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Killjoys - Vessel - Advance Preview

Killjoys, “Vessel,” was directed by Andy Mikita and written by Emily Andras. Mikita and Andras are both Lost Girl alums, but Mikita’s other credits include StargateSG-1, Atlantis, and Universe, as well as Bitten and Reign. This was another fast paced episode as the team goes after another warrant that they were “volun-told” to do.

We learn a little more about Dutch’s (Hanna John-Kamen) history and the political structure of the Quad. I really like how the show is taking its time to add layers to its universe. There’s enough introduced to keep me intrigued without slowing down the action of the show.

Speaking of action, the episode once again starts right in the middle of the action with Dutch delivering another totally badass move. I love how John-Kamen can just pull these off in the coolest possible way! Dutch continues to be a really compelling character, proving that a strong woman can carry an action vehicle.

This episode features some pretty cool – and well done – effects. We get to see Alvis (Morgan Kelly) – their religious-minded informant – again as he provides some vital information for the team. I really enjoy Kelly and like his dynamic with the team, so I’m hoping to see him play a bigger part in at least one upcoming episode. We’re also introduced to Delle Saya Kendry (Mayko Nguyen) who will be either an ally or enemy – it’s too soon to know for sure!

John (Aaron Ashmore) makes a new friend with a love of and talent for technology. Ashmore continues to impress, especially when he’s given more to do. John takes a bit more control in his relationship with D’Avin (Luke Macfarlane), but he is also still clearly a bit insecure about his brother joining the team. I do like that the show doesn’t make D’Avin all that, and that while he’s clearly an efficient fighter and soldier, he does have things to learn about being a Killjoy.

Here are some out of context and out of order quotes to keep you guessing!

“When your enemy has two faces, strike a deal with both.”
“Be cake or be pudding, but commit.”
“I am the best. Period.”
“Sobbing helps zero percent.”
“You kind of… how do I say this… chopped up your foreman.”
“Some things are easier to tell a stranger than your little brother.”
“This is officially my favorite ambush ever.”
“It’s feeding time in the lion’s den, and you’re the meat.”
“Oh yes. I’d love to dance. You like to lead. So do I.”
“You are a special snowflake, John Jacobi.”

The basic plot of the episode is a bit derivative – more on that in my review – but interesting. The show generally has some great one liners, but I did find the plot got a little tangled toward the end of the episode in regards to the fate of one of the characters. This episode seemed a bit more violent to me, and there was one scene that I actually found a bit shocking – again, come back for my review when I’ll discuss it at length.

Still, this was a solid episode, and the show is getting stronger for me with each episode. Don’t forget to tune in on Friday at 9/8c to Syfy for “Vessel”!

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