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Orphan Black - History Yet to Be Written (Season Finale) - Review: "Neolutionism"

   Wow… Wow wow wow I can’t believe Orphan Black third season is now over with last night final episode “History Yet to Be Written”. It was probably Orphan Black best season finale (yet), it made sense because it was this season was Orphan Black best.
   This season has been such a great ride, so emotional and also so informative and revealing about the Leda mythology. The Castor storylines was an excellent plot device, it created a new enemy that brought the sisters closer together. It has reinforced their strength as sisters because they were so different from Rudy and his brothers (except for Mark).
   And I’m so proud our Leda sisters won the race to find the original first ! Sarah has proven to be particularly resourceful and smart, once again. It turned out the original was the Castor and Leda originals, in one person : Kendall Malone, Mrs S mother. I was very happy when they explained why Sarah and her sisters didn’t look like Kendall, they’re the expression of her female cell line, the Castor are the male one’s and Kendall is the combination of both. Amazing weird science.

   Kendall was so much fun at first, I loved her bad attitude and colorful language. She didn’t like being there, being tested again after all those years. She didn’t like being confronted to her past, to her daughter but she still helped her younger sisters. Her scene with Cosima was especially touching, I was really looking forward Kendall meeting another version of herself. Cosima’s attitude with Kendall was so good, she kept being so calm. She was clearly thrilled to meet her original, for the scientist clone, it was a big moment.
   But Kendall’s best scene was clearly with Sarah and Mrs S, where she finally explained how Sarah came to be Mrs S daughter, it was Kendall who requested it to Ethan, after he came back to tell the truth to her about he had done. Ethan needed to protect his last clone from the Neolutionists (those damn people).

    So, now it was revealed Kendall Malone was Castor and Leda original, Sarah and her family had to make sure Castor would never get any DNA sample from her, to cure their boys clones and continue their evil plan of sterilizing woman. And in order to do that, Sarah had no choice to make a deal with Ferdinand, a lesser of two evils. I totally agreed with Sarah’s decision, Castor needed to be stopped at any cost.
  Sarah’s meeting with Ferdinand in Delphine’s office was great. I loved it when she talked like Rachel, it was so weird to watch Sarah with Rachel voice. That was another moment that made me realized how great and talented Tatiana Maslany is. So, Ferdinand knew about Rachel and Sarah offered him the original DNA samples, so Topside could restart the cloning program (I scream a little there) but Coady would never get her hands on the DNA and Castor would die out. Ferdinand agreed and so Sarah put her plan in motion.
   First, Sarah and Felix went to get Mark and Gracie. Badass Felix kicking the door was hilarious and kinda hot too. I was as surprised as him it worked. Sarah wasn’t happy to see Gracie after her betrayal but she needed Mark’s help. Mark played Rudy on a little video message for Coady, so she and her team would get to a fake location, only to get captured by Ferdinand ! Good riddance ! I wish Ferdinand would have killed Virginia but she has information so Topside will use her probably, I can understand that.

   Poor Rudy was now alone, without his mother, but he had no idea. She sent him on a mission to get Allison Hendrix, as she was the only member of Sarah’s family not to be hidden. It was her big election day for school trustee, so it made her a easy target. But Rudy, still suffering from his brain sickness, didn’t count on Helena showing up instead of Allison. I was so thrilled Allie and Donnie didn’t fall into Coady’s trap.
   The duct tape fight scene between Helena and Rudy was amazing. I loved Helena so much n that scene, from the start when she was all bad ass and cold, ready to get rid of the Castor clone to the end when took pity on him. I really wanted to watch them fight, but it was clear Helena was stronger than him, because his sickness was weakening him badly. Helena showed empathy, and their talk about their purpose  was  really beautiful.
   Helena is the only Leda clone who has shared about the same experience as the Castor clones. She didn’t what she was, but she was trained to kill, she was conditioned since her childhood by a military environment. But, meeting with her sisters totally changed Helena, it made her see the world differently, she understood she was a part of the world and she had a family. She wasn't just a killer, a project. That was the big difference between Leda and Castor. Rudy never really had a family, he confused Coady for his mother but she was actually using her for her deadly program. Rudy’s death wasn’t shown, so maybe there’s a hope… Or Helena just sliced his throat.

   Sarah's plan was going perfectly, Castor was out of the picture, and Ferdinand was getting blood and tissue samples from Kendall to get back to Topside but of course something happened and the bad news came from Delphine.
   Since she got her new position at Dyad, Delphine has changed so much, she has grown colder and darker. She showed how far she was willing to go to protect Cosima and her sisters, and I love her for that. And in “History Yet to Be Written”, she was again excellent and Evelyn Brochu portrayed her perfectly once again in this finale.
    Everything changed when Delphine went to see Rachel at Dyad. We knew it wasn’t Rachel but Krystal and Delphine quickly found it out too. First, she noticed the wonderful manicure and then Krystal woke up and slapped her. That was fun and so surprising. But Krystal was all panicked when she woke up and she recognized Delphine as the family doctor from her salon. I was so thrilled Krystal was awake and back ! Yay ! I’m really looking forward her character, I can’t wait for the scene where Sarah or Cosima will tell her everything about Leda cloning. I can't wait to see her face.
   Delphine knew Nealon was a traitor but she had no idea who he was exactly and for who he was working for. So, she interrogated him at Dyad. Delphine was exceptional in that scene, so cold and yet she seemed so fragile and shaken off when Nealon revealed Rachel was still alive, hidden somewhere. What made Delphine really worried was Nealon's revelation he was a neolutionist !

