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Orphan Black - Ruthless in Purpose and Insidious in Method - Review: "Bloody Rachel"

   Wow !!! Another epic and exciting episode Orphan Black offered us last night with "Ruthless in Purpose and Insidious in Method". We finally got to meet Krystal Goderich, before she disappeared and got her identity taken by Bloody Rachel ! And we got to know more about the Castor and Leda origins, they are more than just two factions and finally also about Ethan’s book, which is about Castor and its original ! And there were also so many character developments (Cosima / Delphine ; Allison/Helena ; Sarah/Felix…) Epic episode ! I don’t even know where to start my review. This is definitely the best season of Orphan Black !

   First, Cosima felt way better in "Ruthless in Purpose and Insidious in Method" than last week. I was worried at the end when she started bleeding, I expected her to be ina hospital bed but she was okay. Her health was still a concern but there were also other important matters, which she discussed with Sarah. Sarah and Helena were back from Mexico with Mrs S, I was a bit disappointed we didn’t get to see Sarah and Felix’s reunion but Sarah and Cosima’s skype talk was excellent. I loved it when Sarah said to Cosima to use her against the sickness. Those sisters, nothing that can stop them from helping each other…
    Anyways, Sarah learnt a bit more about the Castor protein and Cosima’s new girl (!) ; and she told Cosima her doubts and fears about losing another sister and wanting to finish what Beth started. So Cosima told her to call Scott because they had been working on a secret project with Rachel as we knew. He told Sarah everything about it, I loved her line “she speaks now does she”, it was hilarious. Rachel was a necessary evil. Scott questioned telling Delphine about the book but as Cosima, Sarah refused it. Delphine might give it to Topsite and as it was the key to cure Cosima, and also to restart human cloning, it should stay with the sisters and they should decide what to do about it. I understand Sarah and Cosima’s concerns, but still I think they should have told Delphine about the book. I don’t think she would have given to Topsite right away, she would have cured Cosima first. But anyways, they decided to go behind Delphine’s back.

   Sarah, Mrs S and Felix skyped with Bloody Rachel and Scott at Dyad. Their dialogue was wonderful. I loved the higher tension between Sarah and Rachel since Sarah attacked and injured her. Mrs S was quite fun too, when Rachel kept on insisting it was her book, she reminded her Ethan didn’t leave it for her, but for Kira. Rachel revealed what she wanted in exchange for her translation, she wanted to leave a quiet and normal life in Taiwan. It didn’t really surprise me. Of course, after being used to have a high standard position, she didn’t want to stay at Dyad as a patient, at Dephine’s mercy. She wanted out. She finally had something important, something to leverage to get what she wanted and she used it. She proved she could translate the book, as she translated some pages Scott given her; and surprisingly, it was about Castor ! I never doubted she could translate the book but it was nice to have a confirmation. Sarah was left with no choice : she had to help Rachel to get a new identity so she could escape, using Krystal Goderich’s identity or Cosima would stay sick and they would keep a secret incomprehensible book with them.

   It was time to meet Krystal Goderich ! Her introduction with Delphine was one of my favorite scene of Orphan Black, and probably the best introduction scene for a clone. It put such a big smile on my face each time I watched it. Krystal is such a refreshing character ; she’s a naive, cute, super hot, light, fun and a bit superficial manicurist. We so needed a clone like her. Tatiana Maslany was absolutely perfect portraying her, as usual. I loved the voice and the gestures she gave to Krystal. Krystal was a very talkative clone, and Delphine’s reaction to everything she said was hilarious. Clearly, Evelyn Brochu and Tatiana Maslany had fun in that scene.
   Felix got to meet Krystal in person, using his time with her during his manicure to get info from her, to steal her identity, while Sarah was watching and listening to them from her car. Tatiana Maslany and Jordan Gavaris have that wonderful connection and chemistry, no matter which clones she’s playing. It was really an amazing scene, Felix even lost his accent for the occasion, it was so weird to listen to Jordan Gavaris voice without his British accent.
    Krystal talked about her night with Rudy and Seth again, and it was clear she knew something was off. She could feel she was missing something, a big part of the puzzle and that’s why everything didn’t make sense (her attack, her "boyfriends" rotating every two years). It was really touching and sad. Felix was ready to tell her the truth, that she was a clone and there were people watching her, people after her. I really thought Felix was gonna tell her everything but Sarah insisted he didn’t and so he stopped and went to steal Krystal’s wallet. But Felix also found her dildo (!!!) and also her notebook about her attack. She was really looking into what happened to her, I was thrilled she wasn't just the pretty stupid blonde girl, it made me love her even more.

