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Dark Matter - Episode Five - Advance Preview: “Mortality”

Each and every week Dark Matter enthralls us in its mystery and intrigue. This episode is no exception as there are several game changing revelations and many emotionally raw moments for the characters. A big theme this week is mortality as three of the characters fight for their lives. Space is a dangerous place and this episode exposes the crew to several perilous situations. Continue reading to find out what each of the characters will face this week.

One is stuck, yet again, on a mission with Three. They find themselves fighting to survive a deadly situation when they are separated from the rest of the crew. He makes several interesting decisions this week that will change the way fans view him. His relationship with at least two characters will never be the same after this episode.

Two goes on an interesting journey throughout this episode. It seems as though the events of last week have really affected her and her actions reflect that. She acts out in a way that will leave fans a bit shocked and sort of confused. It is shocking enough that one crew member doesn’t really know how to react to her after finding out. As the promos show, Two is attacked during a salvage mission and infected by a deadly virus. After she is quarantined she has to face her mortality and the very realistic possibility that she may not survive.

Three finds himself working with One and they’d both better be glad for their lesson in team work last week because to stay alive they will have to rely on each other. One of the secrets he has been keeping is revealed to the whole crew. Look for Three to react to a certain situation in a very interesting way. It changed my opinion of him just a bit after watching it.

Four spends most of the episode on guard duty. With Two quarantined and a danger to the crew he’s tasked to protect them…by any means necessary. He makes a proposal that stuns several of his crewmates.

Five shares some fun scenes with The Android and with her help she learns something very interesting about one of the objects she found with the dead boy. This object, and its purpose, brings a whole new element to the story that not even the most avid fans have speculated yet. Five has some very important decisions to make regarding Two and not much time to make those decisions as Two’s time starts to run out.

Six has a lot to deal with this week as half the crew is fighting for their lives. He gets to show off his piloting skills as he executes a dangerous rescue mission. When a particularly harsh remedy to a problem is proposed he fights valiantly to avoid it from happening.

The Android has several very human like moments as she tries her best to aid her crew through their various problems. As the crews information hub she is forced to deliver a lot of bad news, but that doesn't stop her from trying to find solutions. The information she discovers for Five sets up a storyline that has the potential to fundamentally alter things we thought we knew about the universe that Dark Matter lives in.

If you thought the reveal of Jace was a big cliffhanger ending then you’ll be even more surprised this week. The ending of this episode gives us another clue to who these characters may be and it is sure to launch a whole new round of speculation. This will be game changing for one of the characters and possibly the whole crew.

From here on out Lindsey and I will be splitting up the reviewing of this show. I will be reviewing this episode and Lindsey will rejoin you next week. Tune in to Dark Matter on SyFy at 10pm on Friday then return to SpoilerTV for my review of this episode.

We’ve come to that point in this preview where you have the opportunity to earn some extra spoilers by playing a little game of quote guessing. If you can guess the speakers and the recipients correctly you can win two character specific spoilers. Getting just the speakers right will earn you one spoiler and same for getting just the recipients right. Since this is Comic Con weekend coming up I added an extra 6th quote for you to decipher. To give everyone a chance to play I’ll hold a special round of this game tomorrow night at around 8pm EST in the comments section. I’ll post another set of six quotes and the same rules as above will apply. Who will be the hero that will decipher these quotes and earn everyone more spoilers?

“I thought you had resolved to trust them…well, some of them anyway.”
“I’d rather have a dishonorable life.”
“That’s what I like about you…always looking on the bright side.”
“I don’t think any of us are going to be fine...even if we get through this.”
“Don’t be ridiculous, I have a very keen sense of direction.”
“I thought I could make things different, you know…take a different path. Now it looks like I might not get the chance.”

Hit the comments with your thoughts and speculations about what is going to happen in this episode.

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