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Mistresses - Reasonable Doubt - Review: "No Reasonable Doubt This Episode Was Amazing"

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Directed by Liz Allen
Written by Justin Lo
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

Despondent over her situation, Joss struggles with whether she should take a plea deal and what that would mean for a future with Harry. Karen agrees to help Vivian keep her secret from Alec so that he can accept a very important award. April and Marc are blind-sided by a surprise visit from Marc's sister Miranda. After being shut out by Joss in prison, Calista sees the pain she's causing her and makes her next move.


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I don't think I could express how much I've been loving these episodes of season three without sounding like I'm stuck on repeat. Just wow Mistresses. Every season I've thought this show was good, but it could always be a bit better with more scandals and more juicy drama, so fortunately season 3 has hit all the right notes. I am totally sucked into this plot with Joss and Calista and I've been genuinely worrying for Joss, and to some extent Calista too! Another thing I love is how my feelings toward the new girl go back and forth as her complex nature just adds layer after layer to her. We saw Calista as pretty villainous a few episodes before when she spoke against Joss, but when she told Joss about how she was defending herself after Joss "opened her mouth", we could kind of see where she was coming from. Her mind is a little twisted and she should have just told the truth to begin with, but at the same time and in a bizarre way, I can see where she's coming from.

Starting with the Joss and Calista story then, I am so glad the two finally reunited. Even though Joss was going for her throat, Calista still tried to get through to her, to seek her help. Instead, Joss showed her how much she was suffering and that she's been through unnecessary pain because of her. The ever-changing Calista shows us her very human side and I couldn't help but feel strong emotions from both Joss and Calista when they were in the cells next to each other. When Calista said she "had no intention of hurting you, you were my closest friend" and that she believed in her - it was so touching. It's going to take more than kind words for Joss to forgive her, of course, but the episode ended in a way that I think will make things interesting for Joss. Since Joss gets out (as seen in the promo) then Joss must feel some obligation to her. I bet she goes on a hunt to find the real killer in order to save Calista. I never thought these two could move forward as friends but now I have hope for them both.

I really liked Roz, Joss' roommate, until she kind of sold Joss out for a lollipop and some magazines. She seemed to have strong morals up until that point and I loved how she looked after Joss. Now I'm wavering about her, not sure if I like her or don't like her. This might have been the last we see of her, maybe. I was also scared when Roz told Joss to take the plea, because Joss being in jail for 10-12 years is long enough and way longer than she should be in there. I loved how desolate the situation appeared to be for both Joss and Calista, both of whom are, without a shadow of a doubt, innocent. Scary to think how innocent people can still take the fall for something they didn't do if the circumstances were bad enough. It's also interesting to note that Eva has an alibi, as do all of Luca's mistresses, so for the time being they're ruled out. So it's looking more likely to be Calista's assistant who loves her. Or, maybe a conspiracy between all of Luca's mistresses that all faked their alibis and killed Luca to frame Calista? That would be intense. The confession scene with Calista at the end was phenomenal.

Karen, I think, had a better episode than last week. Right from the start, we see her dilemma with Vivian as they go to the doctors together and find out her body is rejecting Karen's cells. I knew from the moment Karen agreed she wouldn't say anything to Alec that it will end badly, as in Alec will find out Karen kept it from him and he will blame her. It will be even worse if Vivian dies, and I think she will. Just imagine how much he will hate Karen for keeping her mouth shut! Loved the scene with Alec's parents though and Karen running off to cry. Haven't seen Yunjin Kim break down like that in a long time and it was so well done here. Both she and the actress who plays Vivian were wonderful. I knew she would collapse from the promo so I found it quite suspenseful when Karen showed up to the house before they left for the gala. It was such a great moment beforehand when all appeared it was back to normal, asking Alec if he had the speech and reading glasses and stuff - I want this all the time for Karen. But alas, the drama gods did not want it to be and now Vivian is going to die. Boo!

Poor Marc! Just when he seems to be going in for the big leagues with April, his meddling sister shows up out of the blue with a husband-to-be. I was very taken back by this revelation and found it so odd. I wasn't ever really a fan of Miranda and she really does step into it in the episode. You'd think she'd be more appreciative to Marc due to him looking after Scotty so well. I loved that April stepped up for him and defended him to Miranda, showing her that he's been an awesome figure in Scotty's life and he's actually better off for it. I was quite shocked Miranda would stoop so low as to tell April about when he fell of the wagon a couple of weeks before. That's going to put a spanner in things, but it also shows how nasty Miranda can be when she wants to get her own way, especially doing that to her own brother! Meanie. I love the April/Marc/Lucy/Scotty relationship.

Oh, and speaking of Lucy, I was glad to see both April and Lucy progressing in therapy too! Also glad that they didn't forget about the slapping incident so that April would beat herself up about it. It was a strong scene in the last episode so it needed to have a bigger impact and it's great that it has. It's opened more doors for the April and Lucy relationship to progress. Those tense days are over! Hallelujah! The therapist noting that Marc and Scotty have been good for April and Lucy was a very welcome scene as it provided April with some sort of wake-up call that what she's looking for has been in front of her the whole time. I might have went a little Taylor Swift there but I can see this relationship between April and Marc being the best romantic pairing on this show ever! Love them so much.

It's also interesting to note that I actually liked Harry in this episode too. He kept so positive and I loved that she wanted to move forward with Joss in buying the house - it means a lot to her and he was actually non-judgmental and kind in the episode. I also enjoyed him telling Marc to seize the day with April. Marc needed that boost in order to ask her out - and he did! I'm so proud of him.


Awesome episode yet again. This season has been great for holding my interest and keeping me wanting to watch more. I've never been impatient for an episode of Mistresses as I have been this season. It's went from my casual enjoyment to a complete must-see guilty pleasure. This episode had everything I wanted in it for all of the characters - progression with April and Marc, drama with Karen, Vivian and Alec, and blowout scenes for Joss and Calista. We are now at the season finale next week and this episode did not let me down as the penultimate. So much right with this episode and I am so excited for this finale. So freaking awesome.

Best Character: Joss, for her scenes with Calista and her phone call to her mother. She makes me feel so much.

Most Interesting Character: Calista, for trying hard to make things right with Joss and her self-sacrifice at the end. Too little too late though?

Naughtiest Character: Miranda, for bringing up Marc's slip-up when it wasn't necessary, just to get out of arguing about the real issues. Talk about throwing your little brother under the bus!

Best Moment: Joss and Calista in the cells next to each other talking through everything. We got a glimpse into how Calista's mind has been working.

Most Emotional Moment: Joss's phone call to her mother. Also Karen after meeting Alec's mother and what she says to her, and then breaking down in tears.

Best Line: "Thank you, for letting me have tonight" - Vivian.
Runner-up: "I killed my husband alone. Josslyn Carver had nothing to do with it" - Calista.

Best Pairing: Joss and Calista. I wanted to say April and Marc for the scene with Miranda at the table but Miranda ruined it, bitch.

Shadiest Moment: Miranda going to marry a complete stranger and wanting to take Scotty with them.

Did you guys enjoy 'Reasonable Doubt'? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and be sure to watch the next new episode of Mistresses, the season finale, September 3rd on ABC!

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