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Penny Dreadful – Glorious Horrors – Advance Preview

Dorian Grey throws a ball and everyone is invited. I could leave the preview with that sentence and its implication alone would give you the idea as to the goings-on in this latest Penny Dreadful episode. For the most part “Glorious Horrors” moved a bit slowly for me with the main action building up to the scenes at the ball. But those scenes were the jewel of the episode. Having everyone in one room together… well I won’t spoil too much, but watching the body language, subtext, and interactions between certain party goers was a treat.

Sir Malcolm and his team continue to lose footing in this war against the witches. They are chipping away at our protagonists bit by bit and watching it happen will cause you to brim with anticipation. I really would like Evelyn Poole’s back story now, as well as that of the weird sisters. The desire to know the method behind the malice is driving me crazy.

Ethan Chandler gets a fair amount of play in this episode. No back story yet, but I feel we are close and seeing his role in “Glorious Horrors” deepens my interest in the sharpshooter. The idea of being different, of being a “freak” is prevalent in this episode and our various sets of players reflect or deal with the idea of being outside the norm in a more forward way than they have in the past. It’s a bit more spelled out than the subtlety we’ve seen, the implication that our band of misfits is spate from the sphere of humanity.

The scenes at the ball are some of my favorite in Penny Dreadful. Again, I have to stress the interactions between characters is what makes “Glorious Horrors” fun to watch, though the visuals help as well. Without giving anything away, the sumptuousness of the ball and the end of the episode are sure to leave impressions. And the music! Some of the best pieces we’ve heard in Penny Dreadful history are in those ball scenes.

I can’t confidently call this episode slow, but for the most part the scenes at Dorian Grey’s ball are the best and most interesting parts by a long shot. The episode sets the stage for horrors, both glorious and otherwise, to come. The plot is being set in motion now for the season two finale and it will be interesting to see how the show reaches its final conflict.

Leave a spot on your dance card on Sunday for “Glorious Horrors”!

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