   Felix had what he wanted and he had to go, and he said the most beautiful thing to her. She was crying, thinking she had lost a customer because she talked too much, and Felix told her with his really “true voice” she was one of a kind, a survivor and she wasn’t alone. It was so delicate and nice from Felix to say that to her, even if he just stole her identity for Rachel.
   I really think they should have told Krystal about Leda and Castor. She needed to know, to protect herself from them and also, she had a right to know where she’s from. It might put her life in more danger, but she was already in danger, Castor almost got her once…. And they finished the job in "Ruthless in Purpose and Insidious in Method". Oh poor Krystal. When Nealon showed up, I was worried what would happen to her. And I didn’t even know he was the freaking Castor mole !!! But, let’s get on that later

   While Sarah and Felix were on their Krystal Goderich mission, Cosima an Scott were at Dyad, in their secret lab, where Cosima invited Shay to visit, like seriously. And oh surprise, she found the freaking book in less than one minute ! I might be a little paranoid about Shay, but it was really weird she found the book so soon. I’m not so much a believer of coincidences. Anyways, Delphine’s arrival made her go, as she wanted to talk work with Cosima, about Topsite research in Europe. IMO, Cosima invited Shay to make Delphine more jealous/angry, it might also have been part of her plan.
   Delphine and Cosima’s moment in the lab was such a wonderful scene, they were back to last season, working together. They worked definitely better when they put aside their differences. Cosima’s health was a major concern for Delphine, she told her she needed a new treatment from Kira but Cosima refused to harvest little Kira one more time. She had another plan in mind (Rachel and the book) but Delphine had no idea bout it, or did she ? Anyways, her phone rang and Scott told her everything, about the book, because he lost it !

   Scott had no choice but to give the book to Rudy, as he broke into his apartment and threatened Denise, his cat. I was really worried about Denise and Scott, with the high death rate this season, I thought for a moment Scott would die ! It have been so sad, I totally grew fonder of him this season. I even find him cute and funny now. And I just can’t stand watching cats being torture or killed on TV.
   But Rudy behaved, for once, and just took the book from Scott. So, Delphine learnt about the book, the minute Cosima lost it, which made her even more angry about the whole betrayal. Cosima kept on hiding things from her and not trusting her, and now the book is at Castor !
    Cosima and Delphine's relationship really changed from last season. Delphine broke off with Cosima but she had a pretty good reason, she couldn’t be running Dyad and still be her girlfriend, Topsite would have used Cosima against Delphine and vice versa. Delphine felt even more betrayed when she learnt Rachel was the one decoding the book for Cosima and her sisters.
    Anyways, Cosima kept on lying to Delphine, pretending she didn’t make a copy of the book so everything was lost. I didn’t believe it for a second, of course Cosima would have make a copy, just in case. And Sarah and Felix got it delivered at Mrs S by one of Scott’s friends. Cosima and Scott’s secret plan was still happening. I was thrilled they anticipated getting the book stolen, Cosima’s definitely the smart one in the club.

   Since they had a copy of the book, the clone club just needed to get Rachel out of Dyad. Scott has another friend willing to help him get Rachel away from the building, while Cosima was stalling Delphine, but it felt like she really wanted to talk with her. It was another powerful scene for Cosima and Delphine, very emotional and heartbreaking. I must admit I have always liked Cosima and Delphine’s relationship, it has been complicated, there were lies but, for me, it was always clear they were both deeply in love with each other, they had that special connection, they were linked to one another. So when Cosima told Delphine she saw her when she almost died and she was the reason why she came back to life, I shed some tears. It was a real beautiful moment,
   I had been waiting all the season for them to reconnect. It was really sad and heartbreaking because they cared about each other but they were caught in such a dangerous world , of moles, betrayals and lies ; they can’t be together right now. At least, they shared a passionate kiss but Delphine knew. She knew what Cosima and Scott were planning, so she fired Scott and Cosima (technically Cosima already resigned and Scott well…), and she gave her Shay's file for her own security. It was another tough moment, Delphine had no choice but to fire them about what they pulled even she knew it meant Cosima would be just like another test subjects. Delphine has changed so much this season, she has gone colder and darker in a way but clearly it affected her. She didn’t enjoy making hard decisions, not like Rachel. I really hope Delphine can keep her human side without Cosima by her side.

   Rachel arrived safely at Mrs S and got reunited with Sarah and a pencil. I loved that little allusion, it was funny. Felix and Mrs S were there too and Rachel started deciphering the book before getting Krystal identity and fleeing the country. Her new translation was still about Castor, and its original, in London with a strange number… But they all were interrupted when Nealon and Dyad showed up. Mrs S quickly got her gun ready but there was nothing she could do, at least Felix got Rachel’s paper before Nealon. The clone club was really efficient despite of everything.
   Nealon wanted to get Rachel back when she collapsed ! Oh oh… And that was everything changed. Nealon revealed to be the Castor mole inside Leda Dr Coady (and us) just learnt in the beginning of the episode. And he was also working with Rachel. She faked her attack at Mrs S and Nealon used Krystal to replace Rachel at Dyad and pretend she was in a coma, unlikely to recover, while Rachel was actually getting a new prosthetic eye (can’t wait to see how it’ll look on her) and ready to work with Coady and Castor !
   Oh My God. That was just a game changing moment. I really surprised me and blew me away actually. Rachel with Castor is such a big threat against our sisters clones and poor Krystal.S he didn’t deserve any of that at all. She was so pure and innocent and now she’s lying in bed in a induced coma just for Rachel to be a ruthless and controlling bitch elsewhere, that was so cruel. Rachel played her sisters, and us, perfectly. Even hurt and not ina  power position, she was still the controlling one among the clones. Looking forward Rachel and Coady working together.