   Nealon also revealed to Delphine that the Neolutionists were everywhere, at Leda and Castor from the beginning of the project. Holy doodle ! And then he attacked her ! He really had friends everywhere. It was so scary and disgusting with Nealon worm and blood in his mouth.. Ew… I was scared for Delphine but luckily she had her little gun on her and shot him dead ! Badass Delphine ! But before dying, Nealon made an ominous promises to Delphine, she would die before the next day ! What, she better not ! I can't lose Delphine...
   Anyways, Delphine had to prevent Topside from getting the original sample, it could fall into the neolutionists hands so she called Sarah and told her everything. I was glad Ferdinand didn't turn out to be one of them, but his assistant was so he beat the crap out of him with a baseball bat. Oh, I'm really loving Ferdinand more and more now, I hope James Frain will be back next year. So, Sarah's plan was put on hold, Ferdinand agreed Kendall' samples couldn't be sent to Topside, she needed to stay hidden.
   I'm really excited about the Neolutionists coming to play as the new threat against the Leda sisters. It will be such a great threat for the next season, they are everywhere, anyone can be one of them (Shay ? Jesse ? Donnie ? Scott ?) It might be the scariest threat against Leda. And they proved it in the finale : they shot Delphine in a parking lot !!!

   After Nealon’s threat, Delphine knew something was going to happen her and so she put her things in order. She visited Shay, and gave her a Dyad card to give to Cosima, when and if she wants to know the truth, what the hell does she mean ? And she told Shay to be good to Cosima and she was a good fit, basically giving her blessing for Cosima and Shay to get back together. It was surprising, but Delphine always had Cosima’s best interest at heart. If Shay can make Cosima happy, then they deserve a chance. Delphine sacrificed everything she had for Cosima and her sisters, that was so tragic.
   And finally, Delphine came to say goodbye to Cosima, and Cosima had no idea what was really happening. Evelyn Brochu and Tatiana Maslany were amazing in that scene, their chemistry was mind blowing. They broke my heart with that kiss and the way they looked at each other. After everything they have been through this season, I really hope they would end up back together, they both deserved to have a happy moment for themselves but their love story was a tragic one, it makes great TV and great drama so they didn't get their happy ending.
   Still, I have hope for Delphine. Her wound looked bad and she was losing a lot of blood sure, but she was still alive and she could survive. I mean Helena and Mark survived their gun shots and I really believe they were dead. Maybe it’s denial, but for me, there’s a chance Delphine will be back. The neolutionists could take her with them as a prisoner and a bargain for the original.

   And there was an even bigger twist about the neolutionists, and it involved Rachel. She spent the finale locked up in that weird large room, asking who was keeping her there. It was only at the end of the episode it was revealed, when Charlotte first came in ! I was so surprised to see her back, she hadn’t much changed since last season finale but she revealed to Rachel that she was going to be her new mother, as Dr Susan Duncan requested ! She is not dead, as many of you had already guessed.
   Rachel got to see her mother again, and after being so sad and angry at losing her father a second time, I fear Rachel will do anything for her mother. Susan and Rachel working together would be one of the most dangerous thing for Sarah and her sisters. I’m so looking forward watching Rachel and Susan together.

   Finally, the finale ended on a happy note, it was different from last season dance clone, this season it was a dinner scene, and it totally fitted in this season theme of family.
   The dinner for Allison’s election at Bubbles was one of the best scene of Orphan Black. I think it was the first time that the whole clone club was reunited, only Gracie and Mark were missing, but it felt so good to watch Sarah, Mrs S, Felix, Cosima, Scott, Helena, Donnie and Allison, celebrating Allison becoming the new school trustee ! (Take that Marci Coat). It felt so good to watch all them enjoying some regular and fun time together, as a big extended weird family. They all deserved this happy and quiet moment after a very intense and scary season...
   "History Yet to Be Written" ended on Sarah, Mrs S and Kendall visiting Kira ! Oh great it was to see her cute little face in that big snow coat. The weird family, they all shared some DNA, was reunited. It was a beautiful moment, a perfect way to end this amazing and intense season.

Clones notes :
- I loved Sarah’s line “I’m immune” with Ferdinand, so badass.
-  Rachel and her new prosthetic eye. It looked weird but so awesome.
- I was glad Art was back, I like how they used his character, it's always perfectly balanced.
- Donnie found Jesse and brough him back to Helena ! Their sex car scene was great but honestly, I don’t really care for him.
- I would have loved to see more of Mark and Gracie together
- Do you think we will ever see Virginia Coady again ?
- Did you prefer the clone dance or the clone dinner ?

 PS: A heartfelt thank you for all of you guys commenting this season with me on STV. Honestly, it has been the best experience I’ve ever had here at STV. I’ve never enjoyed so much writing previews and reviews for a show and discussing it. It was a wonderful experience, hope you enjoyed it as well. Looking forward reading your comments on the season finale and I hope I’ll see you next year !

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