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Devious Maids - Suspicion - Review: "This Is My Review, the Pleasure is Yours"

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3.12 - "SUSPICION"
Directed by David Warren
Written by Curtis Kheel
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington


Things sure moved in different directions in last night's Devious Maids! What I mean by that is that I found myself laughing quite a lot at some parts while also wiping tears from my cheeks at other parts. This was a very good episode of the show to rein in the emotion. Firstly, I'll discuss the Zoila and Genevieve stories. After Genevieve's dismissal of Zoila in the last episode due to Christopher Neff's sneaky involvement, the pair seemed to part ways. Both tried to move on, with Zoila working for Gale while Genevieve tried to bond with Joy. I did like how Joy caved and told Genevieve the truth, I knew she had it in her. I also loved how Genevieve got rid of Christopher and told him "I'm choosing my friend over you. Goodbye Christopher." That was the moment of hallelujah. I am so glad Zoila didn't forgive and forget so quickly and she was honest of how hurt she was. I couldn't stop laughing when Genevieve suggested couples therapy, though it was also beautiful since she turned it down when Christopher suggested it, but she wanted to make her relationship with Zoila work. "Truth is, I can't live without you." Very beautiful. I hope we see the road of recovery with their friendship and it isn't so easy. I'm total Team Zoivieve. As a side note, totally loved when Zoila saved the neighbour's dog and convinced her to buy a Chihuahua too.

Carmen had a hilarious episode herself with the Powells. I don't think I've said enough how genius it was to put Carmen with them this season - they are comedy gold. But having said that, I thought Carmen was sorely underused in this episode. I love Carmen and I want to see way more of her, but I was very glad to have some amazing emotional pieces with her later on. It also connects with the Powells and the fact that Adrian was stupid enough to draw Dion's birth father to town. Concocting another failed brilliant plan, Adrian enlists Carmen to become an 'actress', her new ambition, while also auditioning boys for the role of Dion in order to fool Dion's birth father. It was hilarious in the beginning, especially when Carmen tries to speak like Evelyn. "Evelyn Powell, the pleasure is yours." She totally nailed it and I was crying with laughter.

It all went downhill fast when the real Evelyn and Dion returned home and it the birth father thought them to be crazy and decided to take Dion home. I was really saddened by this. I could see it coming though, it felt very Desperate-Housewives-season-2-Gabby-losing-her-adopted-baby. I was in fits myself when Evelyn was telling Dion how much better it was going to be at his father's, then fell to the floor once he was out of sight. I can see why they gave this huge storyline to her, Rebecca Wisocky is phenomenal. I also want to point out Carmen's emotional part in this as she tells Dion's birth father, Wallace I think his name was, about when she put up her baby for adoption. This is the first time we hear her confess to it after seeing that photo in the last episode. She gave birth and gave the baby up in order to give the baby a better life. I loved that her humanity was going to convince Wallace to let Evelyn and Adrian keep Dion, but Adrian just had to blow it with his attempts of negotiation.

Marisol didn't really have her own thing going on in this episode following her split with Jesse. Her storyline mainly consisted of trying to get the truth from people and looking for clues like the sleuth she is. I have to say, I loved her scenes with the other girls in this episode, they really highlighted their friendship. When she asks if one of the other three girls is the killer and they go into Rosie being the killer but she had a "lullaby" was so good. Marisol also tried to get some truth from Taylor about the man she cheated with, but Taylor got defensive and left that situation. To be fair, Marisol didn't really do a very good job at that dinner date, she could have tried harder to get the truth out of her. I also feel like this mystery has sort of smothered Taylor's personality. She's always secretive and defensive and I haven't seen her personality shine at all this season. I loved her in season one but she's been too drawn back to fall in love with again, which is a shame. I hope when the mystery is over and she comes back for season 4 (if and when that happens) she won't have this kind of storyline holding her back. But props to Marisol for getting the sofa back and checking it for blood.

Rosie takes the Best Maid crown for this episode due to her progressing the main mystery of the show and getting the other characters to open up. As much as I love Ernesto's arms and chest, I never liked him much as a character and I am so relieved Rosie has found out about his ties to the Gaviota Drug Cartel. It took her enough time to figure it out after the attempted kidnapping of Katie. I thought Hector would succeed but I'm glad he didn't as Katie fought back. Taylor telling her that she and Michael smuggled Katie into the country was very revealing and explains some of Taylor's suspicious behaviours about involving the police. I definitely do not think Taylor is involved in any murders - if the girls think they've figured out who's the killer or involved before the finale, chances are they're wrong. I like how it connected to Ernesto and Rosie's confrontation with him. I love how she called him a monster when he admitted he swapped his life for Katie's. This puts the final nail in the coffin that is Rosie and Ernesto, but where is Spence? I'm quite glad Hector is dead too though I don't care too much about the whole drug cartel/Ernesto/Hector business.


A very comical yet emotional episode of Devious Maids that had me both laughing and crying. Highlights of the episode were Carmen's portrayal of Evelyn and how she's supposed to sound, Genevieve kicking Dr. Neff out on his ass, the attempted kidnapping of Katie, the Powells saying goodbye to Dion and Rosie's confrontation with Ernesto. I enjoyed the scenes with Genevieve too and her realisation of how she can't live without Zoila. As I said just before, Team Zoivieve. I still can't get over how talented these actresses are in making me cry, for example Evelyn breaking down, and laugh hysterically like Carmen's entire situation. This was the last episode before the season finale where the killer will be revealed, and while we do know more about Katie, Ernesto, Taylor etc., I feel like this episode wasn't as high stakes as I thought it was going to be leading into the finale.


Best Maid: Rosie. She went straight for those answers and got the truth from both Taylor and Ernesto in 1 episode. Well done.

Best Man: Dion, because literally every other guy was a dick in this episode. Adrian got Dion sent away, Ernesto went through with his kidnap plan, Dr. Neff is... Dr. Neff, Hector is not a nice person...

Best Rich Bitch: Evelyn again. Her emotion was pure and heartfelt.

Funniest Line: "Evelyn Powell, the pleasure is yours." - Carmen. I was crying.

Best Moment: Evelyn and Adrian say goodbye to Dion.

Craziest Moment: Ernesto kills Hector.

Funniest Moment: Carmen pretending to be Evelyn.

Best Storyline: Rosie coming closer to the truth about Ernesto.

Biggest Reveal: Taylor and Michael smuggled Katie out of Mexico.

Biggest Disappointment: Still no Jacklyn! Also why did Carmen have to go back to Sebastian :(

Biggest Question: Where is Spence?!

Did you guys enjoy 'Suspicion'? Let me know your thoughts of the episode in the comments and be sure to watch the next season finale of Devious Maids airing August 24th on Lifetime!

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