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Mistresses - Gone Girl / I'll Be Watching You - Advance Preview: "So What's It Like Without Alyssa Milano?"

3.01 - "GONE GIRL"
Directed by Gus Makris
Written by Rina Mimoun (3.01), KJ Steinberg (3.02)
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

Beware: Some spoilers ahead (but nothing major)!


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The biggest question on our minds is - how is the show without Alyssa Milano?

Well. It's a hard one for me because I love Alyssa Milano and I have enjoyed watching this show very much. I loved Savi and it's a very hard thing to wrap my head around now that I've watched the premiere and she's gone. You hear her voice and you see a photo, but that's all the Savi you'll see. She is featured heavily in the premiere though. It starts exactly where season two left off with Joss and Harry on the beach. Joss gets pulled away from her rendezvous when someone gets put in hospital from the wedding venue. Savi being missing isn't something the girls worry about at first until the three of them get together and Joss receives a very ugly text from Savi when Savi finally replies to her. I did like the intensity of the whole Savi situation as Joss really goes into panic mode, including running after a car she thinks Savi is in. Alas, Savi has cleared house and she isn't coming back. I'm very sad about that. I can only hope she will make a shocking return later in the season, or is that wishful thinking?

April's daughter Lucy found out about her father's recent death in the season two finale - exposing the secret April had been keeping from her that her father was alive. There's a definite rift between mother and daughter now as April frantically tries to make it up to her. As you can see in the picture to the right, April invites Daniel's second family around so Lucy can meet her half-brother. Whether it goes well, I will leave it up to your imaginations. Karen found out she was HIV negative in the season finale, but there's something else that she needs to see the doctor for. The obvious picks would have been cancer or pregnancy - but it's definitely not one of those. It's something totally different and I wouldn't have guessed this new storyline, but the whole crisis Karen went through about her belief in God comes into play here. There are some sweet moments to be had with Karen and it made me pretty emotional too listening to her words.

Joss's life can probably not get any lower than when everything comes crashing down on her. She's partly responsible for the person going to hospital, she's responsible for her sister leaving town, as well as other developments that happen in this episode. Jes Macallan totally delivers in this episode though and we can feel the mental anguish radiating from our screens. She's between a rock and a hard place and she's trapped, not knowing what to do. Both Scott and Harry have a pretty rough time too and the little love triangle will soon decimate as Joss has to make a choice. Does she do the right thing? Another question on everybody's mind is how does the new girl fit in? Well, she only appears at the end and to be fair, I really liked her introduction. It didn't feel forced or out of place - it was quite interesting. I am still hurting from the loss of Savi so I'm going to try my best to keep an open mind with Calista.

All in all, it was a very good premiere. It had plenty of drama and a lot of issues were addressed, though my heart still aches. It's still the same old show, just one key player down, so once we get used to Savi not being there, I'm sure we'll be fine.

Now enjoy some dialogue teasers:

- "Why would I talk about anything to you? You lie."
- "I'm not saying it's Joss's fault. I'm just saying she's partially responsible."
- "I have made one bad decision after another."
- "Oh my God... Savi is missing..."
- "Most of what happened, I mean I don't like to call myself a victim, but I was."
- "I don't forgive you."
- "There is no rule I wouldn't break to save her life."
- "I just did what felt right in the moment."
- "You have to make a decision."
- "Now that I know... I can't not know."
- "It does sound like a pretty big commitment for a woman you don't even know."
- "I don't even remember your frickin' name."
- "Apart from having a fatal disease, my life kicks ass."
- "I've been on the other side of this fight before, sometimes these things have to be done."
- "People in glass houses do not throw stones."


It's very hard to write a preview of this episode when you guys haven't seen the first episode yet as storylines carry over that I don't really want to spoil. So this one is going to be a little brief. The Joss and Savi saga continues in episode two as Joss tries to find her. We know she's fled the country, and thanks to Savi reaching out to April and Karen, Joss finds out where she is and tries to pin her down. Unfortunately, it doesn't work, and Joss keeps hitting walls. Fortunately for her, Calista comes into her life in an interesting way. I do admit, I am finding myself liking Calista - she's got a certain charm about her and she has some good moments herself. Pretty funny too. Turns out she's a fashion designer that Joss admires, so despite the two getting off on the wrong foot, they quickly become partners in crime. It's a good distraction for Joss as she tries to process the fact that her sister has abandoned her.

Karen ends up feeling abandoned by the girls and seeks solace elsewhere, questioning the longevity of their friendship now Savi is gone. I like the new character they have introduced as part of Karen's storyline. April is still having trouble with Lucy and I do totally relate but I am really feeling for April now. It seems like it doesn't matter what she tries to do, it just bites her in the ass. She is helping out Mark, the brother of Miranda, who is looking after Scotty while Miranda is away working. There is a potential connection between April and Mark and he is a really great addition as he is very charismatic. Harry has troubles at his workplace when a new boss comes in. He's a genuine ass and while I wasn't a big fan of Harry in the premiere, I rooted for him in this episode.

The episode ends nicely too for the girls. Gives hope that the show can still move forward in a positive way without Savi.

Now enjoy some dialogue teasers:

- "She's not writing me back and I didn't screw her ex-husband."
- "You may look happy but you're not, you're dead inside!"
- "He likes syphilis?"
- "Come on little slut, where are ya?"
- "If you tweet this, I'll kill you."
- "Well welcome to parenting. Jump on in, the water's warm."
- "I'm not handling it very well."
- "So what are you scared of Karen?"
- "I'm afraid with her gone our friendship will fade."
- "I can't believe you're calling me in this moment."
- "Do I know you?" "No, but I've heard a lot about you."

Got any questions about the season three premiere and the follow-up episode of Mistresses? What are you looking forward to the most? Gonna miss Savi as much as I will? Let me know in the comments and be sure to watch the episode when it airs June 18th on ABC!

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