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Mistresses - Odd Couples - Review: "Role Models?"

3.03 - "ODD COUPLES"
Directed by John Scott
Written by Melissa Carter
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington


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So we have moved on from the Savi drama of the premiere episodes and transitioned into some sort of normality in regards to the ladies. This was a good enough episode that had some interesting plot developments and scenes, especially in regards to April who I found to be my favourite of the episode. Firstly though, it was pretty cool to see Toni in this episode after her drama with Savi in season 2, and she seemed very friendly with April when first greeting her which threw me off a little. My mouth kinda dropped to the floor when the insurance woman visited April and told her she owed $200,000 because of her husband's fake death, despite him being dead now. That is a hell of a lot of money and it really pushed April to the breaking point, and I don't blame her. I continued to like her dynamic with Marc and we got a little more backstory with him being 3 months sober, which was interesting, but nothing really romantic between the pair just yet. For now, they seem to be firmly in the friend zone, helping one another out in their times of need. I could do without the Lucy drama at the minute if I'm honest - she's just annoying me now. I can get where she's coming from but I'm hoping this whole thing will be resolved very soon. I just feel very sympathetic towards April.

I felt super sorry for Karen when she was in hospital about to get the procedure done. It made me feel so nauseous watching it, I can't imagine how scared Karen would have been. Even though Alec is a bit of a douche, I have to say I enjoy his scenes with Karen. They bounce off each other pretty well, even if what Alec says is degrading to Karen - she can hold her own against him. Even though the girls, in the last episode, promised to be together always, it felt like Karen was by herself again, which I know was unavoidable but I always see her as lonely. And despite Joss stealing the show in the premiere, she didn't blow me away in this episode. I do really like her scenes with Calista and their friendship is getting interesting to watch, but seeing Joss become a model for a day to help Calista out was far from exciting. I loved their scene in the bathroom though and it was nice to see Joss on that stage as she looked so gorgeous, but in terms of scope, this was a very filler storyline for Joss.

Calista, on the other hand, really needed this episode to build upon her characterisation I think. We learn a lot more about her and that she isn't just a rich woman with very little care of the people around her. She's very much human and I liked her talk with Joss in the end about how intense she becomes when she really likes people. I was hoping for a big first meeting between Calista and the others, but instead we only got a brief hello-and-goodbye with Karen. I guess that's good in a way because they're making her incorporation into the show more natural than anything else. I do want more scenes of her with the others though, but I am happy with how she has been with Joss. I probably could have done without Harry's storyline with Niko too, and I thought that, with Joss seeing them together, there'd be a rift, but with Calista's wise help, Joss didn't go down that route. I was expecting her to, but she surprised me. Calista is turning out to be a very big help to Joss.

On another more interesting note, was Calista really going to smother that man at the start of the episode? Does she have psychotic tendencies? I wasn't sure what to expect there but it does provide some mystery about Calista. I hope this isn't forgotten about and could potentially be a big storyline. All in all, this was a pretty good episode and they're making the transition as smooth as possible with Calista and it's paying off. I feel like they need to do more with Joss now her sister being gone storyline is over, and her relationship with Harry isn't the most interesting thing on the show right now. I really enjoyed Karen and Alec in this episode, and even April and Marc - I actually love these new potential romances. I'm looking forward to seeing if anything materialises between these budding couples - and by the looks of the promo of the next episode, Karen may be getting more than she bargained for!

Did you guys enjoy 'Odd Couples'? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and be sure to watch the next new episode of Mistresses, July 2nd on ABC!

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