’s no so fun for those involved in the battle. The 2nd Massachusetts loses a vital member of their operation in the midst of the fight. Fortunately for the 2nd Massachusetts, they gain a major tactical advantage against the Espheni, both with the weapon that the Dornia provided Tom with in the last episode and in the form of many new solders from the Mason militias. Audiences can look forward to a fun guest starring role by Jeff Fahey as the leader of the new soldiers.

     This episode features quite a bit fewer battles than I actually expected though. There is a large portion of the episode that takes place inside a series of tunnels that you can think of as Espheni mine fields. As a result, this episode is full of strategic movement that features bits of dialogue, but no major attack or full-scale battle involving the entire militia like many would expect. The end of this series is very much an end to Tom Mason’s journey as a war leader. This ending feels less massive and more personal to Tom. The Queen Espheni leader is quite a spectacle and looks unlike anything we have ever seen before on the show.

Additional Teasers:

1. There are multiple casualties throughout the episode in spite of very few big battles.
2. Two characters that many thought were dead are actually not so dead.
3. There is a resolution to the love rectangle that involves Hal, Ben, Maggie, and newcomer Isabella.
4. There is a major sci fi actress guest starring that has not been revealed in promos.
5. The show ends in the same time as the flash forward that I talked about earlier and takes place in front of a big piece of history both for the battle against the Espheni and real American history.

Tune in to the Falling Skies series finale on Sunday, August 30th @ 10/9c on TNT. Be sure to come back here to SpoilerTV to let everyone else know what you thought of the episode.

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