   While things were going down at Dyad, Allison and Donnie had to deal with Helena and Gracie, and of course Jason’s kiss this week. It was a lighter part than Sarah and Cosima’s, but I really appreciated the different pace and Helena and her sestra Allison were excellent together. I loved every parts of it.
   First, Donnie was reluctant to welcome another clone sister in the Hendrix family, especially the murderer one but Allison had no problem with it and Helena quickly showed how much she has changed and she fitted in. She was absolutely adorable with Allie’s daughter and the way she looked in that clothes… It was hilarious. Donnie got to spend some time with Helena and he fell for her. Who wouldn't ? She was extremely nice to him, complimenting his strength and all. Donnie faked a Russian accent and he totally got Helena under his charm. It was a really good moment, I’m glad Donnie and Helena bonded because they’re such fun characters, they’d make a great team (the professional killer and the amateur one).
   Helena also bonded with Gracie, who was also welcomed into the Hendrix family and started working at Bubbles. After everything that happened to them, I was glad they made peace and Helena’s sweet kiss to Gracie totally got me. I’m really liking the new Helena, more compassionate and more caring, more human. Being with Sarah, and her other sisters really changed her and opened her to a new world, to new feelings. I'm so thrilled about the new Helena

   Allison and Donnie were dealing with the aftermaths of Jason’s kiss. Donnie was very jealous about it, as he has been jealous of him since Allison got reunited with him and Allison wasn’t actually that much concerned about Jason kissing Cosima. I’m sure she would have wanted it to be her. So when she came talking to Jason about it, she first let him kiss her and then she rejected him. It was a bit weird from Allison, I get Jason is different and exciting but she’s such in a good place with Donnie now, it would have been so sad to watch her waste all the progress.
   But Allison didn’t convince Donnie, nor Jason and Donnie had a plan to set things straight with Jason. He used Allie’s phone to send him a message and Jason came at Bubbles. I was quite afraid Donnie would pull off another Lekkie situation, but this time he didn’t bring a gun, he should have. His girl slap fight with Jason was really funny, but Jason is a drug lord so things had to escalate and Donnie got seriously beaten up by Jason. I can’t wait to see how Allison is going to react… From the promo, we already got a glimpse of how Helena will and it looks bloody : O

   "Ruthless in Purpose and Insidious in Method" was another great episode of Orphan Black. We’ve been blessed with an truly amazing and exceptional season. I wasn’t a big fan of the Castor clones addition at first, but even if Rudy appeared in only one scene this week, their arrival shook up things and it led to more revelations about the Leda clones. Now, Rachel is working with Castor against the sisters and we can expect the worst. The two biggest enemies of the sisters, Rachel and Coady, are now together against them. Both sides are about to get the Castor original, it’s so exciting.
    And this season has also been blessed with such character developments, it led to so many great and emotional scenes. This week, Cosima and Delphine were the highlights of the episode. Their scenes were really intense. It was nice to be reminded how great they are together and of the exceptional chemistry between them. Their love story is tragic and doomed but I still have hope for them, despite the lies and everything, b
   What did you think of "Ruthless in Purpose and Insidious in Method" ? What was your favorite part ? Were you surprised Rachel played her sisters ? How much do you love Krystal ? Were you shocked about Nealon ? Hit the comments !

Clones notes:
- Cantina waitress was back ! I loved her exchange with Coady. Wished she'd be back
-  “This is top speed” that was hilarious Rachel
- So next, week, Rachel will finally meet one of the Castor boys ? Rudy ?
- Where the hell is Mark ?
- “A man who cares for its extremities, that’s hot” Oh Krystal...
- Clone or clown, which is more terrifying ?
-  Shay definitely told Rudy about the book, right ?
- Next week, Sarah, Felix and Mrs are going home, looking for the Castor original ! Exciting ! Can’t wait to see them there.
- "I'm Allison's bitch" Seriously, Donnie ? LOL
- Cosima and Scott are fired from Dyad ! Wow, what are they going to do ?
- I'm glad Mrs S was the one to remind Sarah that Delphine was the only one standing between them and Topsite. Lying to her was a bad idea and I guess we will see the consequences in he last two episodes !

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